Meet Rickelle Jones Who Became Famous as A-Reece’s Girlfriend

Rickelle Jones is a South African fashion model and stylist who is best known as the girlfriend of popular rapper and hitmaker, A-Reece. 

South African celebrities truly have different perspectives on how they manage their personal lives and relationships and whether they should be kept from the public or not. While some can be so loud that their partner who was not a celebrity becomes one instantly, others will preferably keep both their relationship and their partners away from the public domain entirely. But in A-Reece’s case, he has decided to stand in between both categories.

Through his consistent display of his girlfriend on social media, she has gained popularity, but very little is known about her because she prefers to keep a private lifestyle. The two have been serving couple goals on social media since 2018 and from the look of things, they have no plans of calling it quits any time soon.

Summary of Rickelle Jones’s Biography

  • Full name: Rickelle Danielle Jones
  • Nickname: Rickelle “Sweet Juliet” Jones
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 10th April
  • Place of birth: Johannesburg, South Africa 
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: South African
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Occupation: fashion model and stylist
  • Famous for:Dating rapper A-Reece
  • Rickelle Jones’s Instagram: rickellejones.10, rickellejones10
  • YouTube: Rickelle

Rickelle Jones and A-Reece Made Their Relationship Instagram Official In 2018

A-Reece, whose real name is Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge, is a South African songwriter and rapper who became private with his personal affairs since his purported breakup with his alleged ex-girlfriend Natasha Thahane (a relationship that Natasha apparently denied and there are claims that A-Reece was only making it up). The incident saw him decide to keep fans who were very eager to know who his new girl is away from his private life for a while.

However, sometime in September 2018, he started uploading pictures of Rickelle Jones, a South African model, on Instagram with captions of love emojis but did not come out plain on whether or not she was his new girlfriend. As expected, fans who were blown away by her beauty flooded the comment sections of such pictures, to find out more about her and also ask if she was his new girlfriend.

Finally, in 2019, the Morning Peace rapper started uploading her pictures with captions that made it obvious to everyone that they were an item. One of the rapper’s favorite captions for his girlfriend is ‘Mrs. Reece’. Though he calls her his Mrs, we can’t tell if the duo has been married, although it is popularly believed that that is not the case yet. However, the use of such captions may suggest that the rapper has plans of walking down the aisle with Rickelle someday.

Despite the whole IG public show of affection, the lovebirds remain very private about their relationship that we can’t also say for certain when they started dating and how they met. What we know is that he started posting her pictures on his Instagram account on the 18th of October 2018. Sometime in 2019, he did a throwback post with a picture of them on Valentine’s Day in 2018 which means they were already an item before February 14th, 2018.

They Keep Details About Their Relationship Private

With the level of privacy A-Reece and Rickelle Jones bring to their relationship, it is very difficult for the public to interfere in their love life. Rickelle Jones’ private Instagram handle makes it hard for anybody to know what she is up to at any time. This way, she is able to avoid a lot of unsolicited public opinion and interference in her personal life.

These days, being the girlfriend of a famous person now puts you in the face of the public who are also watching you. A typical example is that of Nasty C’s girlfriend, Sammie Heavens, who was captured in a video vibing to A-Recce’s song and the unnecessary criticism that followed the reveal because A-Reece and Nasty C are rivals.

A-Reece is very proud of his girlfriend to the extent that he has decided to bring to the open all her stunning pictures that are hidden in her private account. He loves her so much that he dedicated an entire verse of his song “Juliet Rose” to her. Through the verse, the rapper tries to communicate and let Rickelle feel secure about her place in his life. A-Reece once stated that he is fortunate to have her as his girlfriend, and fans believe that she is an inspiration to the rapper.

Rickelle Jones, A-Reece’s Girlfriend, Is A Fashion Model

Though Rickelle Jones is best known as the girlfriend of popular rapper and hitmaker, A-Reece, she also has her own thing going for her. The beautiful lady who has won the heart of A-Reece is a fashion model and stylist.

She was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. Owing to the way she came into the limelight, there is little or no information about most aspects of her life, but there are reports that she was born on the 10th of April.

We also don’t know her current level of academic qualification. Though her boyfriend is always fond of uploading pictures of her on Instagram, he doesn’t give out so much information about her. On her end, she seems to be a very private person, judging from the fact that she keeps a private Instagram account and is selective of who she allows to follow her.

Rickelle’s Support and Commitment to A-Reece Has Endeared Her To His Fans

The beautiful model expressed her support on social media by repainting the cover of A-Reece’s mixtape album, and the fans thought it was really cute. Judging from the fame and money he has, one would expect that a lot of girls would be happy to be his side chick, however, there have never been reports of infidelity on his side and his girlfriend seems to have trust in him.

With the level of public show of affection from A-Recce, you can easily tell that he can’t get enough of his girlfriend, and everyday, the duo keeps serving more couple goals. Hopefully, one day she will officially become Mrs. Recce, and his dream of making her his wife will be realized.

One thing that has kept their relationship going is the fact that despite his busy career involvements, he still tries to create time for them to have some special moments together. This way, when he cannot be available, she can easily understand.

Rickelle Jones Smokes And It Does Not Bother A-Reece

A-Reece recently shared a picture of the couple together lying on the bed, whilst Rickelle was enjoying a cigarette. The picture was posted on her birthday, and the rapper didn’t seem to be bothered about that the fact that she was smoking. His indifference to that may be because he is known to be a straw guy himself. The picture had a heartwarming caption that read, “Happy Earthstrong to my partner in crime! You’re my inspiration.”

Their relationship may seem so perfect, but it is not without its struggles, while it may look like Rickelle has benefited from the fame that comes with being the girlfriend of a celebrity, she has also been with him during the times he experienced some challenges in his career.

She Hopes To Have Babies With A-Recce

Since Rickelle started dating A-Reece, it has not been reported that they were expecting a baby, neither have there been any pictures of her showing a baby bump, albeit he once uploaded a picture of the both of them with the caption ‘Mom & Dad.’ As a result of her career and how beautiful she is, fans have wondered if Rickelle Jones had intentions of having a baby with A-Reece. When posed with the question, she responded in the affirmative but insisted it was not happening anytime soon.

According to her, the reason why she does not have plans of having a baby with him yet is that they still have a long life ahead. Hopefully, their relationship will keep serving couple goals and will not end up on the list of celebrity breakups we did not see coming.

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