What Happened To Albert Ezerzer and How Did He Pass Away?

Albert Ezerzer was a driver and member of the transport team of various American TV shows and movies, including Suits, for which he is most associated. Unfortunately, he died in 2014 at the age of 55 following an Aortic Aneurysm Rupture.

Ezerzer had a rather long career in Hollywood before his sad passing. His earliest works date back to the early 1990s when he took the behind the scene role of the cast driver. By the 2000s, he had already been involved in more than 30 productions, with some of his most known works as Interstate 60 and Covert One: The Hades Factor. Many years after his death, there are still talks about him by both Hollywood insiders and followers.

Who is Albert Ezerzer?

Albert Ezerzer was born on January 31, 1959, in the United States of America. He was of African American ethnicity and American nationality. While it is believed that he was brought up in the U. S., the film crewman did not reveal anything about his parents, childhood, or other family members. All about his education has also remained elusive to the public.

However, he soon became well-known in Los Angeles amongst actors and filmmakers when he started his career in Hollywood as a member of the film production team in the transportation department.

As indicated, the first known involvement of the driver was in the 1993 TV series Family Picture, in which he was the cast driver. In the same year, he got two more gigs in Night Owl, where he drove Jennifer Beals, who was the lead character of the production, and then in the TV Mini-series J.F.K.: Reckless Youth in which he was the driver of Patrick Dempsey and Harry Winer.

He got involved in many more productions from the 1990s into the 2000s. One of his last recorded gigs on IMDB was in the 2008’s TV movie Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning, where he was the driver of one of the lead characters of the production, Shirley MacLaine.

Needless to say, Albert Ezerzer took other jobs that took him into the 2010s, but some seem to be in a minor capacity, hence he was not credited. His last known work before his tragic death was in the aforementioned TV series Suits.

What Caused Albert Ezerzer’s Death?

The unfortunate death of Albert Ezerzer came on May 9, 2014, when he was only 55 years old and was believed to have still been involved in Suits. Although there are some sources that indicate his cause of death has not yet been determined or made public many years after he died, others claim that he lost his life to a condition known as aortic aneurysm rupture.

The aortic rupture is said to be the tearing of the layers of the aorta wall, which causes blood to leak out from one’s aorta. The condition is life-threatening because it stops blood from flowing around the body, including the heart.

The exact circumstances behind the death of Ezerzer and his last moments have not been revealed, but it is known that people who suffer from aortic aneurysm rupture do not make it to the hospital. According to medics, 8 out of 10 people who are unfortunate to have this rupture end up dying even before they make it to the hospital, and a majority of those who manage to make it do not survive the surgery.

While there are many things that are linked to aortic aneurysm rupture, there are some unverified reports that claim Albert had a cardiac issue that went undiagnosed before his death. This made the suggestion that the cardiac issue might as well be one of the triggers for the unfortunate incident that led to his death.

Was Albert Ezerzer on Suits?

Albert Ezerzer
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Albert Ezerzer has mostly been linked to the TV series Suits, but he has never been on it. That said, he was very much involved in the production of the show as a crew member in the transportation department.

Many followers of the show came to believe that Albert had a role they somehow missed on the show after the Season 4 Premier of the show, One-Two-Three-Go! was dedicated to him. At the end of the episode, the words, “In Memory of Albert Ezerzer” came during the ending credits.

But then, contrary to the idea that he was probably on the show, Aaron Korsh, the creator, writer, and executive producer of Suits, cleared the air when he made it known that Aaron was only a part of the crew who worked in the transport department of the show. He added that the man was part of the beloved family of Suits.

At the time of Ezerzer’s death, Suits was already in its 4th season. However, what was not clear was when exactly he joined the show as his name is not available on the crew list among members of the transportation department of the show on IMDB.

Albert Also Had Many Other Major Acting Credits 

Apart from Suits, for which Albert Ezerzer has come to be mostly associated, and then Interstate 60:Episodes of the Road (2002) which is one of his most acclaimed involvement, there are a few other major credits that he got during his lifetime.

As indicated, he started his career in 1993, and in the years that followed, he got involved in some recognized works for which he was a part of the transportation department. Some of such works include No One Can Protect Her (1996), The Desperate Choice (1996), Every 9 Seconds (1997), The Big Heist (2001), Gilda Radner: Its Always Something (2002), Riding the Bus with My Sister (2005), Stir of Echoes: The Homecoming (2007), and The Latest Buzz (2007 to 2008).

His career did not end in 2008, even though after this point, there was no record that he took to many more jobs. Unfortunately, like most other things about the former driver, there was never a public or official statement as regards his absence.

Albert drove some of Hollywood’s finest stars in his capacity as a member of the transport department in various Hollywood productions and also as a driver. Some of the big names he drove, according to IMDB, are Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Taylor, Melanie Griffiths, and the former NBA Star Dennis Rodman. He was also said to have driven the legendary American singer and actor Francis Albert Sinatra when the latter was in Toronto.

While he spent more than two decades in Hollywood and has more than 30 works in which he got involved in his capacity as a driver, Ezerzer did not get to make it in front of the camera for any major or even minor roles. That said, there is nothing to suggest he ever had an interest in leaving his role as a driver for acting.

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