Faith Nketsi’s Husband Was Her Long-term Boyfriend – Inside Their Marriage

Faith Nketsi’s husband is Nzuzo Njilo, a South African businessman from Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal province. Faith married her husband in 2022. 

Many people were greatly surprised by Nketsi’s marriage to Njilo because they believed that, given her past, she was unfit to be a wife. She has been married for more than a year, and it is obvious that she is content with her union.

Who Is Faith Nketsi Married To?

Popular South African socialite Faith Nketsi is married to Nzuzo Njilo. He is a well-known South African businessman from a prominent family. The South African IT girl married Njilo on April 10, 2022, in a private wedding ceremony.

Owing to her popularity, news of their wedding suddenly caused a lot of people to pick interest in her husband as well. Nzuzo was born in the year 1993 to Themba and Thembekile Njilo. He equally has a huge stake in his father’s many businesses.

Faith’s husband owns a truck company and runs his father’s businesses. Some of the Njilo family businesses include the Themba Njilo Foundation in Pietermaritzburg and the Nduduzo Funeral Services, both located in KwaZulu-Natal. His father’s political career played a huge role in making his family wealthy.

However, Njilo’s personal life is not free of controversy, just like that of his wife, as he’s been accused of being involved in a couple of fraudulent business activities. In 2022, Nzuzo was outed openly as a fraudster and even charged to court over his alleged misdemeanors.

Faith has already made up her mind to stand beside her husband even though many people believe she probably made a mistake in choosing Njilo as a spouse.

Faith and Nzuzo Met During the Peak of her Partying Days

The “professional twerker,” as she is affectionately known, is thriving in her marriage. Faith had a reputation for being the ultimate party girl who dated wealthy men and partied hard. However, many people might not be aware that she met her spouse at the height of her partying.

Nzuzo Njilo and Faith, according to Faith, had a protracted casual relationship. They were mostly on and off and were unable to establish a regular connection during that time.

Faith and Nzuzo appear to be together “for better or worse” now that they are married. She has freely said she aspires to be her husband’s ideal wife. The socialite is not afraid to express how much she loves her man.

Apparently, her husband feels the same way too. Faith made a post on Twitter gushing over her marriage, saying it’s all fun and laughter with them and that she prays that nothing ever changes because their friendship is the foundation.

She also revealed that she married her best friend and that she was so excited about what the future holds for them.

Faith Nketsi’s Wedding

The news of Faith Nketsi’s wedding only came after her “lobola,” or bride price, had been paid. The beauty model did a great job of keeping her love life under wraps for many years, despite her popularity.

The TV star made a point of keeping her approaching nuptials private until the ceremony was over. Only extremely close family members of the bride and groom were present when the pair married in April 2022.

On the internet, her marriage to Njilo spread quickly. Due to rumors that Faith’s history was too scandalous for any respectable man to even want to consider doing anything with, let alone getting married, several people wondered if the report was actually true.

It, however, turned out, in the long run, that the report wasn’t really a rumor at all. Despite the naysayers’ predictions and her critics, Faith and Nzuzo Njilo have been married for many years and appear to still be doing well.

Is Faith Nketsi Pregnant?

Faith Nketsi is currently not pregnant. Faith Nketsi gave birth to her first child – a daughter named Sky Njilo in August 2022. Sky’s conception and birth were kept secret by her mother, and the internet did not find out about it until after the baby’s birth.

The first child of Faith and Nzuzo is a lucky girl. She is well taken care of by both parents, almost to the point of being spoiled. Faith Nketsi revealed that she had a difficult birth, and that made her appreciate motherhood even more.

She also testified that her daughter’s father is very hands-on and does not hesitate to do the hard work of raising his baby, who is fast-growing. Sky’s mother announced her pregnancy shortly after she had wrapped up shooting for her reality TV show.

On her Instagram page, she thanked everyone who has helped keep the news of her pregnancy a secret. According to the influencer, she is not ready for baby number 2 anytime soon because of her traumatic experience while birthing her daughter.

Who was Faith Nketsi’s Boyfriend Before Nzuzo Njilo?

South African businessman Thami Yabo was Faith’s last known boyfriend before her marriage to Nzuzo. The actress had somewhat of a wild past before she met her husband. Part of this past includes a long string of famous boyfriends who she dated briefly.

Although Faith Nketsi preferred to keep her love life private, sometimes news of who she was dating leaked to the public, leading to frenzied gossip online. Some of the men that Faith is rumored to have dated include Nigerian singer Davido, South African businessmen Thami Yabo and Makhosini Sihlali, and Zimbabwean television presenter Tino Chinyani.

Faith was said to have been dating Davido in 2014 after the singer uploaded a photo of the two of them locked in a passionate kiss. There have been further talks insinuating that she had been seeing a couple of older men, but there were never any public confirmations.

What Happened Between Tino Chinyani and Faith Nketsi

Before Tino Chinyani (a Zimbabwean-born model and actor) came into Faith’s life, she was with a man called Makhosini. However, their romance was more of a fling and it ended as soon as she met Chinyani.

The actress’s relationship with the Zimbabwean hunk remains one of the few relationships she has publicly confirmed. The two dated between 2019 and 2020 but broke up due to cheating rumors on Faith’s part. She then moved on to businessman Thami Yabo in 2021.

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