How To Check UJ Application Status and the Registration Process

If you have applied for admission into the University of Johannesburg, you must always take the time to check and see if you have been offered admission, even though most times, you will receive a mail to that effect. However, if you have not received it or you need to be very sure, there are several other ways you can check UJ application status.

While checking your admission status is easy and straightforward, the registration process is also easy if you have successfully been admitted. The process of checking admission status for new students is different from the process for returning students, and in the same way, the registration process also differs for the two.

Simple Steps To Check UJ Application Status As A New Student

The easiest and most convenient process to check this is through the website of the university. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to the University’s website through this link:
  • Hover over the Study@UJ menu for a dropdown to appear
  • Go ahead and click on Check Your Status under the menu
  • You can either put in your Student Number or Passport Number
  • Verify that you are human by texting in the code you see in the CAPTCHA box
  • Select the year for which admission you want to check and click on search. The response to your application query will immediately appear.
  • Go to the Admission letter section and see if you have been offered admission; you can now download the letter.

Note: Apart from your application status, you can also check several other documents on the same page and download useful letters, not just the admission letter.

Prospective students must continue to check their application status to start getting set for the registration process. You will also be notified about your admission status by the university via SMS or email.

How Returning Students Can Check Their UJ Application Status

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As stated, checking the UJ application status for students of the University of Johannesburg who are returning is different from the new student’s process. This is because, on the page where you can check your admission status, only three years are available for one to select and search.

If you are an old or returning student who wants to check the status, all you need to do is call 011 559 4555.

Here Are All The Steps To Take During The Registration Process

If you are successful with your application process and have been offered admission, you will need to register within the registration window. Late registration attracts a penalty in the form of additional fees, while failure to register may cost you your admission, even after that period.

Here is a detailed process to follow during your registration:

  • Go to the University’s website through this link:
  • Hover over the Study@UJ menu for a dropdown to appear
  • Go ahead and click on Registration under the menu
  • Before you continue, take your time to read all the important information on the page, including details about the date and deadline of registration for both new and returning students.
  • If you scroll down the page, you will find various letters for your application process. Please select the one relating to you (i.e., new student) and go through it.
  • You will find the uLink Sign In box on the previous page. Kindly put in your sign-in details; Username and Password.
  • Next, click on ITS iENABLER under administrative utilities.
  • The next thing you want to do is to click on Registration and Payments.
  • Once you click on Registration, that will allow you to start the registration process properly.
  • After you must have completed your registration successfully, you will need to review the registration to ensure that everything is correctly done before submitting and printing. You will need to safely keep proof of registration as it may come in handy later.
  • When the registration process is finally completed, access cards for senior students will be activated automatically.
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Important Things To Know After You Check The UJ Application Status

Even though you have been admitted into the university, you are not yet a student until you accept the admission and your registration process is completed successfully. Before then, you will not be allowed to attend lectures, access lecture materials, online materials, or be assessed for any module. Here are other things to know:

There are many important things you need for the registration

Some of the important documents you need to have for your registration include the following:

  • Final school-leaving results. During the UJ admission process, the university will obtain your Grade 12 results from the Department of Basic Education. Hence, you will not need to submit it either in electronic form or hard copy unless you are otherwise directed to do so.
  • At the end of the process, you will need to come along with your proof of registration and ID card or Driver’s license to collect your student access card.

Nsfas Will Not Need to Pay for Registration Fee at UJ

There have been reports that students under the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, NSFAS, from the University of Johannesburg are made to pay for registration fees by the university.

Contrary to this, NSFAS has since maintained that students who qualify for funding need not pay registration fees. The lack of clear understanding regarding this has got some students to be blocked from registering in the past, as the scheme did not make the payment on their behalf.

How To Create a UJ Portal Password

Creating a UJ portal account and password is a straightforward process that does not require too much time for a new or returning student. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Head to the portal of the university via this link–
  • Fill in your student number in the appropriate field
  • Put in your  ID/Passport number in the next field
  • Once you click on Continue, you will b provided with an opportunity to create a password, and once that is done, your portal will be created.

How to Reset a Forgotten UJ Portal Password

If, after creating your portal and in an unforeseen circumstance that you cannot remember the password when you need to login, there is the option for you to reset your password.

Here are the steps you may need to follow:

  • Kindly head to the homepage of the university’s student portal at
  • Put in your login ID and then click on Forgot your password?
  • This will take you to another page where you will be required to put in your student ID and then click on Continue.
  • When that is done, an email will be sent to you. Kindly access the mail and click on the link to reset the password.
  • Follow the processes that come after this, and you will be able to reset the forgotten password with all the ease in the world.
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