10 Undeniable Things That Make You A Sowetan

South Africa is one of the countries with an illustrious history that still resonates in the minds of many people. This is particularly evident in Soweto where everything is modelled along the country’s history. Here are 10 Things That Make You A Sowetan

1. Understanding of Soweto History

You are considered Sowetan if you understand the history of Soweto. Soweto has a unique history in the liberation of South Africa. It was the heart of racial segregation at the apex of apartheid in the country. When you understand the history of Soweto and where the people and the area have hailed from, you will easily fit in among them.

2. Appreciation of Blacks Fight for Independence

A Sowetan must strongly appreciate and associate with black people fighting for independence. The fight for independence was long, painful and humiliating. But because it was won at the end, every Sowetan must appreciate this pain and associate with it. When you talk to people, work or even relax during the holidays, this fight and struggle forms the baseline of your arguments. A Sowetan will always make statements such as struggling will always make an individual succeed or it is the great struggle that has made us reach here today.

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3. Understanding of Soweto Culture

Understanding the culture of Soweto makes a Sowetan. Though the daily lifestyle of Soweto is indeed just like any other emerging slum, there is a special sense of love and care for each other. Every person has been moulded by the difficult past. The focus to defeat these difficulties makes Sowetans to develop special care, love and sense of peace.

4. Appreciation of South Africa History

The history of South Africa is long and leaves every person who hears about it in dismay. Just like the history of Soweto, you are seen as a Sowetan if you understand the country’s history. The way whites came to South Africa and enforced apartheid is indeed what resulted in the creation of Soweto as a blacks’ region. When you talk to people and make frequent reference to this history, you will be considered knowledgeable, progressive and Sowetan.

5. Association with Nelson Mandela

One thing that all Sowetans do is association with Nelson Mandela. Because Soweto was his hometown, the freedom hero is embedded in every mind of Sowetans. You will, therefore, hear them referring to Nelson Mandela in everything they say and do at their homes. They will cite him in their successes and even focus. They especially refer to him when they get to difficult situations because they believe they would succeed just like Mandela did. He is a special inspiration.

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6. Desire to Frequently Talk about the Past

Sowetans believe and argue that it is the past that made them. Because it was a bad past, they frequently talk about it because it used to be the understanding that better days are ahead. It is this concern that you will get Sowetans watching freedom related movies at home and movie centres.

7. Believe that with Commitment and Cooperation, Success can be Achieved

The efforts of blacks that made them succeed in liberation fight against the whites have become part of Sowetan success ideology. This commitment is carried forward to every piece of work that Sowetans are involved in. If it is at work, you will note special commitment and focus to achieve workplace and personal targets.


8. Loving Neighbors Irrespective of Race or Color

Coming to the end of apartheid left all Sowetans with a simple fact; that neighbours are very important for a better living. You will be considered Sowetan if you are able to work and live together with your neighbours in love and harmony.

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9. Exceptional Security Caution

Though Sowetans have moved on, they still remain highly sceptical about security. Whether it is at work or at home, exercising great caution makes people associate you with Soweto always. This is considered advantageous because people are always apt in everything they do.

10. Special Love for Africa and its People

The last of the 10 Things That Make You A Sowetan is love for Africa. There is a great sense that Soweto was made and is occupied by Africans alone. This has resulted in a great love for Africa and its people. Sowetans will always enthusiastically talk about how great the continent is and suggesting ways that can be used to move it forward.

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