Faith Nketsi’s Net Worth, the Houses & Cars She Owns

Faith Nketsi’s net worth is currently estimated at $800,000 which is roughly equivalent to R13.7 million.

She gained notoriety as a dancer, but most of her fortune did not come from her dancing career. She invests in real estate and drives many exotic cars, including a Range Rover. Recently, she completed a multi-million palatial mansion, a feat she achieved at age 25.

Faith Nketsi is a dancer, model, influencer, businesswoman, and reality television personality. Though the Johannesburg-born celebrity does so many things for a living, she is easily recognized as a former leader of the Pro-Twerkers’ dance group.

Faith Nketsi’s Net Worth Is A Staggering $800,000

It’s no wonder that Faith Nketsi is raking in cash and living a lavish lifestyle. She has amassed about $800,000 from her numerous endeavors, although some sources reported the value of her assets could be higher than the figure mentioned above.

The TV personality belongs to the class of South African influencers that stand out through their opulence and fancy living styles. She continually shares posts on her social media accounts to show her fans the lavish lifestyle she adopted.

Faith Nketsi has impressive expensive car fleets, expensive outfits and belongings, and other exotic bling. The former leader of the Pro-Twerkers dance crew has various income streams, but the exact amount she makes monthly from each of these business channels is not open to public scrutiny.

Her Personal Financial Journey Began With The Pro-Twerkers

Also known as the Queen of Twerk, Faith was one of those who formed the popular dance crew, Pro-Twerkers. She developed an interest in the craft after coming across some videos of some people twerking across social media. This was around the 2010s.

From forming the hip-hop dance crew, she became one of the group’s beloved dancers, from where her career rapidly went up. She earned both fame and fortune during her days with the dance crew. She has appeared in several music videos and has gained huge recognition within and outside the country through the platforms her twerking dance group availed her.

Faith Nketsi’s Net Worth Came Through Her Numerous Business Ventures

While Nketsi started her career at the age of 16, her career received the needed boost during her days as a dancer, from where she was able to increase her income and wealth substantially. The Queen of Twerk began her modeling career after leaving her dance group.

She built a huge fan base through her various social media accounts and subsequently became a well-known influencer. Nketsi owns a couple of businesses in the country, and they are not doing badly. The Johannesburg-born celebrity model is also a reality TV star with an overwhelming viewership. Let’s get to know more about her multiple business endeavors.

1. Dancing career

Faith Nketsi had an amazing dancing career with the Pro-Twerkers. Together with her co-dancers, she graced many dance floors across the country. Her journey as a dancer began at the age of sixteen when she lucky met two girls who later became her friends. The trio had the same thing in common, which is dance. They quickly formed the group Pro Twerkers and started making dance videos online.

From their videos going viral, the girls gradually became an instant hit and also began to gain international recognition. Their dancing skills won the attention of music managers and directors, who kept giving them jobs as video vixens.

They were used for several music videos and also featured in Casper Nyovest’s music video, a job that brought more recognition to the group. No one knows how much she made as a member of the hip-hop group. However, it is a known fact that her career with the group was a successful one before she left the crew.

1. Modelling

Not much is known about Nketsi’s modeling career and her jobs in the modeling industry. Faith is naturally endowed at the right places and also has other things it takes to excel in the industry, so it’s no surprise that she choose modeling as a career path. There is no information on how much she gets paid as a model. However, her modeling career is being managed by Feline Management.

2. Influencing

Nketsi has over 2 million followers on Instagram alone. She engages her fans daily and shares a glimpse of her life daily with them. The celebrity promotes many brands on her pages and is a major inspiration to most young black girls.

There’s no accurate record of how much she makes as an influencer. However, we believe she makes a huge amount of money from the business, being an A-list South African influencer.

3. TV Career

Faith bagged reality television series titled Have Faith in November 2019. The series airs on MTV Channel 130 on Mondays at 9:30 pm while its casts include Kim Kholiwe, Andzelo, Kabelo Nketsi, and Refiloe Nketsi.

The Johannesburg-born influencer holds the records as South Africa’s first female social media influencer to have her reality show on MTV Africa. Her TV show Instagram page has over one million followers.

She uses the show to promote her brand and share with viewers more about her personal life, relationships with people around her, and other things. It’s unclear how much she makes from Have Faith, which has run for three seasons. Generally, the show is thriving, and there’s no limit to the height she can get in the TV industry through the show.

4. Music Career

The South African socialite has an EP titled Disrespectful under her belt, and the project has seven tracks. She launched her musical career in 2019 and subsequently worked with DJ Maphorisa. Her EP was produced by DJ Maphorisa’s record label, Blaqboy Music.

But Faith has since abandoned rapping and music entirely after most music listeners gave her work the thumb downs in the country. The twerk Queen admitted in her reality TV show that rapping was not as easy as she thought, even though she started rapping, not knowing what she was doing.

She added that DJ Maphorisa tried to convince her that she could still become a better rapper after her attempt to rap failed, but she insisted that she didn’t have the passion and time to give to the music industry. Though Nketsi has quit rapping, her song is still out there, and it is believed that she made some earnings from it after its release.

5. Businesses

Nketsi is a serial entrepreneur with enviable business skills. She has a couple of businesses she runs, and they are all doing great. Here are some of her businesses.

  • Fe’ Beauty Cosmetics

Fe’ Beauty Cosmetics is a cosmetics company co-owned and founded by Faith Nketsi. The brand began operation in September 2019 and has been thriving greatly. Fe’ Beauty was inspired by Faith’s passion for beauty and perfection.

The brand deals in eyebrow kits, lip kits, body lighter spray, high gloss, eye shadow pallets, glow kits, and many more. Fe’ Beauty has come to stay, but its financial record is unavailable online.

  • Feline Management

Faith Nketsi is the founder of the brand development organization for social media called Feline Management. The firm majorly deals in scouting, identifying, and nurturing the talent of young women through social media empowerment.

Through the company, several female artists have been able to get snag business opportunities on social media. Feline Management helps them to manage these opportunities and more.

  • Get Snatched Diet And Workout Programme

Faith Nketsi launched the Get Snatched diet and workout programme on the 30th day of July 2018. The programme mainly targets people who lose weight fast and live a healthy lifestyle. It also helps clients with an after-plan on working on what and how they eat and how best to reach their fitness goals and dreams.

Nketsi’s diet and workout programme isn’t doing badly. She has been very insightful and helpful to many people all these years. She makes decent earnings from the programme, but the figures she has made so far are under the radar.

List of Nketsi’s income sources 

  • Dancing career
  • Modeling
  • Influencing
  • TV career
  • Businesses
  • Music career

How Much Money Does Faith Nketsi Earn From Her Reality TV Show?

Faith Nketsi practically takes her fans on a journey into getting to know more about her life, relationships with both her family and man and more on her reality TV show, Have Faith.

The programme has run for three seasons, and most of her viewers still want more. In essence, the show is thriving, and so is the money she makes on it. Unfortunately, the twerk queen hasn’t divulged the exact amount the reality show rakes in per episode and at the end of each season.

Faith Nketsi Has Endorsed Several Brands Over The Years

Nketsi has partnered with several elite brands in the country over the years. Here are some of the companies she has endorsed recently: Olmeca Tequila, Drschrammek & Dermaquest, Dominique Ropion, Pure Gold Hair SA, Mealies luxury, and OCTA FX.

Being an influencer with over 2 million followers on her Instagram page, these companies pay her a substantial amount to promote their products and services. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter to find out more about the products she has endorsed or for booking.

A Look At Faith Nketsi’s Cars

Faith is currently living the best moments of her young life. She is the epitome of beauty and royalty. She lives a flashy lifestyle, which she gladly shows off across her social media pages. She wears expensive clothes and shoes, including sports athleisure like Nike and Adidas, designer bags, and expensive jewelry. The socialite has exquisite car taste and loves traveling and having fun with her friends.

Let’s take a look at the cars she owns.

1. Range Over

Nketsi’s garage is decorated with several cars, and a white Range Rover is one of them. She has taken pictures severally beside the car, but a lot is still unknown about the fancy wheel, such as its model and features. This is because she doesn’t comment publicly about her assets like most celebrities. However, we do know she bought the exotic car in 2019.

Interestingly, the twerk queen also has another brand new Ranger Rover, which she received from her boyfriend for their first dating anniversary. Her boyfriend Nzunzo Njilo gifted her the car in 2021, which sent the internet into a frenzy.

Further details about the luxurious car, including its model and price, were not revealed publicly. As gathered, Njilo is the son of the former mayor of Msunduzi Municipality, Themba Njilo. He is also a successful businessman famed for flashing his fancy houses and luxury cars on social media. He is a multi-millionaire who owns a trucking company.

2. 2019 Jaguar F-Type

Not much is known about this particular car. The dancer posted a picture of herself with the car on Instagram, thanking both Jaguar South Africa and Land Rover SA for having her. However, she hasn’t been seen driving the car ever since the post went viral.

2019 Jaguar F-Type Features 

  • Base engine: 296-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder
  • Standard infotainment features: a 10-inch touch screen, a navigation system, a 10-speaker stereo, HD Radio, satellite radio, Bluetooth, a USB port
  • Standard features: remote keyless entry, push-button start, and automatic climate control
  • Other available features: proximity keyless entry, dual-zone automatic climate control, ambient interior lighting.
  • Length: 14 feet, 9 inches
  • Curb weight: 3,360 to 3,847 pounds
  • Front parking sensors
  • Automatic high-beam headlights
  • Hands-free parallel park assist
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Rear cross-traffic alert

Where Is Faith Nketsi’s House Located?

Faith Nketsi lives in a palatial mansion in South Africa, but her exact residence is unknown to the public. Recently, she surprised her fans when she announced that she had built a new house for her mom.

She revealed that she had wanted to buy a house for herself, but instead, she bought land and built her mom’s dream house. Further details about the house, including its features, worth, and location, are currently on the radar. As per her real estate acquisitions, there is no reliable information about it. It’s unclear if she owns other houses apart from the house she lives in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Faith Nketsi

What is Faith Nketsi’s Age?

The dancer is currently 29 years old. She was born on the 30th day of December 1994 in Johannesburg to South African parents.

How Much Is Faith Nketsi’s Net Worth?

She has a net worth of $800,000. She made her wealth from her numerous income streams.

What Does Faith Nketsi Do For a Living?

Faith Nketsi is a model, businesswoman, influencer, dancer, and television host.

Does Faith Nketsi Have a Range Rover?

Yes, she has a white Ranger Rover she bought in 2019. Her boyfriend Nzuzo Njilo also bought her a Range Rover in 2021 as a dating anniversary present.

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