At What Age Did Rami Chuene Divorce Her Husband Tsepo Desando and Is She Dating Now?

In this part of the world, divorce is always a complicated thing for both parties. After sharing love and life, getting separated is not always easy, but sometimes it is worth it. Rather than stay in an unhappy or abusive marriage where things cannot be fixed, it is better to walk away – and this was the choice of Rami Chuene, who was previously married to Tsepo Desando.

Although it was a tough decision for her, she knew what she wanted, and staying married to her ex-husband was not on the list of the things she still wanted to do. After her divorce, the multi-talented celebrity moved on beautifully with her life and successfully raised her children. Let’s see how old she was when she got divorced, what caused her divorce and how she has moved on with her life.

Rami Chuene Was Once Married to Tsepo Desando

There are so many interesting facts to know about Rami Chuene. This 48-year-old is an actress, musician, presenter, voice-over artist, author, and fashion enthusiast. She was born on 3rd July 1975 in Seshego, Polokwane, Limpopo, alongside five siblings. Another interesting fact about Rami Chuene is her marriage to and divorce from Tsepo Desando.

Rami Chuene and Tsepo Desando were once a happily married couple. Desando is also a South African actor, and although the exact date they got married is not known, you can tell that they were married for many years, from the ages of their children. According to Rami, she met Tsepo at a very young age, and after six months of dating, they got married. Rami has since acknowledged the fact that she was still young and naive at the time.

Rami and Tsepo’s union was blessed with three beautiful daughters – Kefiloe Chuene, Nthateng Chuene, and Botshelo Chuene – all of which have remained with their mother after the divorce. Rami and her ex-husband shared a lot in common. Aside from the fact that they are both actors, he is also multi-talented and wears different hats. He is a singer, an emcee, and an entrepreneur. Tsepo Desando is also the director of Pelokgolo Holdings and the business development manager for INQ Africa. His children with Rami have really taken after their parents and are also hardworking.

She Divorced Tsepo Desando At The Age Of 38 in 2013

Rami Chuene got attracted to and fell in love with Tsepo Desando for being a quiet person, but in their marriage, she realized that things were not exactly as she thought they would be. The union became a yoke around her neck, and she was getting miserable each day. According to Rami, they had financial issues, and the bank had to take their cars and house. She also claims that she was not getting enough support from her husband, and she just knew that being in that marriage was no longer what she wanted.

She filed for a divorce in 2012 and was stigmatized for it by her local congregation, so much so that she had to leave the church. While the divorce process was ongoing, the church tried talking her out of her decision, but she refused to yield. This meant that Rami Chuene was asked to stop singing with the church choir as they criticized her faith. However, the divorce was finalized in 2013.

…And She Has No Regrets

After several years of being divorced, Rami Chuene still has no regrets. On the contrary, the actress believes that divorcing her ex-husband is still one of the best decisions she made as it helped her discover her true self. According to Rami, contrary to what people think about divorce, it is not bad after all; rather, it is better to choose happiness than to stay in a relationship because of what people will have to say.

She believes that she is now living her best life, although she has no regrets, she still doesn’t deny that the divorce was not an easy thing to do. You can understand this knowing that she got married to Tsepo at a very young age and had lived with him for a long time.

Rami Chuene Dropped Out of School When She Got Pregnant With Her First Child

After high school, Rami Chuene got accepted into the University of Witwatersrand, where she enrolled to study Fashion Designing. She would eventually drop out of school for a year after discovering that she was pregnant with her first child. After putting to bed and nursing her child for some months, Chuene returned to school; this time, she decided to study music at the Fuba School of Music and later moved on to a Technikon in Pretoria.

While studying music, Rami’s acting career began to blossom as she started getting featured in several movies. To focus on her growing career, so she decided to drop out of school – a second time. Dropping out has turned out to be a good decision as she has made a name for herself in the film industry.

The Actress Had Her First Child At Age 19

Rami Chuene and Tsepo Desando had three beautiful daughters who look so much like their mother. Her first child, Kefiloe Chuene, was born on 24th February 1994 when she was 19 years old. Kefiloe is a fashion designer and YouTuber; she got married in February 2020. Her mother supported her as she was excited to have a son in the family.

Their second daughter, Nthateng Chuene, takes a lot after her mother. She was born on 23rd April 1996, and as of her 23rd birthday in 2019, she was already a graduate of Rhodes University, where she studied Journalism. She is a very determined young lady who hopes to attend a culinary school without bothering her mother for her fees. To do this, she opened an OnlyFans account to raise the money she would need.

Her last child, Botshelo Chuene, was born on 18th April 2007. She was only about six years old when her parents got divorced. From the look of things, she has settled in well with being raised by a single mother.

She Has Remained Single, And Her Status Is Not Changing Anytime Soon

Rami Chuene has not been in any known relationship since her divorce from her erstwhile husband, and it is not coincidental. The elegant mother of three has decided to remain single since her divorce. Although she didn’t give any reason for her choice, it would not be far-fetched to assume that her previous marriage experiences have helped form her decision; perhaps she doesn’t want to be a two-time divorcée.

According to Chuene, she has met a couple of men after her divorce, but she feels they are all skeptical about approaching her because of her type of person. Whatever be the case, Rami is happier being single, and she has not failed to make this fact clear to everyone.

Rami Chuene is a Multi-talented Woman

Rami Chuene is widely known as an actress, but that is not the only feather in the multi-talented lady’s cap. She is also a musician and author. Her debut album is titled ‘From Fear to Love.’ As an actress, Rami has been featured in several movies and TV series, including The Queen, Isono, Strike Back, Life Above All, How To Ruin Christmas: The Wedding, and Scandal. Rami Chuene also wears the hat of a radio presenter. She is known as the Jazz Queen of SABC radio, and her show is one of the most listened to broadcast.

You can easily tell that Rami Chuene has many die-hard fans who truly love and appreciate her for the things she does. On Instagram, she has one million followers as of this writing, which is a huge following compared to other South African celebrities.

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