Motsweding FM DJ Lara Kruger Dead: Facts About The Unapologetic Transgender


While details about her death are still shady at the moment, the SABC confirmed it was informed of the death of DJ Lara Kruger on Wednesday morning.

She was 30 years old.

Though she was born a man named Thapelo Lehuleri, Kruger lived her life as a woman.

“I identify as a woman from a social level. I live my life like a woman on a day-to-day basis. But in terms of my ID, my driver’s licence and matric certificate and all those documentations of life, unfortunately, they do still say male because the process [of gender transformation] in our country is not as easy as one may think it is.”

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She said things have always been awkward for her from a very young. She felt she was different from her fellow boys at the time and wearing clothes meant for boys wasn’t working out for her.

In a recent interview, Kruger opened up about the challenges transgender people have to face in their lives. Life wasn’t easy for her in the beginning, but she made up her mind to live on her own terms, pleasing nobody but herself.

“Thank God I was not exposed to cutting my wrists or that type of self-torture, but you get depressed about why I have to be like this, something that people don’t like. I carry this flag with pride but when I feel like there’s a little bit of resistance and a little bit of doubt about who I am and where I want to go, then it gets to me that you are against who I am.”

DJ Lara Kruger

Apparently, she didn’t escape entirely as in the events leading up to her death, Motsweding FM DJ Lara Kruger sent her last message on social media, giving fans and friends insight into her state of mind which was laden with depression. In the message posted to her Facebook page on December 15, the radio personality spoke about being depressed, death and even gave a few tips about her own funeral.

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Three days later, on December 18, she was hospitalised for depression. Her management team confirmed she was released after three days only to be readmitted after Christmas. Subsequently, the sickness took its toll on her and she gave up the ghost on Wednesday.

Motsweding FM DJ Lara Kruger made a name for herself in the LGBTI community as someone who lived life on her own terms and identified unapologetically as transgender. She used her own story to become a voice for the LGBTI community and often spoke out about the challenges facing the community.