Who is Linsey Donovan and How Did She Become a Multi-Millionaire?

Linsey Donovan is a social media star, model, and entrepreneur who was born on 5 July 2000 and is now 23 years old. A multimillionaire with a net worth of over $7.5 million, Donovan became a multi-millionaire by streaming videos on social media, investing in properties, and modeling. 

She made her first million when she was only 19 years old when she left home to start her career as a model. Linsey has a strong following on various social media platforms. Although many consider her to only be an influencer who makes money from Instagram, there is more to her and how she makes her fortune.

Summary of Linsey Donovan’s Bio

  • Full name: Linsey Donovan
  • Nickname: Linsey99, Bikinibarbie
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: July 4, 2000
  • Linsey Donovan’s Age: 23 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Linsey Donovan’s Parents: Vincent Donovan (father) and Mary Donovan (mother)
  • Linsey Donovan’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Linsey Donovan’s Height in Centimetres: 164 cm
  • Linsey Donovan’s Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
  • Body measurements in inches: 36DD-24-36 (Breasts -36. waist- 24. Hips 36.)
  • Linsey Donovan’s Net worth: $7.5 million
  • Famous For: Being a model and social media star
  • Linsey Donovan’s Instagram: @linsey99forever
  • Twitter: @linseyjdonovan
  • Threads: @linsey99forever 

How Old Is Linsey Donovan?

Linsey Donovan was born on 5 July 2000, which means she is now 23 years old. She was birthed and brought up in Maryland, United States. She had a simple start in early life as her parents did not have much money, which has helped her to appreciate every dollar that comes her way.

Of American nationality and white ethnic extraction, she was raised by her parents,  Vincent Donovan and Mary Donovan. It is unclear if she has any siblings, as that has not been made known.

Another thing that she kept in the dark is the details surrounding her education. Whatever the case, it is clear that she did not attend college, as she was only 18 years old when she decided to start pursuing a life of her own.

Before she left home, she made it known that she once worked at a restaurant at the early age of 14, and at the earliest points, she had an interest in becoming a singer, but she has not pursued the dream.

She Left Home in 2018 and Became a Millionaire in 2019

While growing up, one of the main things Linsey wanted to do was to make money. This was pretty much influenced by the kind of life she had as a little girl who grew up to see the financial struggles of her parents. Her parents revealed that their daughter had always wanted more from life.

On July 4, 2000, the day she turned 18, Linsey took advantage of the fact that she was now an adult and could be responsible for herself, and she left home. On that day, she moved from Maryland, where she had spent all the years of her childhood, to Miami, Florida, in the hopes of becoming a model and making money.

Her dreams became a reality as by the time she was 19, she had already become successful, and she had made her first million. This became possible for her as she was already modeling by the time she was 15, and so by the time she left home, she had already had a good fan base.

Linsey Donovan’s Net Worth is Now Around 7.5 Million

Only five years after leaving home, Linsey has already amassed so much fortune for herself. Her net worth, at the moment, is estimated at $7.5 million. She came by this fortune from her career as a model and social media influencer and from various platforms, including YouTube and OnlyFans.

Her net worth was estimated at $5 million a couple of years ago, but she has since added to her numbers with more activities on her side. What has also seen her fortune go even higher is the popularity she has continued to enjoy on the internet across platforms.

Since making her first million, she has been able to build on that to continue investing in different things, which have helped her to stand out at an early age. Thanks to her wealth, she has gotten her parents to join her in Miami and get them a house of their dreams, which has a swimming pool.

Her car collection is claimed to be worth $450,000 (£391,000). This includes a $100,000 (£87,000) truck and a Mercedes S65 V12, which she claimed to have bought at $250,000 (£271,000). Another thing she has is a dirt bike, which she acquired for $20,000.

Real Estate is One of The Main Contributors to Linsey Donovan’s Net Worth

Although there are different other ways that Linsey has made her money, a greater chunk of her fortune is now tied to real estate, which is something she got into soon after she left home.

While making money through modeling and other things, she invested in properties for two reasons. The first was the need for her to ensure she had a solid investment, and the second was because she wanted to have good places for selfies. It is because of these things that before buying a house, she makes sure that it will be good for her to take selfies.

At the moment, she reveals that she has as many as seven houses to her name. The property she lives in is valued at $2 million. Nicknamed “Barbie Dreamhouse,”  it is a property that is very big which has afforded all her pets a place of their own. Her own bedroom in the Barbie Dreamhouse is as big as a home. The side of her Barbie dream bedroom is close to 2,000 square feet.

Some of her pets with their bedrooms in the $2-million property are her rabbit – Mr. Hefner, 10 chickens, a duck- Aflack, and multiple dogs. All the bedrooms of her pets are also connected to her.

The aforementioned house she got for her parents was said to have cost her $750,000, which she made from equity. This became the biggest deal she had, and she had no regrets about spending it on her parents because she wanted them to live next to her bedroom.

The portfolio of her properties is currently valued at more than $5 million, something she reveals she still finds unbelievable, so much that sometimes, she has to pinch herself to realize how far she has come in life. Linsey began building her portfolio with no credit or help from anyone.

She made it known that the dream she now has is to get into commercial real estate with the properties she is continuing to acquire.

Other Sources of Linsey Donovan’s Net Worth

While Linsey has used to keep her money, there are many other ways that she makes her fortune, such as her modeling career, social media, investments, and much more. Here is a look at all the things that contributed to her fortune:

Modeling Became Her First Source of Fortune at Age 15

The first way through which she began making money was through her career as a model, something she began as a teenager of 15. By age 16, she had already started taking professional photos.

Although this became what opened the door for her, it is not clear how much it added to her wealth. The social media star revealed that it encouraged her to keep pushing, seeing the fan base that she was gradually building.

Social Media Also Contributed Immensely To Her Net Worth

Social media has become one of the most important ways through which she makes her money by sharing glamorous bikini-clad pictures. She made it known that at the start of her career, she could make as much as $600 to $1000 dollars a day by livestreaming.

She has more than 1.22 million followers on Live.me, which is another place where she makes good returns. It is not clear how much she makes on this app, but it is speculated that with the following she has, she could be making a minimum of $20,000 each month.

The model has an Instagram account with less than a hundred thousand followers as well as a backup account that has close to forty thousand followers. This means that from her Instagram, she is able to make anything from $1,000 to $5,000 per sponsored post, as it is revealed that with such a following, one can sponsor posts and earn any amount in that range.

YouTube is another place where she makes good money through her videos and live streams. Although she has been on the video-sharing platform for many years, it was only in 2018 that she started posting regularly on the platform. She has built a following of more than 148,000 subscribers and a cumulative viewership of more than 24 million. With her cumulative view, it is believed that she made over $100,000 directly from YouTube in ads and much more from her livestreaming and partnerships.

In general, Linsey has a cumulative of more than 5 million followers across various social media platforms, making it a strong source of income for the model.

Donovan Also Has Some Investments To Her Name

Linsey also makes money from various investments. Although she has not revealed anything about the things she invests in, she once revealed that it was from the equity she got that she bought an expensive home for her parents.

Whatever the case, if she is able to get a home for her parents from her investments, it is clear that the value that she has in investment may likely run into the millions.

Reality TV Has Also Added To Linsey Donovan’s Net Worth

Although she is better known on the internet as a content creator, Linsey also adds to her numbers through her involvement in Truly TV’s series, Bling Life. What she earns from her involvement in the web series is not known.

Is Linsey Donovan on OnlyFans?

Yes, Linsey Donovan is on OnlyFans, and it is one of the major contributors to her net worth. She has a strong following on the platform, where she describes herself to be among the top 1% content creators.

Although the exact number of her followers is unknown, it is clear that it contributes significantly to her fortune as she charges over $12 dollars for a 30-day subscription. Also, she is able to get so much engagement on the platform thanks to her unique looks.

How Did Linsey Achieve Her Barbie Looks?

Referring to herself as the Bikinibarbie, the blonde beauty looks like a Barbie. Although she has insisted on social media that she is all natural and has never gone under the knife, there are various platforms on the internet that have claimed she has once had surgery done.

According to the platform, the reason behind her nickname is that she has worked on herself to look like Barbie girls. However, even though she has led fans in on many things about her life, she has not said much about anything she has done to enhance her looks. She has only insisted on social media that she is all-natural.

If this is a thing to go by, then it can be assumed that the blonde beauty might have only used makeup to enhance her looks and give it the perfect resemblance to Barbie. For her hourglass shape and other body features, she doesn’t seem to use any form of enhancements.

Linsey Donovan Has a Good Height and Slim Body Build

For a model, Linsey has a good height, although she falls short of the 5 feet 10 that was recorded for her on her Penthouse when she was featured as its Pet of the Month in October 2022. She clarified that she is actually 5 feet 4 inches tall, which translates to a height of 1.64 meters and 164 centimeters.

More so, she has a slim body build and a weight of 55 kg, translating to 121 lbs. To keep her good body weight and stay fit, the model tries to always work out.

With blonde hair and blue eye color, Linsey Donovan has a body measurement of 32D-25-32. Needless to say, the most striking thing about her is her Barbie features.

Is Linsey Donovan Married, Single, or Dating?

Looking at the love life of the model, it is clear that the 23 years old is currently not married, and she has never been married in the past. In the same light, she has never had any kids.

At the moment, it is believed that she is either single or she has done well in keeping her lover away from the public domain. She has never mentioned a man in her life, although she revealed in the past that she was still looking for her ideal man.

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