Motsweding FM DJ Lara Kruger Dead: Biography and Quick Facts About The Unapologetic Transgender

DJ Lara Kruger was a famous Rustenburg-born DJ who became well-known for her sexual orientation. She died at the age 30 old from an unknown cause. South African Broadcasting Cooperation confirmed her death in 2017.

Biography of DJ Lara Kruger

Born in 1983 in South Africa as a man named Thapelo Lehuleri, transgender woman Lara Kruger revealed she was different and felt feminine as a child. According to her, things were always awkward for her from a very young age. She felt out of touch with her fellow boys at the time and wearing clothes meant for boys wasn’t working out for her. the late socialite tried to suppress this feeling mostly due to the mentality of the society.

However, with the support and love from her family, she decided to embrace her true dream of becoming a woman while studying cosmetology in college in Pretoria.

After transitioning to a woman and changing her name to match her new personality, the South African social media commentator, radio personality and fashionista started living her day-to-day life as a woman. Sure enough, the change boosted her career, making her a top-of-the-range South African transgender woman.

She did reviews of Mansi magic’s “our Perfect Wedding” on her social media platform and swept  Youtube users off their feet. The review got her a job at Motwedding FM where she presented the Saturday night good time show on Motswedding. Despite the growth in her career, Lara lacked some inner peace.

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In an interview before her death, DJ Lara Kruger opened up about the challenges transgender people have to face in their lives and the consistent derogatory comments in the corridors of South Africa’s gays and lesbians. Life wasn’t easy for her in the beginning, but she made up her mind to live on her own terms, pleasing nobody but herself.

She also revealed that she often got depressed why she had to be something people don’t like. But she made up her mind to always carry the flag with pride in as much as slight resistance made her feel rejected and utterly demoralized.

DJ Lara Kruger

Apparently, she didn’t escape entirely as in the events leading up to her death, Motsweding FM DJ Lara Kruger sent her last message on social media, giving fans and friends insight into her state of mind which was laden with depression. In the message posted to her Facebook page on December 15, the radio personality spoke about being depressed, death and even gave a few tips about her own funeral. She urged people to wear white to her funeral and not to spend more than three hours at it. The message went viral and many thought it was just a publicity stunt without knowing it was actually the beginning of her end.

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Quick Facts About The Unapologetic Transgender

Three days later, on December 18, she was hospitalised for depression. Her management team confirmed she was released after three days. When the news of her release reached her fans, they were happy with the thought that the transgender woman was hearty only for her to be readmitted after Christmas. Subsequently, the sickness took its toll on her and she gave up the ghost days later surrounded by her family. Nobody is sure what the true cause of her death was, but Somizi, her friend revealed she wasn’t happy.

Motsweding FM DJ Lara Kruger made a name for herself in the LGBTI community as someone who lived life on her own terms and identified unapologetically as transgender. She was strong, positive and didn’t care about people who were judgemental of her sexuality. She used her own story to become a voice for the LGBTI community and often spoke out about the challenges facing the community. Even when other gay celebrities were not speaking up due to the possible criticism they may face from the general public, Lara Kruger felt she had to help other people like her who might have been trapped in the wrong body.

The popular Motsweding FM radio personality Lara Kruger believed the entertainment industry has always been “theirs” but the older generation was scared of making public their sexual orientation. She wished to be in the industry long enough to speak up and advocate for the LGBTI community. Sadly she died in her prime.

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