Who Is Paige Chestnut? Biography and Life of Morris Chestnut’s Daughter

Paige Chestnut (born 28th November 1998) is the daughter of Morris Chestnut, a Hollywood actor and producer.

Paige Chestnut may not be a household name in Hollywood, but there is every possibility this would change if present indications are anything to go by. Daughter of iconic American actor Morris Chestnut, Paige Chestnut is not happy to rest on the laurels of her lookalike dad but is working to blaze her own trail.

Presently focusing on a modeling career, the younger Chestnut has snagged deals with several notable brands such as Michael NGO and has walked the runway in various fashion capitals of the world. Though not a superstar yet, the odds are heavily in favor of Chestnut becoming a force to be reckoned with in the not too distant future.

Profile Summary of Paige Chestnut

  • Full Name: Paige Chestnut
  • Date of birth: the 28th of November 1998
  • Age: 25 Years Old
  • Place of birth: Cerritos California
  • Father: Morris Chestnut
  • Mother: Pam Byse
  • Siblings: Grant Chestnut
  • Occupation: Model

Paige Chestnut was Born in Cerritos, California, in November 1998

Paige Chestnut was born on the 28th of November 1998, which means she is 25 years old. Her birthplace is California, while her nationality is American. When Paige was born, her father had already appeared in several movies and TV shows but was yet to become a Hollywood A-lister.

His big break will come exactly a year after her birth, and since then, he has been on an upward trajectory. That career success means that Paige Chestnut and her family have lived a comfortable life as far as material things are concerned.

They are also not too far from the spotlight, even though their famous dad jealously guards their privacy. Overall, Paige Chestnut had a childhood that many people dream of, but it wasn’t perfect by any means. The young lady has revealed that she faced her share of tears and hardships while growing up.

Luckily for her, she had a beloved dog named Chico, who was by her side. Her family members were also of immense help. Paige’s dad may not share pictures of her all the time on social media, but he loves her very much. For instance, back in 2016, when Paige attended her high school senior prom, her dad shared pictures of her in her gorgeous outfit and captioned it daddy-daughter time.

She is a Professional Model and has Walked the Runway at the New York and L.A. Fashion Weeks

Paige Chestnut completed her high school education in California before setting her sights on Modelling. She splits her time between New York and Los Angeles and has made great strides thus far. Signed to a top modeling agency, Wunder Management, Paige Chestnut has featured in commercials and print ads for several companies. She has also walked the runway at several notable fashion shows such as the Los Angeles Fashion Week and the New York Fashion Week. During these premier events on the fashion calendar, Paige Chestnut has modeled outfits from brands such as Michael NGO, Marisa P. Clark, Matt Sarafa, and Gyv Me Body (swimwear brand).

Asides from modeling, Paige Chestnut is also doing her bit to leave the world a better place than she met it. The Cerritos native is a supporter of several charitable organizations, including Freedom and Fashion. Freedom and Fashion is a nonprofit dedicated to using the arts of fashion and beauty as a tool for empowering women survivors of sex trafficking, domestic violence, and other injustices.

The organization utilizes both job training and coaching methodology to achieve its objectives, and Chestnut stepped out in support of their Young Americans Collection in November 2017. The young lady is indeed living her best life, and a glance at her Instagram page will confirm this. While not working, Paige Chestnut is usually jet-setting to different places, hanging with friends, or chilling in her gorgeous abode.

Her Parents, Morris Chestnut and Pam Byse, Have Been Together for 29 Years

Paige Chestnut is well known as the daughter of actor Morris Chestnut and his wife of over two decades, Pam Byse. Paige’s father is a native of Cerritos, California, and was born on the 1st of January 1969. He started acting at the age of 21 and is famous for movies such as The Game Plan, The Best Man, Ladder 49, Prince of Pistols, and Half Past Dead. He has also carved a niche for himself in TV series such as The Enemy Within and Rosewood. On her part, Paige’s mom, Pam Byse, is also a native of California but hails from Los Angeles. She was born on the 22nd of December 1973 and completed her high school diploma before seeking a means to make a living.

Paige’s parents first met at a club in the early 90s. They took a fancy to each other and began dating in earnest. Morris Chestnut was attracted by the fact that Pam was beautiful and a good person. He was also bowled over by the fact that she cared for her nephews and thought that she would make a good mother. He began going out seriously with her and later proposed. She said yes, and they tied the knot in 1995.

Since then, the couple has been together, and they are a shining example in an industry beset with divorces. Paige’s dad has sometimes dished on the secret to their longevity, and one of them is mutual respect for each other. They also regularly communicate with each other. The actor also makes sure to act responsibly when dealing with the female fans that surround him all the time. On her part, Byse gives her partner the benefit of the doubt and trusts him.

Her Brother, Grant Chestnut, is a Budding Business Executive

Paige Chestnut has only one sibling, an elder brother named Grant Chestnut. Grant was born in 1997 and is also blessed with the tall chocolate good looks that made their dad one of the go-to heartthrobs in Hollywood. The young man is not looking to go into acting anytime soon. Instead, he is a budding business executive. Grant attended the University of Colorado, where he did pretty well in his studies. He finished in the top four of the P & G CEO challenge during his college years and graduated in 2019.

He now works for a company known as E.F. Educational Tours Business as an international sales coordinator. Much like his parents, Grant Chestnut also stays away from his spotlight. He rarely posts stuff on social media, but when it does, it offers an insight into how much he loves his family members, including his sister, Paige. On father’s day 2020, he shared before and after pictures of his dad and described him as the best dad in the world. He appreciates him for everything he does for all their family members, including him.

FAQs about Paige Chestnut

  1. Who are Paige Chestnut’s parents? Paige Chestnut is the daughter of American actor and producer Morris Chestnut and his wife Pam Byse. While her father is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, her mother prefers to keep a low-key life.
  2. What is Paige Chestnut’s career? Despite coming from a family associated with acting, Paige chose to pursue a career in modelling. She has participated in several high-profile events, such as the Los Angeles Fashion Week, and has collaborated with renowned designers like Marisa P Clark and Michael NGO. She is currently signed with Wünder Management, a modelling agency based in Los Angeles.
  3. What is Paige Chestnut’s educational background? Paige Chestnut completed her high school education at Calabasas High School in California in 2016.
  4. Does Paige Chestnut have any siblings? Yes, Paige Chestnut has one older brother named Grant Chestnut, who was born in 1997.
  5. What is Paige Chestnut’s relationship status? As of the latest updates, Paige Chestnut is single.
  6. What are Paige Chestnut’s physical attributes? Paige Chestnut stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs approximately 110 pounds. Her body measurements are 35-24-37 inches.
  7. What is Paige Chestnut’s net worth? There is no reliable information about Paige Chestnut’s net worth, but estimates from the Glamour Path website suggest it to be around $600,000. This income is primarily derived from her modelling career and brand promotions.
  8. Is Paige Chestnut active on social media? Yes, Paige Chestnut is active on Instagram under the handle @paigechestnutofficial. As of now, she has over 9K followers and regularly shares her modelling pictures and videos.
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