Who Is Josie James Caan? All About One of James Caan’s Grandchildren

Josie James Caan (born July 9, 2014) is a 8-year-old American youngster best known as the granddaughter of James Edmund Caan, the late American actor.

Josie’s grandfather came to the limelight for his masterful portrayal of Sunny Corleone in the 1972 film, The Godfather and its sequel, The Godfather Part II (1974). He died just three days before his granddaughter’s 8th birthday, and that event invariably cast the limelight on her. Here is all you need to know about Josie James Caan.

Summary of Josie James Caan’s Bio

  • Full name: Josie James Caan
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: July 9, 2014
  • Josie James Caan’s Age: 8 years old
  • Ethnicity: White Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Josie James Caan’s Parents: Scott Andrew Caan (father) and Kacy Byxbee (mother)
  • Siblings: 1
  • Famous for: Being James Caan’s granddaughter and Scott Caan’s daughter

Josie James Caan is 8 Years Old

Josie James Caan is 8 years old. She was born on July 9, 2014, somewhere in the United States, a birth situation that confirms her status as an American citizen.

Her birth sign is Cancer, and she belongs to the white Caucasian ethnic group. Details of her formal educational background, including where she goes to school presently, have yet to become public knowledge, but given her age as of the time of writing, she is most likely a middle schooler.

Josie James Caan is one of two children born to American actor, director, photographer, writer, and former rapper Scott Caan and his longtime partner, model, and costume designer, Kacy Byxbee.

Born Scott Andrew Caan on August 23, 1976, Josie’s dad is best known for his portrayal of Turk Malloy in the thrilling Ocean’s Trilogy. He further enhanced his reputation as a talented actor by embodying the character Danny ‘Danno’ Williams in the CBS TV series Hawaii Five-O from 2010 to 2020, a role for which he earned a Golden Globe Award nomination.

Kacy Byxbee, Josie James Caan’s Birth Mother, is Also in Showbiz

Beyond the limited details of her birth and family lineage, not much is known about Josie James Caan. A situation that was orchestrated by her parents to protect her privacy until she is old enough to deal with the scrutiny that comes with being in the spotlight.

Josie James Caan

That notwithstanding, we have an equally limited amount of information about the woman who brought the celebrity child into this world. Josie’s mom, Kacy Byxbee, is a model and costume designer notable for working on the Hawaii Five-O TV series set.

She reportedly worked on 69 episodes of the hit CBS show from 2011 to 2014 before moving on to other endeavors.

So far, we have been unable to uncover the exact details of her birth, but several reliable sources have confirmed that she was born sometime between the late 1980s and the early 1990s. This further confirms the assumption that she is 10 to 15 years younger than her daughter’s father.

In addition to knowing next to nothing about her birth particulars, there is also not sufficient information about members of her birth family, including her parents or any siblings she might have had.

Josie James Caan’s Parents Have Been Partners For Years

Josie James Caan’s parents, Scott Caan and Kacy Byxbee have been partners for a very long time. According to several confirmed sources, the couple met when they were both working on the set of Hawaii Five-O, with Josie’s father being one of the main cast members during a time when her mom was one of the show’s long-serving costume designers.

According to several media reports, Josie’s parents became an item shortly after meeting for the first time on the set of the show in 2011 but successfully hid their involvement with each other from the media and the public until 2013, when they both decided to make their relationship public knowledge.

Not long after unveiling their exclusive romantic relationship to the public, Josie’s parents dropped another bomb by announcing the impending birth of their first child Josie.

As reiterated throughout this article, the celebrity child was born a year later in 2014. An important aspect of the timing of her birth revolves around the fact that her parents were not married when they gave birth. Nothing has changed in that regard, but it has not stopped them from being the right kind of family where the right values, like love, peace, and understanding, reign.

According to her father’s Wikipedia page, Josie has another sibling. However, the identity of that sibling, including her gender, name, and date of birth, has yet to be revealed to the general public and media establishments.

Josie James Caan Is James Caan’s Granddaughter

Fans of The Godfather (1972) and its sequel, The Godfather Part II, will most likely never forget James Edmund Caan, who portrayed the iconic character Sonny Corleone in the crime thriller film. That performance earned him an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Born on March 26, 1940, the actor who also received a motion picture star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1978, appeared in several other movies and TV series such as Wuthering High School (2015), Undercover Grandpa (2017), and Con Man (2018) among several others before his death of a heart attack brought on by a coronary artery disease on July 6, 2022.

The veteran actor married four times during his lifetime and had five children. None of those marriages lasted longer than six years, and his second marriage, to Sheila Marie Ryan, a former girlfriend of Elvis Presley, was the most short-lived.

Compared to his first, third, and fourth marriages, which lasted for six, five, and five years respectively, the Brian’s Song actor’s marriage to his second wife lasted for around a year from 1976 to 1977.

Nevertheless, the time they spent as a married couple was still long enough for them to have a child together. As fate would have it, he is the only one of the late Caan’s five children who would pick up the mantle of being involved in the movie business.

The child in question is actor Scott Caan, Josie James Caan’s father, making the celebrity child the late James Edmund Caan’s granddaughter.

Josie James Caan Had a Good Relationship With Her Grandfather

Josie James Caan was three days away from celebrating her 8th birthday when news came of her grandfather’s demise. The seven years preceding that unfortunate event were good ones for the grandfather and his granddaughter.

Josie James Caan
Josie James Caan as a toddler

Several sources have revealed that the late The Godfather star was closer to his son Scott than any of his other children because he was there during the lowest moments of his life.

Suffice it to say that he extended that relationship to the only grandchild he got to know before his death. The close bond they shared is perhaps rather exemplified by the fact that the celebrity child was named after him despite her being of the female gender.

Some may argue that Josie was too young to experience the gut-wrenching feelings that come with losing a family member, while there are also those who would point to their closeness as one of the reasons she would carry him in her heart forever.

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