Who is Nicky Jam’s Girlfriend Paulina Cruz?

Paulina Cruz is a Latin American model and social media influencer who came into limelight after she became romantically linked to Nicky Jam, another famous Latin American songwriter, singer, and actor.

Summary Of Pamela Cruz’s Bio

  • Full Name: Paulina Cruz
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 1999
  • Paulina Cruz’s Birthplace: Viterbo, Caldas, Colombia
  • Ethnicity: Latin American
  • Nationality: Colombia
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Famous for: Being the girlfriend of popular musician, Nicky Cruz
  • Paulina Cruz’s Instagram: @paulinacruzx

Paulina Cruz is a Fitness Enthusiast

Paulina Cruz’s life doesn’t revolve around her rumored relationship with Nicky Jam. The Latin American beauty may be a private individual, but she has made notable strides in her career as a model and a fitness instructor. Her Instagram page reveals that the Colombian social media influencer has over 43k followers who diligently follow her posts of herself both in the gym and as a beauty queen.

The beautiful model, born in 1999 in Viterbo, Caldas, Colombia, prefers to keep her identity private. Even details of her childhood in her home country are unknown. There is also no credible information about who her parents are or if she has any living siblings.

Her educational background also takes a back seat when issues regarding the model are discussed, primarily because she doesn’t say much about her life outside her career. Some sources claim she has a degree in aesthetics, but there is no way to confirm those unless the model chooses to deny or confirm those at a later date.

There hasn’t been much to shout about her career either as a model or as a fitness instructor, that is when compared to other celebrities in the same line of business. Her income and net worth, which stand at around $100,000, do not say much about someone who has achieved her level of fame.

This probably explains why her name and who she is primarily comes to mind when mentioned in the same sentence as alleged ex-partner and celebrity singer Nicky Jam, whose net worth stands at $6 million, resulting from his successful music career.

Paulina Cruz Was Rumored To Have Dated Nicky Jam

The beautiful Colombian model had her relatively quiet existence unsettled when the rumors about her relationship with the singer started circulating the media airwaves. Although neither personality has come out to deny or confirm the veracity of the rumors, the alleged timeline of the said relationship occurred sometime in 2018.

The relationship didn’t last long, and Paulina has shown no indication of being in another relationship since she broke up with Nicky Jam.

Alleged Or Not, The Relationship Was Not Well Received By Fans

The short-lived relationship wasn’t all smooth sailing for the couple, and there were a lot of disgruntled followers and members of the public who didn’t think that the relationship was a good idea. There were several disparaging comments directed at the couple, which in all likelihood had to do with the timing of the affair.

One of the main reasons some people were critical of the relationship was that Nicky Jam was right in the middle of his divorce proceedings when the relationship allegedly began. The public even became aware of it because a Spanish magazine publication posted several pictures of the pair together, including one taken in a yacht.

These pictures were left open to public interpretation. It didn’t take long for the rumor mill to conclude that the model and the musician were having an affair. There was also speculation that the relationship might be why Nicky was ending his marriage.

Paulina Cruz

Sources close to Paulina Cruz and Nicky Jam had claimed that the pair were friends long before Nicky even got married, and apparently, this friendship continued even after the marriage. So many theories were constantly formulated as to the details and circumstances surrounding the relationship between the celebrity musician and the hard-working model.

The couple could have come out to clear the air, with the rumors intensifying. Instead, Paulina and Nicky chose to remain silent about it. On her part, Paulina decided to limit her social media activities, thereby prompting another theory that she wanted to keep the relationship private.

Paulina Cruz has since chosen to remain single, while Nicky has been engaged to former fiancee Cydney Moreau and is currently dating a Venezuelan model, Genesis Aleska. It is unclear how the relationship ended or if Paulina and Nicky are even still on speaking terms.

How Tall Is Paulina Cruz?

Sticking to her MO of privacy, there are no accurate official records for the actual height and weight of Paulina Cruz. Her Instagram posts reveal that the model is of average height and probably has a very healthy body weight which suitably balances out her very impressive body structure. Her body measurements are also not publicly known, leaving us once again to speculate about the accurate measurements of her body.

Did Paulina Cruz Have Plastic Surgery?

When going through the Colombian model’s Instagram page, one will see posts revealing images of her well-toned body and lithe physique. One would also be forgiven for concluding that the images, which are eye-catching and seem a little too perfect, are that way because the model underwent some sort of plastic surgery to make her body look so good.

The news, however, is that Paulina Cruz didn’t have to go under the knife to achieve such a well-toned body. It simply came about due to her hard work and dedication in the gym. She is always striving to achieve and maintain her fitness goals.

We can’t say if Paulina’s life since her rumored relationship with star singer, Nicky Jam, has received a positive lift due to those images that sparked all those rumors some four years ago. Still, we can say that she is living her best life and doing her best to improve her public profile.

Paulina Cruz’s Fast Facts

  1. Who is Paulina Cruz? Paulina Cruz is a model and social media personality from Colombia. She came into the limelight after her pictures with American singer and actor, Nicky Jam, went viral on social media.
  2. How old is Paulina Cruz? As of 2023, Paulina Cruz is 24 years old. She was born on April 21, 1999. She will be 25 years in 2024
  3. Where was Paulina Cruz born? Paulina Cruz was born in Viterbo, Caldas, Colombia.
  4. What is Paulina Cruz’s profession? She is a model, social media influencer, and businesswoman. She owns a swimsuit brand based in Miami, Florida, which she promotes on her Instagram.
  5. What is the relationship between Paulina Cruz and Nicky Jam? There were speculations that Paulina Cruz and Nicky Jam, an American singer, were in a romantic relationship after a photo of them together went viral on social media. However, neither party has confirmed nor denied these speculations.
  6. Who is Paulina Cruz dating currently? As of the most recent information, Paulina Cruz is in a relationship with Yamil Meluk, a Colombian model and fitness enthusiast.
  7. What is Paulina Cruz’s height and weight? Paulina Cruz stands at 5 feet 3 inches (160 centimeters) tall and weighs 132 pounds (60 kilograms).
  8. What is Paulina Cruz’s education? Paulina Cruz has studied aesthetics at university.
  9. What was the response of Paulina Cruz to her dating rumors with Nicky Jam? After the speculations about her relationship with Nicky Jam went viral, Paulina Cruz limited her social media activities but did not confirm or deny the rumors.
  10. Does Paulina Cruz have any relationship with Angelica Cruz? Despite the similar last names and both being from Colombia, Paulina Cruz is not related to Angelica Cruz, who is Nicky Jam’s ex-wife.
  11. What is Paulina Cruz’s social media presence like? Paulina Cruz is popular on Instagram, where she shares stylish photos in swimsuits and other classy outfits. She also promotes her swimsuit brand on her Instagram.
  12. Is Paulina Cruz involved in any fitness activities? Yes, Paulina Cruz is a fitness enthusiast and often shares short videos during gym sessions on her Instagram.
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