Gomora Teasers July 2022: What To Expect In the Next Episodes

Gomora is a South African TV drama series focusing on the classic inequalities between the “haves” and the “have nots.” An M-Net original production by Seriti films, Gomora is set in Alexandra township and is among the relatively new series that has recently taken Nelson Mandela’s country by storm.

Its following and viewership increase with every new episode, and it is currently ranked alongside equally highly-rated series like Skeem Saam and Scandal!.

A Recap of What Happened on Gomora in June 2022

Staying true to what fans and viewers of the show have come to expect from it, June 2022 episodes in Gomora began with the jacking of Sizwe’s car along with the surprising carriage in the trunk. We also see Thathi doing all he can to get a small shred of information regarding Buhle’s location.

In June, viewers see the amount of pressure Qhoqhoqho puts on Mike Jnr. to kill Thathi.  Gladys and Mr. Faku reunite after 15 years apart. Mike Jnr. stabs Qhoqhoqho to the surprise of everyone present. The latter survives and comes in search of Thathi. Qhoqhoqho is also set on permanently destroying the Molefes.

Miss Madikizela’s nefarious activities are brought to light, and Mike Jr. gets to see the bad side of Thathi. Mr. Faku throws a party after coming into unexpected cash. Ntokozo’s attempt to end Sonto’s life fails. He then faces enormous pressure from Qhoqhoqho. Thathi also realizes that Qhoqhqho will do whatever it takes to find her.

Gomora Teasers For July 2022

The creators and producers of the hit TV series have come up with more thrilling and exciting scenes for fans of the show, and here is what to expect from the new episodes of Gomora in July 2022.

Episode 50: Friday 1, July 2022

A very upset Gladys shows up at Andy’s doorsteps. Ntokozo finds out that Qhoqhoqho has long known about his deceptive moves.

Episode 51: Monday 4, July 2022

Gugu and Tshiamo are not permitted to go on a school trip. Qhoqhoqho receives an invitation from Sonto to meet and put everything to bed. Pretty is the subject of a mysterious man’s visit.

Episode 52: Tuesday 5, July 2022

Tiny is caught in the crossfire of two enemies’ battle. Pretty is presented with an offer she can’t say no to. Mr. Faku finds it difficult to get a residence.

Episode 53: Wednesday 6, July 2022

Pretty faces old demons after she gets a tape of herself singing. Sonto moves out of Thathi’s house.

Episode 54: Thursday 7, July 2022

Sonto attempts to address an old grievance. Bongani informs Madikizela of his plans to move back in with her, and Mazet experiences an adrenaline rush again.

Episode 55: Friday 8, July 2022

Pretty indulges in the unacceptable with Abdul. Mazet’s solo hijacking meets with a horrible end. Bongani’s former wife spoils his genius plan.

Episode 56: Monday 11, July 2022

Mr. Leballo gives Sibongile a wardrobe update. Gladys and Nkosinathi go out on a date together. Gugu and Tshiamo are offered a lift by Qhoqhoqho.

Episode 57: Tuesday 12, July 2022

Mike Jr. throws himself in front of a bullet meant for the love of his life. Sibongile finds it hard to turn down an offer from her tempter.

Episode 58: Wednesday 13, July 2022

Mike Jr. shows up at the hospital. Qhoqhoqho wants to use Mike Jr. as bait to catch Thathi. Teddy faces off with Sibongile with regards to the school shoes.

Episode 59: Thursday 14, July 2022

Mazet gives voice to her wish to have Qhoqhoqho quickly put an end to Thathi’s life. Nkosinathi is at a loss about what Gladys requires from him after she declares that she is not yet ready.

Episode 60: Friday 15, July 2022

A furious Stompie assaults Mr. Leballo. Pretty unintentionally addresses a former lover by their pet name. Qhoqhoqho visits Mike Jr. at the hospital and not as a friend.

Episode 61: Monday 18, July 2022

A very angry Stompie beats up Mr. Leballo. Pretty calls an ex by her pet name for them unconsciously. Qhoqhoqho is overwhelmed by the emotion brought on by a video of his late son.

Episode 62: Tuesday 19, July 2022

Ntokozo is uncomfortable with his mother’s recent ecstatic nature. Sibongile can’t catch a break on several life issues. Sonto gives her private investigator the pink slip.

Episode 63: Wednesday 20, July 2022

The district manager arrives just in time to see Nkosinathi get punched by a student. Ntokozo is aghast at the sight of his mother kissing another man. Stompie expresses his desire to see Sibongile do the right thing.

Episode 64: Thursday 21, July 2022

Ntokozo does know how to even begin to ask his mother questions about Nkosinathi. Abdul requests Pretty that she move to the US with him. An unsettled Sibongile turns down the request to testify against Mr. Leballo.

Episode 65: Friday 22, July 2022

The Molefes and the Ndabas bear witness to the reading of Phumlani’s will. Sibongile eventually testifies against Mr. Leballo. Thathi and Mazet are still at loggerheads with each other.

Episode 66: Monday 25, July 2022

Sonto and Mazet can’t decide whether to take or reject Phumlani’s money. Mazet is feeling left out. Sibongile’s cross-examination does not paint a pretty picture.

Episode 67: Tuesday 26, July 2022

Sibongile is emotionally disturbed, and it is made worse by Leballo’s refusal to let go. Gladys is surprised when Nkosinathi point-blank tells Ntokozo about their dating. Sonto comes to blows with the Ndabas due to money-related matters and reveals that Thathi is expecting a child of her own.

Episode 68: Wednesday 27, July 2022

Nkosinathi is pushed away by Gladys. To avoid going back to KZN, Gugu employs drastic measures. Teddy wishes to see to Sibongile’s needs.

Episode 69: Thursday 28, July 2022

Thathi is worried about Gugu, and things escalate badly when she arrives from a hostel. Sibongile finds out that every gift comes with a price. Nkosinathi faces the fact that Gladys is the one with reservations.

Episode 70: Friday 29, July 2022

Sonto and Stompie are treated as heroes after ensuring that street justice is done. Zodwa and Bongani are ignorant of the fact that they are spending dirty money. Nkosinathi and Gladys eventually get their long-awaited moment.

List Of Actors And The Characters They Play On Gomora

  • Katlego Danke as Onthathile “Thathi” Molefe-Ndaba
  • Connie Chiume as Mam’ Sonto Molefe
  • Thembi Seete as Gladys Dlamini
  • Ntobeko Sishi as Ntokozo Dlamini
  • Siphesihle Ndaba as Zanele “Mazet” Thwala
  • Ama Qamata as Buhle Ndaba
  • Siya Xaba as Langa Ndaba
  • Sicelo Buthelezi as Sibusiso “Teddy” Zondo
  • Siyasanga Papu as Pretty Molefe-Madiba
  • Lerato Mokoka as Tshiamo Molefe
  • Khaya Mthembu as Sbonga Madiba
  • Sannah Mchunu as Ntombizodwa “Zodwa” Zondo
  • Leera Mthethwa as Mrs Jackie Hlungwani

There’s Been A Notable Departure On Gomora As Well As Some New Additions

Gomora decided to let one of their leading characters go after disagreements with the actor who portrayed the role. It appears that fans and viewers have seen the last of Principal Melusi Dlamini, whose character was well portrayed by Zolisa Xaluva.

As a consolation, however, the show’s runners have introduced five new actors who have hit the ground running in their various assigned roles. Let’s meet these new talented cast members.

Aubrey Makola as Duncan Leballo

Not quite new to the scene, Duncan Leballo (portrayed by Aubrey Makola) portrays the role of a serious but charming wealthy record executive whose weakness is the narcissist for young girls.

Tiisetso Thoka as Mike Junior aka June-July

On May 16, viewers will be introduced to a new character, Mike Jr (also known as June-July, portrayed by Tiisetso Thoka), the son of Bra Mike. Mike Jnr, who has been involved in petty criminal activities since age 13 under the mentorship of hostel king, Qhoqhoqho, role in Gomora is to ensure that Sonto suffers for killing his father. 

Jessica Sithole as Nolo Makinta

In episode 17, fans will meet a new character, Nolo Makinta (portrayed by Jessica Sithole) – an unsuccessful slay queen who is suppressed by all the things she suffered from rich men. Her contempt for men links her to another broken woman – Thathi.

Moshe Ndiki as Andile Faku

Another new addition is a new teacher at Gomora High named Andile Faku (portrayed by Moshe Ndiki). Gambling has ruined his life: He lost his extravagant life in a cushy private school job. He now feels his new career is beneath his expectations. However, his great sense of humor makes it hard to dislike him. 

Fezile Makhanya as Principal Nkosinathi Cele

The last but not the least of the new characters for Gomora is Nkosinathi Cele (portrayed by Fezile Makhanya), who will make his debut appearance in episode 42, which is built to air on June 21. The eloquent high school principal also doubles as an authoritarian who constantly clashes with parents. However, he is unhappily married but will soon meet the woman he wishes he should have married. 

Gomora Is Only About A Couple Of Years Old

For clarity, Gomora was produced by Lulu Hela, Kutlwano Ditsele, and Thabang Moley for Seriti Films and distributed by Naspers and DStv. It premiered on March 30, 2020, and airs on Mzansi Magic every weekday from 7:30 pm to 7:55 pm, essentially giving it a running time of 25 minutes.

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