​​Who Is Kimmi Grant and Does She Really Have Cancer?

Kimmi Grant is an American registered nurse, reality TV star, chef, entrepreneur, and realtor. She was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer in June 2022 but after several months of treatment, she was eventually declared cancer-free.

Kimmi Grant is best known for her appearance, alongside her husband, Maurice Scott, on Love & Marriage: Huntsville, a reality TV show whose plot focuses on the lives of three successful African-American couples and their efforts to rehabilitate the booming city of Huntsville through their joint real estate venture, The Comeback Group. In this piece, we will explore all there is to know about the actress, with a little more focus on her now-past health challenges.

What Is Kimmi Grant’s Real Age?

Kimmi Grant (full name: Kimberley Grant Scott) is 34 years old. She was born on February 5, 1989, in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Her birth sign is Aquarius and she is an American citizen by birth. Kimmi belongs to the African-American ethnic group and is one of two children born to her African-American parents of whom very little is known.

She grew up with her sister, Nicole Grant Holmes, in Baltimore, Maryland. The realtor’s formal educational background includes stints at a couple of Seventh Adventist schools before she eventually graduated from Pine Forge Academy in 1987.

Afterward, she continued her studies at Oakland University before switching to the University of Alabama in 1994, concluding her studies with a nursing degree from the institution.

What Illness Does Kimmi Scott Have?

Kimmi Scott used to be a cancer patient. She was diagnosed with the ailment in June 2022. According to the nurse, she remains thankful that the cancer was found on time, and that early discovery helped her combat it.

The cancer was in the second stage when it was detected. All of this started when she felt a lump in her breast. Given her background in health care, she admits she suspected something might be wrong but that she was scared of going for a mammogram that might confirm her fears.

A few weeks later, she felt a second lump in her breast and knew she could no longer leave things to chance. Her then-recent discovery of a second lump forced her to go for a mammogram to ascertain beyond all doubt if she would really have to combat cancer.

Kimmi Grant Scott made a trip to the hospital for her mammogram on June 16, 2022, and on June 22, 2022, or thereabouts, her worst fears were confirmed, as she was diagnosed with stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer.

Since the cancer was detected early, it meant that Kimmi’s chances of beating the cancer were high, and she duly embarked on the right course of treatment to achieve that goal.

She Revealed Her Disease To Fans During An Episode of Love & Marriage: Huntsville

Kimmi Scott disclosed the fact that she was battling cancer to her fans and the general public during episode 24 of Season 6 of Love & Marriage: Huntsville, the reality TV show she was on with her husband, Maurice Scott.

During the episode, which aired on November 12, 2022, she revealed that she had known about her condition since June 2022 when she felt the lumps in her breast and proceeded to go for a mammogram to ascertain the cause.

While narrating her ordeal to fans, Kimmi was visibly distraught, and those emotions brought tears to her eyes and everyone watching. She admitted to being scared of what the outcome of her treatment would be but that she was gradually accepting her new reality.

Maurice Scott, Kimmi’s husband was seated by her side throughout her narration, and he vocally voiced his support for her. He assured her that he would go through everything with her and guaranteed that she would come off better after the treatment.

She also revealed that the course of treatment she was following at the time involved several components,mincluding the usual chemotherapy and radiation. She also echoed her husband’s sentiments about making a full recovery.

Kimmi Grant Underwent Months Of Treatment

Recall that Kimmi Grant commenced treatment for her stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer, also known as TNBC, almost immediately after her diagnosis. It is also worth noting that the treatment lasted for several months between June and April 2023.

As previously indicated, the course of treatment she had to follow included chemotherapy, radiation, and breast-conserving surgery to ensure that the ailment did not return.

Her treatment began with 20 weeks of aggressive chemotherapy that came to an end on December 5, 2022, which was when she had her last infusion. She underwent a scan that confirmed that the cancerous breast cells had disappeared.

Kimmi Grant

What followed was the breast-conserving surgery, and then 36 rounds of radiation, which continued until April 23, 2023. While she was undergoing chemotherapy, breast-conserving surgery, and radiation, Mrs. Scott was also hooked up to several medications that took its toll on her not just physically, but psychologically and mentally as well.

She admits that during her ordeal, she found it quite challenging to attend to anything else, including caring for her husband and children (the three kids from her husband’s previous marriage. The couple don’t have kids together yet).

She also admitted to being unable to keep certain types of food down because they made her nauseous.

Kimmi Scott Has Been Declared Cancer-Free

Following her not-quite-dooming diagnosis of TNBC, which accounts for about 10-15% of all cancer cases, and the aggressive months of treatments that followed, Kimmi Scott has finally been declared cancer-free.

She, however, admits to being unable to do certain things as easily as she used to do them because of the effects of those several months of treatment on her body.

For instance, the realtor claims her days start at noon, a bit later than most people’s, and also end a bit later. She further acknowledges the fact that it would take some time for her to become fully functional even though she is tired of being tired.

Kimmi Grant’s quest to beat cancer required more than her own efforts, and she acknowledges the part everyone played in her fight against the ailment. She thanked her doctors, effusively sang the praises of her husband and kids who stood by her through it all, and declared her love for fans who showed their support across several social media platforms.

Since surviving cancer, Kimmi Grant Scott has actively campaigned against the disease. She generally raises awareness for cancer by prompting people to go for occasional scans as 90% of cancers are curable if they are detected during the early stages such as stage 1 or 2.

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