Who Is Lianet Barrera, Yuli Gurriel’s Wife?

Lianet Barrera is a Cuban native best known as the wife of Yuli Gurriel, the famous baseball player. Although her birth details are unknown, her spouse, Yuli, who currently plays for the Houston Astros, was born on June 9, 1984.

Barrera has never deemed it necessary to reveal her profession to the public, but she is known to be a mother of three who welcomed her last child in April 2022. Lianet and Yuli have spent a long time as an item and look set to take as far into the future as possible.

Summary of Lianet Barrera’s Biography

  • Full Name: Lianet Barrera
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Latino
  • Nationality: Cuban
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: In a relationship
  • Lianet Barrera’s Husband: Yulieski Gourriel Castillo – partner
  • Lianet Barrera’s Children: Yeremy Xean Gurriel, Jayden Gurriel, and Harem Abraham
  • Famous For: Being the partner of Yulieski Gourriel Castillo
  • Lianet Barrera’s Instagram: @lianetbarrera

How old is Lianet Berara?

The actual date of birth for Lianet Barrera has never been mentioned in public space; thus, it is difficult to guess her age. In fact, it has been established that she is the type that prefers to be taciturn with their personal info.

However, it came to the fore that she is a Cuban native, just like her spouse, Yulieski Gourriel Castillo, and they both hail from the town called Sancti Spiritus. Barrera belongs to Latino roots. Her parents’ identities have never been revealed, but they are both believed to be of Latin origin.

Absolutely nothing has been said about her siblings. Growing up in Sancti Spiritus, Lianet Barrera achieved her early academic qualifications as a student of Manuel Piti Fajardo School. However, it is unknown whether she proceeded higher or not.

What Does Yuli Gurriel’s Wife do for a Living?

To date, fans have never heard an inclining of what Lianet Barrera does for a living as the mother of three has never deemed it necessary to open up about her profession. This has led many to conclude that she is comfortable with being a homemaker, staying back to take care of the home front while her partner goes to work.

Besides, it is a common practice for wives of celebrities to court public attention through social media platforms, but from what is perceivable, Lianet completely negates this behavior. She has been spotted on the picture-sharing platform under the username @lianetbarrera, but the mother of three has only ever shared one post. To date, she can only boast of 183 followers.

However, the case is entirely different for her baseball player spouse, Yuli Gurriel, who can be located on Instagram @el yuly10. So far, Yuli has shared 442 posts amassing over 337k followers.

There is a Shadow of Doubt about the True Relationship Status of Lianet Barrera and Yulieski Gourriel

Lianet Barrera is the type of celebrity wife that loves to keep the details of her personal life under lock and key. Thus, fans and the general public have no choice but to depend on tidbits that keep filtering out from time to time.

The only certainty about Lianet and her partner’s relationship is that they have been an item for a long time. However, internet searches have never revealed any wedding details for the duo. This dearth of info has led many to believe they have never exchanged the forever commitment.

This is why several sources refer to the mother of three as his girlfriend while others called her Yulieski’s baby mama. With that said, we must also acknowledge that some Spanish media have described the two as husband and wife in the past, but the shadow of doubt about their true relationship status remains.

You need no crystal ball to know that the duo is enjoying their time together; Lianet is often spotted in the crowd whenever her partner is playing. The mother of three is always on hand to root for the father of their children.

Yuli is a 3rd baseman for the Houston Astros of the MLB and bagged gold medals at the Baseball World Cup of 2003 and the Athens Olympics of 2004. Besides, their union seems to be completely devoid of any relationship scandal as nothing negative has been heard about them to date.

Lianet Barrera is a Mother of Three

Llianet Barrera
From Yuli Gurriel’s IG image

The couple is proud parents to three beautiful boys. They were blessed with their first son the same year that Yulieski Gurriel made his MLB debut in 2016. Yeremy Xean Gurriel came to complete their love in October that year, but his exact day of birth has never earned a mention in the public space.

Within a short while, Lianet Barrera became pregnant with their second child, and a couple of years later, the duo welcomed another son, Jayden Gurriel, in June 2018. Both parents were excited over the new addition to their family, and speaking about their newest bundle of joy, Lianet expressed her heartfelt gratitude to God, whom she said perfects every work he does.

Three years later, in 2021, fans and the general public heard from Lianet and Yulieski again as the duo prepared for the birth of their third child. The announcement of the baby’s impending arrival came from the proud papa, who sounded very excited at the prospect of welcoming his third child.

Earlier in April 2022, news hit the airwaves that the long-expected baby of the Gurriel family finally made his entrance. Lianet Barrera and her spouse were in a celebration mood as they shared the news with fans. Harem Abraham looked so adorable as a picture of the newborn cuddled by both parents surfaced on the internet.

The happy mother, Lianet, couldn’t contain her joy as she welcomed her new son to the world. According to the mother of three, they have been looking forward to the day they will hold little Haren, and she asked God to fill her son with abundant blessings. The couple’s older sons, Yeremy and Jayden, were also sited holding their baby brother.

These adorable images triggered an avalanche of goodwill messages from fans, colleagues, and the general public. The proud father also got a peck of fatherhood when his team removed him from the line-up so as to enable him to enjoy the new birth with the rest of his family. He was given until April 12 to return to the team.

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