10 Obvious Signs That You Are A True South African

Being a South African is pretty awesome. So, how can you distinguish a South African and a true South African? There are lots of ways to know if a person is proud to come from the southern tip of Africa. They are not identified through their skin colour or their language since almost everyone speaks English nowadays. South Africa is a developing country with highways, skyways, street lights, and tall buildings. More of South African families are now well-educated and trained in the different forms of industries. While it’s difficult to identify through the qualities and forms, here are ten ways to distinguish if you’re a true South African.

10 Indisputable Signs that You are a Truely a South African

1. You’re not surprised when there is a black-out

Since South Africa has power shortage at some point in time, you experience blackouts every now and then. You become accustomed to it and you also learn to be wise to save all your files in your computer before there would even be a power shortage again. South Africans consider these blackouts as a normal incident in their houses, schools, or even in commercial buildings.

2. You know Nelson Mandela’s biography by heart

South Africans will never forget Nelson Mandela as their hero and former president. He was the one who helped the people get strengthened and change for the better. His inspiring words and brave enthusiast nature will always be remembered by the people of South Africa, generations after generations.

Nelson Mandela - South African
Marc Alexander

3. You can travel on a highway with 120km/h speed and you don’t get a speeding ticket

Highways in South Africa are like a car racing arena. Vehicles travel very fast, but with precision and ease. South African drivers are trained to drive fast enough to meet the standard of the other drivers. Traffic enforcers, however, don’t meddle in this situation. As long as there are no accidents happening, you’re not going to get a violation ticket.

4. If your school year ends in December

December is the summer season, that’s why South African kids can have a summer vacation. The downside of this is that the kids will have both summer season and Christmas season in just one vacation. Too bad for the kids since they will have a longer time to study, but good for the parents.

5. You consider plump women to be Real Women

When you see a plump woman, you consider her a real woman. Black women who are thin models that you see in the magazines are considered to be influenced by the Western culture already. People address in high regard those plumper women in South Africa which is contradictory to the other cultures in the world.

ZULU REED DANCE - South African

South African Women via Economist

6. If you wear swimsuits during Christmas

The Christmas season in South Africa is when the sun hits hard. It’s summer season in South Africa during December. A normal South African would set up a Christmas Tree with all the Christmas decorations, and then they would wear a swimsuit and hit the pool than lighting a fireplace inside the house as the other places around the world normally do.

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7. When you’re protective of your personal space

You’re a South African if you’re concerned about your personal space when you’re in a conversation with someone you’re not familiar with. A half a meter of personal space is good, but you never talk too close to another person unless that individual has a close relationship with you.

8. You know that movies will be available six months after it was shown in the US

This is a bad thing, but you can’t do anything about it. The movie theatres are so slow to purchase the American movies, especially those that are blockbusters. However, you wait anyways and still line up on the counter to buy movie tickets during the show times.

9. You know that security systems should be installed in your house

By means of security systems, it includes a high concrete or wooden fence with a lot of barbed wires at the top. You should install a strong and tall gate and a steel grills set up on your windows and main doors. Security cameras and alarm system don’t really work that well in South Africa. Thieves know how to uninstall them and even though they got caught on videos, they can still run away from the crime.

10. You can only speak one or two languages out of many

South Africa has eleven different languages. The most commonly spoken are English and Zulu. Most South Africans, especially in the civilized areas, are only equipped to speak these two common languages. It’s worth, though, because English is a universal language and most tourists that visit South Africa are English-speaking people.

There are still more ways to determine if you’re a true South African by heart. You are proud of your country, but you hate the global media that showcase South Africa as a rural, underdeveloped country. Your country has endured a lot of positive and negative circumstances, but you will always grab every opportunity that will lead you to experience a World Cup Tournament again, then you are definitely a true South African.

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