Who is Serra Tumay and Is She Myles Garrett’s Wife or Girlfriend?

Serra Tumay (born 11th of July 1991; Aged: 31) is an American nutrition expert and the girlfriend of Myles Garrett, an NFL defensive end.

Serra and Myles have been in a relationship for many years but have never been married. She became the athlete’s girlfriend in 2019, and though they were initially averse to going public with their relationship, the couple eventually made an official announcement in 2020. The lovebirds have been severally spotted in public together since then.

Summary of Serra Tumay ’s Biography

  • Full Name: Serra Tumay
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 11th of July 1991
  • Serra Tumay’s Age: 31 years old
  • Ethnicity: Asian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: In a relationship
  • Serra Tumay’s Parents: Hikmet Tumar Tumay, and Berrin Eryesil Tumay
  • Siblings: Sim and Selen Tumay
  • Serra Tumay’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Serra Tumay’s Height in Centimetres: 165 cm
  • Serra Tumay’s Weight: 69 kg
  • Famous For: Being the girlfriend of Myles Garret
  • Serra Tumay’s Instagram: @serratu
  • Twitter: @serratu

When was Serra Tumay Born?

Serra Tumay’s date of birth is captured as the 11th of July 1991. Going on this piece of info, her current age will be pegged at 31. Serra was born in the United States, in the Delray Beach part of California. She is undoubtedly a citizen of America, however, her ethnic background is said to be Asian.

She came from a female-dominated family comprising her dad, Hikmet Tumar Tumay, mum, Berrin Eryesil Tumay, and two sisters, Sim and Selen Tumay. Nothing has been said about Hikmet, but Berrin is an alum of ITU Makina Fakültesi, Istanbul, Turkey, where she acquired tertiary education before moving over to the US. She is a current resident of Boca Raton, Florida, where she brought up her girls.

Serra Played Football in High School and College

Serra Tumay was a student at Saint Andrew’s School, where she was a sports standout specializing in soccer. From grades 8 through 12, she was part of St. Andrew’s varsity soccer team. Serra’s days in high school saw the female player score some accolades, like when Palm Beach Post selected her for the Second Team All-County. The Boca Raton News also picked her for the First Team All-County.

Both Serra’s junior and senior years in St. Andrews saw her serve as the school’s soccer team captain, and it was under her watch that the team excelled, emerging victorious during the 2006-2007 academic year when they won the state title

Proceeding to New York University, Serra Tumay opted to study sociology, graduating with a bachelor’s degree. The soccer player’s quest for further academic qualifications took her to Columbia University, where she earned a Master’s in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, completing her internship at Columbia University’s Teachers College as a dietitian.

Important to note that she continued her soccer exploits in college and even got the opportunity of playing for the Women’s National Soccer Team of Turkey. During her time with the Turkish team, she got introduced to nutrition education, which later became the bedrock of her career.

What Does Myles Garrett’s Girlfriend Do For a Living?

After her college graduation, Serra Tumay started working in paid employment as a dietician. She worked majorly with college athletics departments, where her work portfolio includes improving the nutrition of exceptionally high-performing athletes. The college-educated nutrition expert only focuses on athletes of Olympic standards.

Notable among the organizations she worked with is UCLA Athletics, which employed her as a performance dietitian. Her responsibility at UCLA includes using what is known as a “food first” approach/method to nutrition in optimizing athletes’ performance and health. Tumay’s contribution has been deemed vital for athletes who wish to perform better.

She recently became the head of Nutrition at AVFCOfficial.

Serra Tumay has an Independent Career Endeavor

Apart from her stint in paid employment, Serra Tumay can boast her own independent career effort. She decided not to let her knowledge about nutrition education go to waste by launching the outlet, Tohum Nutrition LLC.

The nutrition expert leverages her nutrition counseling and consulting firm in educating the public and small businesses about the importance of nutrition. Her work schedule covers – creating dietary plans for her clients and consultations, as well as organizing camps where she would lecture people about nutrition, including creating awareness of its importance.

She later launched the Tohum Wellness Club, which members of the public are free to join to learn and practice nutrition.

The intelligent and ambitious Turkish nutritionist has obviously put her cross-cultural knowledge to good use in her profession; she has a better understanding of life and its accompanying complexities and knows the best way to deal with things.

How Did Serra Tumay and Myles Garrett Meet?

Serra Tumay
Serra and Garret image source

Serra Tumay and Myles Garrett have never deemed it necessary to furnish the public with the details of where and when they first crossed paths. However, many have concluded that the couple met at the Cleveland Browns, where Garrett plays active football as a defensive end.

The reason for their conclusion is that Tumay once worked with the Browns players in her capacity as a Performance Nutritionist Intern. Her stint with the NFL team occurred in 2019 when Garret was already a team member, and it goes without saying that Serra’s seven months with the club also paid off in other directions.

Tumay was the first to share Garret’s picture on her socials in July 2019. However, the couple refused to come clean with the facts about their dalliance until March 2020, when they made things official by making the long-awaited announcement

Are Serra Tumay and Myles Garrett Married?

It is common knowledge that the NFL defensive end has never exchanged wedding vows with any woman in his lifetime. Thus, he is not Serra Tumay’s husband but her boyfriend.

Since they announced their relationship in 2020, the couple’s love life has become a matter of public interest. It is quite true that Tumay gained an admirable level of popularity during her soccer playing days, but she became more famous after her name was linked to the NFL defensive end.

The duo sure complements each other, as many have also concluded that Garret’s success in football may be in part to his girlfriend’s nutritional wisdom. The defensive end’s exploits in the field of play constantly put him in the limelight while his love interest works quietly off-court, developing the upcoming generation of athletes who will captivate us with their prowess in the nearest future.

How Long Has Serra Tumay Been Myles Garret’s Girlfriend?

If the feelers we are getting from online sources are anything to go by, then one can comfortably assume that Serra Tumay and Myles Garret started dating around 2019, which means their relationship has lasted three years and counting.

After sharing photos of each other through their socials, the couple went ahead to make an official appearance at an NBA game.

The Myles Garrett-Serra Tumay relationship has been talked about for a while now, especially since early 2020, when they started uploading pictures of themselves together on their social media accounts. Fans are highly expectant, waiting for the wedding bells to ring, but the duo seems to be in no hurry to tie the knot.

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