At What Age Did Lorna Maseko Marry and Divorce Her Husband Gcina “GC” Lukhele?

There have been so many relationship dramas in the South African entertainment environment of late, from the different cheating scandals to domestic abuse and divorce cases that seem not to end. One such case of divorce is between Lorna Maseko and her former husband, Gcina “GC” Lukhele.

The two got married in 2010 when Lorna was 27 years old. Currently 40 years old, she remained with her husband for several years before the marriage finally came to an end in 2016. Early in their marriage, there was a cheating allegation against the celebrity chef, which many believe may be one reason why the union came to an end years later.

Quick Profile of Lorna Maseko

  • Date of Birth: 3 July 1983
  • Age: 40 years old
  • Nationality: South African
  • Career: TV presenter, Celebrity chef
  • Husband: Gcina “GC” Lukhele

Lorna Maseko Was 27 When She Got Married

Lorna Maseko
Lorna Maseko and (Image Source)

Born in 1983, the celebrity chef got married to Gcina Lukhele in 2010, which means she was in her late twenties. While how they met and started dating is not public knowledge, it is known that they exchanged their vows in December in a private event that happened in Muldersrift. It was attended by the couple’s family and close friends. In total, the event had a guest list of only 50 people.

There were not so many details revealed about the union, as, for the better part, they kept their marital life private. By 2016, when the marriage finally came to an end, the couple did not have any child between them.

While the union lasted, Gcina ensured to keep a low profile, even though his wife was a celebrity at the time. She would later reveal after the marriage ended that she was married to a very amazing man. The divorce came when she was 33 years old.

Their Marriage Was Plagued By Cheating Rumors

A report emerged only a year into their marriage, saying that the chef was caught in a compromising position with hunk TV presenter Katlego Maboe. The two were said to be in a kiss. The event, which happened at the annual Durban July in 2012, had people speculating that the Expresso presenter was cheating with a married woman who happened to be Lorna Maseko.

The cheating allegation was later addressed by Katlego, who made it clear that he actually kissed someone he should never have. According to him, he was out with Lorna and others on a horse ride, after which they shared a drink. It was after this that the snogging episode happened.

He said what happened was a result of the vibes of the night. They looked into each other’s eyes, and they started kissing. Contrary to the reports that he was having an affair with her, he stated that the kissing did not lead to anything else, and they did not date. He also revealed he wasn’t sure she was someone’s wife at the time.

The Cheating Allegations Caused In The Marriage of Lorna Maseko

Katlego Maboe
Katlego Maboe (image source)

Following reports of the alleged cheating against Lorna Maseko with the TV presenter, she did not come out to give any official statement. However, she took a break from posting or saying anything relating to her husband on social media, making people speculate if all was well in their relationship.

The reported infidelity caused an unprecedented strain on their relationship. Still, somehow, the chef and her husband patched things up, and they seemed to continue their normal relationship without any known problem.

On the part of Katlego, the woman he was dating at the time, found the whole thing too much to bear, and so they parted ways. He stated that he did not put the same hard work he put into his work on his relationships, but he claimed he had moved beyond that stage.

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Gcina GC Allegedly Did Not Get Over The Cheating Scandal

The report was that Lorna and her husband had moved past the sad episode that occurred earlier in their marriage, but by 2016, the marriage sadly came to an end. There was no official reason for what led to the end of the marriage, but according to sources, Gcina did not get over the betrayal he suffered from his wife, even though he tried working on things.

Lorna herself confirmed the demise of her marriage in a very awkward manner during the You Spectacular Awards. The clearly intoxicated chef took to the stage with comedian Ann Hirsch to give an award when she blurted that she was now single and ready to mingle.

Rather than keeping things simple, she proceeded to joke that she might even be ready to give a shot at a lesbian relationship with her co-presenter, Ann Hirsch. Her revelation and joke left guests at the event uncomfortable.

For many of those who were thinking the celebrity chef only said the things she did because she was intoxicated, she would set the records straight when she was contacted after the events by The Sunday World. The publication questioned her on the announcement she made, and she confirmed that, indeed, her marriage had crashed, and she was single and ready to mingle.

She did not give any reason behind the divorce, as she stated that she was not going to clarify anything further. More so, she made it clear that her former husband had been a good man all through their marriage. Following the statements she made, many believed that the marriage ended amicably.

Lorna Maseko Is Reported To Be In A Relationship With Floyd Shivambu 

Since the sad end of her marriage, Lorna Maseko has continued to pour out her soul into her career, which has continued to rise, something she is clearly enjoying.

On the other hand, her love life doesn’t seem to be suffering either. As reports have it, she is currently in a relationship with  EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu. The two were said to have been an item since 2018, and they are very much in love. The relationship began after her divorce, and the marriage of the EFF deputy president to Siphesihle Pezi came to an end, having only tied the knot in 2017.

In 2020, the couple had the light shone on them when the reports claimed that the ‘Celebrate with Lorna Maseko’ cookbook author was pregnant. The report claimed to have it in authority that Lorna, who was going to be a mum for the first time, was in high spirits. It also added that it would be the fourth child of Pezi with different women, including former model Bonolo Morake and former SABC weather presenter Andile Masuku.

Lorna, who was hard hit by the reports, came out to rubbish the claims, stating that she was not expecting any child. She added that people should learn to know the stories of others before publishing about them as she was suffering from fibroids. Although she denied being pregnant, she did not state anything about the alleged relationship with Pezi.

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