What Is Costa Titch’s Gender and Does He or She Have a Girlfriend?

Costa Titch is a man, however, it is unclear if he has a girlfriend.

The ‘Nkalakatha’ hitmaker is yet to reveal his relationship status, and he has never been romantically connected to any lady. Even though his sexuality seems to be a bit confusing because of his fashion sense, the rapper-turned-dancer has not identified as gay.

What is Costa Titch’s Gender?

Costa Titch, whose real name is Costa Tsobanglou, was born male to his parents in Johannesburg but was raised in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. Since taking to the limelight as the backup dancer of Cassper Nyovest, the gender of the 29 years old rapper has been somewhat confusing. This is due to his engaging fashion style.

The talented dancer does not only rock colorful apparel but also wears short dreadlocks tinted in bright colors. Also, he has his ears pierced and wears different designs of earrings. Consequently, he is referred to as “the white rapper who dresses like Billie Eilish and sports neon lime hair.”

Is Costa Titch Gay?

Costa Titch is not gay. He is said to be straight by many media reports, and he is not known to be a member of the LGBTQ community. Also, Costa Titch has not been reported to be in a romantic relationship with someone of the same gender in the past years.

Although his glamouring fashion style might have been raising a few eyebrows regarding his sexuality, there is no proof that Costa Titch is not straight.

Who is Costa Titch’s Girlfriend?

Since 2017, when Costa Titch kicked off his music career, he has become a force to reckon with in the music industry. Despite the fame, the young rapper has not deemed it fit to share his love life with the public. As a result, Costa Titch is not known to have a girlfriend. Also, details about his dating history are not available in the media.

What is Costa Titch’s Race?

Costa Titch is a white rapper with Portuguese ancestry. The topic of Costa Twitch being white or black took over social media when the professional dancer debuted his rap career. He adopted a unique aesthetic rap style which saw him rapping in vernacular, primarily isiZulu, Sesotho, and s’Pitori.

Though he is meant to be speaking only Afrikaans and English, Costa grew up in Nelspruit and emersed himself in the kasi culture. Thus, he became multi-lingual, speaking black South African people’s languages. And this brought about confusion regarding his race.

Why Costa Titch was Embroiled in Cultural Appropriation Controversy?

In the year 2020, Costa Titch was accused of cultural appropriation when he released a short video on TikTok where he was rapping in the Pretoria dialect—s’Pitori and dancing to amapiano beats. After the video went viral, many Twitter users accused him of using a culture that is not his to get his music selling.

The issue then escalated when Costa explained in a video that he was shocked that many South African rappers don’t use vernacular in their music. He moved on to admit to using Google translate to write a song and that he also gives his friends lyrics to translate for him.

By pointing out that someone can’t be successful in South Africa unless the person appeals to the masses, the ‘Big Flexa’ singer was accused of appropriating black culture.

How SA Rappers Reacted to the Accusation

Costa Titch’s alleged appropriation of the black culture caught the attention of other South African rappers and public figures who didn’t hesitate to come to his defense. Stogie T took to Twitter to explain that the young musician was only living his dream and would not believe anyone who would tell him that Costa was stealing black people’s culture.

Cassper Nyovest, on the other hand, vouched for the ‘Activate’ crooner that he is real and doesn’t think he should be the face of cultural appropriation. More so, other public figures came to Costa Titch’s rescue and called for people to leave him alone, that he was just having fun and making music people enjoy.

With Costa being a citizen of South Africa and not a visitor to the country, many people don’t believe that he is appropriating black culture.

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