Where Is Charles from TMZ and Is He Married to a White Woman?

Charles from TMZ continues to act as an executive producer for the media company, which is famous for its celebrity news and gossip. The African-American man, whose full name is Charles Latibeaudiere, is married to a white woman named Barbara Sherwood.

Fans can also catch Charles on new episodes of TMZ Live, a daily program featuring the biggest news in pop culture and the entertainment world, as well as interviews with some of the most prominent names in Hollywood. Although he was off air for a few days in December 2022, Charles is now back and continues to do what he knows best.

Who is Charles from TMZ?

Charles from TMZ is actually Charles Latibeaudiere, a TMZ executive producer and co-host. Charles Latibeaudiere is a native of New York and was born on the 12th of September 1969 in the Bronx to parents of Jamaican origin. He studied broadcast journalism at Cronkite School at Arizona State University and started his career as a production assistant for a local news channel, KTVK, in Phoenix, Arizona. He rose through the ranks to become the producer of the weekend newscasts as well as weekly newscasts for the channel.

From Arizona, Charles Latibeaudiere moved out to Los Angeles in 1995, joining the entertainment news show Extra. He served as their supervising producer for several years and produced no less than 2,500 episodes of the popular celebrity news and interview show.

After 12 years with Extra, Charles Latibeaudiere’s next berth was the entertainment news website TMZ. He joined hands with the founders of the popular site, Jim Paratore and Harvey Levin, to birth their vision of having a TV series version of their website. The result was TMZ on TV, which launched in 2007, and Latibeaudiere and Co have gone on to launch other TMZ TV shows, such as the popular TMZ Live in 2011/2012.

Charles is not only the co-executive producer of TMZ Live but the co-host of the show. He and Harvey Levine talk about the day’s celebrity news, conduct interviews, and also take in the opinions of viewers from Twitter. TMZ Live has been a success and has been syndicated. It is now broadcast on Fox stations as well as Sirius XM Radio. Despite his cool demeanor, Charles always stands out thanks to his insights as well as his distinctive long dreadlocks hairstyle.

Where Is Charles from TMZ?

Charles from TMZ hasn’t gone anywhere. He can still be seen on the TV show that made him famous. However, in December 2022, Charles took a break from TMZ Live. He didn’t appear on the episodes of the show that aired on the 21st and 22nd of December 2022. His co-host Harvey did not provide much of an explanation for his absence but kept things vague. On the 21st of December 2022, Harvey simply stated that Charles was gone for a couple of days and that he would carry on with a different co-host.

The next day, his words were, “Charles is in parts unknown- well we know where- but our pal Jacob is here.” Such words got some viewers worried that Charles may have left TMZ, but it was nothing of such. He probably took a break for the holidays. He may have also taken some time off to address some health issues etc.

Charles Remains a Co-Host and Co-Producer of TMZ Live

While we may never know the exact reason for Charles’ disappearance from TMZ Live in late December 2022, one thing that is for sure is that he has not been sacked, nor has he resigned. He remains with TMZ as a co-executive producer. He also remains the co-host of TMZ Live. For instance, a simple search of the TMZ YouTube page will reveal that Charles has cohosted several episodes of TMZ Live in 2023.

There are clips of him and his co-host, Harvey, discussing some of the biggest topics in pop culture this year, including Britney Spears’ memoir, Travis Kelce’s romance with Taylor Swift, as well as the breakthrough in 2Pac’s murder investigation. The duo can also be seen delving into the political realm with the reaction to the October 7, 2023, Hamas attack on Israel and the subsequent conflict that broke out. So, there you have it. Charles is still at TMZ and is not going away anytime soon.

Is Charles from TMZ Married to a White Woman?

Charles from TMZ is married to a white woman named Barbara Sherwood. They met when they worked together for Extra in the early 2000s and began dating. They later tied the knot on the 26th of June 2004 in Catalina, California.

Charles and his wife have been married for many years now and have a strong marriage. They don’t appear to have any kids together, and this may be due to their own choice. They may have decided not to have kids due to the busy nature of their careers. The couple likes to keep a low profile, and as such, their public outings are few and far between.
Charles has, however, spoken of his wife in some past interviews, pointing out that they watch various shows together at night and that their DVR is often backed up.

Charles TMZ
Charles and his wife, Barbara in 2017 – Image Source

Who is Charles’ Wife?

Charles Latibeaudiere’s wife, Barbara Sherwood, is a director who has worked on several shows. A look at her IMDB page shows that she worked as a director on the entertainment show Extra from 2002 to 2009, during which she oversaw about 443 episodes. Prior to Extra, Barbara Sherwood directed a video titled Extra Fall TV Preview in 2004. That same year, she directed a TV series titled TBS Movie Extra. The next year, she directed TBS Weekend Extra.

From 2007 to 2008, Charles Latibeaudiere’s wife directed CW Now, a talk show that focuses on the latest in upcoming movies, TV, fashion, technology, and more. The stars of the show were the likes of Tanika Ray, Chris Balish, and Chi-Lan Lieu, and Barbara directed 22 episodes out of 28 episodes.

Her other directorial credits include Very Funny News, Primetime League, and World Championship Group Draw Show in 2015. It is possible that Barbara Sherwood may be on a hiatus from her career. She may have also decided to delve into other new ventures. There is also the possibility that she is perhaps working on making her film directorial debut. Whichever it is, she has a great relationship with her husband.

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