Khosi Ngema – Inside the Life Of Fikile Bhele The Blood And Water TV Actress

Khosi Ngema is a South African actress, singer, songwriter, and social media star, born on the 2nd of November, 2000, and aged 23 years old, who gained fame for her portrayal of Fikile Bhele in Blood & Water, the second South African original series to hit Netflix.

Khosi Ngema may just be another South African teenager when she first started, but she is now more than that. She has become a face recognized in different parts of the world thanks to her amazing skills that have made her one of the most loved characters on the Netflix South Africa original show.

Despite her international recognition and being multitalented with generous followership across social media platforms, the beauty still maintains a low profile so much that only a little is known about her private life.

Summary of Khosi Ngema’s Biography

  • Name: Khosi Ngema
  • Khosi Ngema’s Place of Birth: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Khosi Ngema’s Date of Birth: November 2, 2000
  • Khosi Ngema’s Age: 23 years old
  • Khosi Ngema’s Ethnicity: Black African
  • Profession: Actress, Model, Social Media Star
  • Famous for: Her portrayal of Fikile Bhele in Blood and Water

Khosi Ngema Was Born With Acting In Her Blood

It wouldn’t be out of place to speculate that the young actress has the art in her DNA as she was born to Mangaliso Ngema, a South African actor, on November 2, 2000, in Gauteng, South Africa. Her father is a veteran in the business who has been in the South African acting scene since the 1990s. He is famous for his roles in works such as Generations, Tshisa, Mrs. Mandela, and most recently, he appeared in the TV series, Lithapo as Senzo.

What is more interesting is that beyond acting, it seems as though arts, in general, is a thing of her family as her grandmother is the popular South African singer, Patience Africa. She is also a stage and film actress, as well as a songwriter. Khosi Ngema was also brought up in her country of birth, although there is no much information about her childhood.

It is known that she was raised by her father and mother, Makhene, alongside her sister Una, who is also an actress, comedian, social media star, and singer better known as Una Femmi. She also has two brothers, but it is not clear if there are other more siblings. There is, however, no information as regards her education, so it is not known what high school she attended or if she has any education higher than that.

Blood And Water Was Khosi Ngema’s First Professional Gig As An Actress

Khosi Ngema
Ama Qamata and Khosi Ngema in the Netflix ‘Blood & Water’ (Image Source)

Khosi Ngema has been in love with acting for as long as she now finds hard to remember, but she did not get the chance to hit the screen professionally until Blood and Water came, and she nailed it good enough to have people doubt if it was really her first gig.

Nonetheless, her journey as an actress began when she was in high school. It was then that she translated her passion for acting into something tangible by appearing in school plays and dramas.

Before the show was released, she got anxious and somewhat scared, but when it came out, she was surprised at the kind of love that she got from fans both within and outside of South Africa. The show airs in South Africa and 190 other countries, going top 10 in many countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom in the very first week.

Khosi Ngema Was Not Too Different From Fikile Bhele

Although the amazing South African actress reveals that she now thinks she is a little different from the character of Bhele she portrays in the popular show, she feels she can relate to her character when she was much younger and the same age as her character.

Fikile Bhele is a teenager who is at best a perfectionist who is trying to discover who she really is. Her world is no longer the same after she came across Puleng, whose sister was abducted many years ago at birth. Because of a few coincidences, including her date of birth, Puleng was sure that Fikile was her sister, and so she started digging into the past. This changes a lot for Fikile, who is from a very rich family and also a student of the fictional Parkhurst College.

The show has already been renewed for yet another season, and she believes that the characters would grow some more, and she might realize that just as she was not very different from the character when she was at that age, she might find herself not too different either, now that the character has grown some more.

She Still Has Only A Production To Her Resume

The path of Khosi Ngema into becoming an actress was first charted when she was in high school at the age of 13, but it was until in 2020, as stated, that she got a professional role. With her performance in the highly acclaimed Blood and Water, there is no doubt that soon enough, scripts would start making it to her table.


She got her role of Fikile Bhele in a very surprising fashion; it was her very first audition as an actress. Her agent was the one who first saw the opening, and she sent the audition details to Khosi Ngema who decided to give it a shot. At first, she thought she messed up because she got nervous and fumbled her way through during the audition, but to her surprise, she got a call that she got a chance to appear in the show.

After getting the call, Khosi hoped she was going to get the role of Puleng because she was the one that she felt more relatable to, but the role she was offered became that of Khosi Ngema,  which she handled very well. Apart from Blood and Water, the only other Original South African show on Netflix is Queen Sono, which was led by one of South Africa’s most favorite actresses, Pearl Thusi, and it was also set in Cape Town, South Africa.

She Is In A Relationship With JeanLuc Goodall

Khosi Ngema is still not married, but she is still not available as the beautiful actress is currently in a relationship with JeanLuc Goodall. Her beau is also a South African, but he doesn’t seem to be in the creative world either as an actor, filmmaker, or musician.

The actress and her man have not revealed anything about how they met, but it is known that they started dating in 2018. Since then, the two have remained very close and in a loving relationship. She has not failed to express her love for Goodall on social media, where she always shares their pictures together.

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