Meet Nomcebo Zikode’s Husband, Children and Family

Nomcebo Zikode‘s husband is Selwyn Fraser. The lovely couple traditionally wedded in the early 2010s and are proud parents of two children; a daughter named Ziyanda and a son called Mnotho.

Who Is Nomcebo Zikode’s Husband?

Nomcebo Zikode is married to Selwyn Fraser. Even though it’s all over the media that her husband is the son of the late gospel legend Deborah Fraser, Selwyn Fraser is not one of Deborah Fraser’s children. Deborah’s children are Nkosana and Aaliyah Fraser. They sprung to the limelight at their mother’s funeral, where they made tributes to her.

On his Instagram account, Selwyn Fraser shared about his mother and disclosed her name as Emily Fraser. That said, there are vague details about Nomcebo Zikode’s husband in the media. Though his date of birth is unknown, Fraser celebrates his birthday on April 27th. He is said to be a music lover, and his occupation is kept under wraps. However, the ‘Jerusalema’ hitmaker once commented on how the government was supposed to help entertainers on Twitter.

Her tweet read, “some of us stay in flats and some don’t have husbands who are working, so I wish the government could do something.” From her tweet, many Twitter users jumped to the conclusion that her husband was unemployed at the time. Even though Nomcebo Zikode likes separating her private life from her personal life, she has never kept her husband hidden.

She posts about him on Instagram and celebrates him on most of his birthdays. In 2022, while celebrating her husband’s birthday, Nomcebo referred to him as the love of her life and her best friend. Going by the couple’s posts on social media, it is undeniable that they are smitten with love for each other.

Nomcebo Zikode and Selwyn Fraser got Engaged in 2014 

Speaking to You Magazine in the September 2020 edition, the KwaZulu-Natal-born revealed that she got acquainted with her husband, Selwyn Fraser, while studying Computers at Havatech College in Johannesburg in the year 2005. Later in February 2013, it was reported that Selwyn Fraser was gearing up to marry Deborah Fraser’s backup vocalist, Nomcebo Zikode.

According to the report, Selwyn was referred to as Deborah’s son, and the late singer initially frowned upon the two’s relationship. Even though Selwyn Fraser is not Deborah Fraser’s son, he had a very close relationship with her while alive, which suggests that they might be blood-related as they share the same surname. He refers to her as a dear mother on IG posts.

In the same 2013, Fraser reportedly sent delegations to Nomcebo Zikode’s homestead to kick off lobola negotiations and to make known to the Nkwanyanas his intention to marry their daughter. The couple got engaged in June 2014 and subsequently had their traditional wedding. Deborah Fraser allegedly gifted them one of her houses located in the eastern Joburg sub-urban of Bez Valley.

Also, Nomcebo revealed in her interview on You Magazine in 2020 that she traditionally got married to her husband a few years ago. And that they were planning to hold a sumptuous wedding following the unprecedented success of her song, ‘Jerusalema’.

How Many Children Does Nomcebo Zikode Have?

Nomcebo Zikode has two children with her husband, Selwyn Fraser. Their daughter, Ziyanda, was born in 2006, a year after the couple met in college. Their son, Mnotho, on the other hand, was born in the year 2015.

Nomcebo is a private person and hardly posts about her children on social media. She has made it known that she only wants to be known by her music and not by her private life.

Insight into Nomcebo Zikode’s Relationship with Deborah Fraser

For several years, Nomcebo Zikode worked as Deborah Fraser’s on-stage backing vocalist. As such, they traveled together on tours and developed a strong bond. Following the passing away of the music star in May 2022, Nomcebo revealed that she was a mother figure to her and her husband. She said that Deborah Fraser played a key role in the development of her career and her personal life as well.

As a result, she meant the world to her. She has attributed her success as a mother, musician, entrepreneur, and leader to the late singer, who took her in as one of her session recording artists when she was very young.

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