Who Is Jelly Roll’s Wife, Bunnie XO?

Bunnie XO is the wife of Jelly Roll, an American music star whose real name is Jason DeFord. Born on January 22, 1980, Bunnie, who is 44 years old, is a social media star, podcaster, model, businesswoman, and many more.

Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll met in 2015 and they were married within just one year in 2016. The couple’s union has endured for years and though they don’t share any children, Bunnie is playing the role of a stepmother to the musician’s two kids from past relationships.

Summary of Bunnie XO’s Biography

  • Full Name: Bunnie DeFord
  • Nickname: Bunnie XO
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: January 22, 1980
  • Bunnie XO’s Age: 44 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Bunnie XO’s Husband: Jelly Roll
  • Bunnie XO’s Children: Two
  • Bunnie XO’s Parents: Bill Spills (father)
  • Bunnie XO’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Bunnie XO’s Height in Centimetres: 175 cm
  • Bunnie XO’s Weight: 55 kg
  • Bunnie XO’s Net Worth: $2.5 million
  • Famous For: Being the wife of Jelly Roll
  • Bunnie XO’s Instagram: @bunniexo_
  • Twitter: @omgitsbunnie
  • Facebook: Bunnie XO

When was Bunnie XO Born?

The records captured Bunnie XO’s date of birth as January 22, 1980; this obviously pegs her current age at 44. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States, pointing to her American nationality, but Bunnie is said to be White in ethnicity.

She is the daughter of Bill Spills, who earned a living as a musician. Bunnie’s biological mum, on the other hand, has never earned a mention in the public space, but reports said she worked as a stripper, and after it dawned on her that she couldn’t take care of a newborn, she decided to run away, leaving a three months old Bunnie with Bill.

Bunnie’s dad took her to live in a not-so-child-friendly environment in Las Vegas. By the time she clocked 12, Bill has added alcoholism to his rock ‘n roll lifestyle and it was a hard life for a pre-teen.

A Radical Change in Their Lifestyle Led Bunnie to Leave Home at 14

A while later, Bunnie’s dad and his wife, who was her stepmother, made a radical change to their lives by becoming extremely religious. Thus, they banned such things as circular music and any other content whose rating was “G”. Bunnie admits that she learned valuable life lessons from her stepmom, but the youngster faced a lot of physical and verbal abuse from her.

After she got jumped by three girls, Bill taught his daughter some fighting skills, claiming he never wants Bunnie XO to ever lose another fight. Father and daughter spent too long weeks experimenting with the basics of tussling at the back of their house.

Not being heard at home made Bunnie angry, and she was constantly getting into scuffles at school. This led to rustications from several public and private schools, and by the time she clocked 14, the youngster left home, never to return.

Even though she left Bill at an early age, father and daughter reconciled along the line and now share a great bond. Her dad has even graced the set of her podcast several times. On one such occasion, Bill shared his experience raising Bunnie as a single parent.

She is an animal lover and often shares images of her bulldog, Chachi, via Instagram.

What Is Bunnie XO’s Real Name?

Bunnie’s given name at birth has always been a subject of debate. It is true that she uses Bunnie XO as a stage name for her career. However, her official moniker, Bunnie DeFord, exists because she took on her husband’s last name after marriage.

Talking about the podcaster’s birth name, many have opined that it is likely to be Bunnie Spills since her dad is Bill Spills.

How Did Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll Meet

Reports said the duo first crossed paths in 2015 at Sin City’s Country Saloon, Las Vegas, where Jelly Roll was performing, and Bunnie was part of the audience. When they met, Jelly, who was then an up-coming musician, was facing so many life struggles and had no house as he was putting up in a van.

It happened that Bunnie was in an abusive relationship at that time, and according to Jelly, he instantly knew that they were going to be a perfect match. When they had their first hug, the musician said he felt Bunnie XO’s soul, her genuineness, and knew it was not an act.

Bunnie and her abusive boyfriend later broke up, making way for Jelly to shoot his shoot, according to the musician. Bunnie and Jelly have a six years age gap, with Bunnie as the older one, but that did not deter them from finding happiness together.

Bunnie XO Became Jelly Roll’s Wife in 2016

After dating for nearly one year, Bunnie became the wife of Jelly Roll on the 31st of August 2016. There was no ceremony, as they got married randomly. According to the American musician, two of them graced the Yelawolf/Deftone concert when he went on stage to pop the big question to his love interest.

It is a known fact that anything goes in Las Vegas, and it was already 11 o’clock meaning the courthouse had just 34 to 44 minutes before closing time. The couple took the decision of tying the knot within minutes and accomplished it before the courthouse closed its doors for the day.

Now, the couple’s union has endured for 8 years, and on the occasion of their sixth anniversary, Jelly recounted the story of how they stumbled drunk into the courthouse and spontaneously tied the knot.

Describing the action as his wildest life decision, Jelly also said it turned out to be the best decision he ever made.

Following their nuptials, the couple stuck it out, and according to Jelly, they were like that story that has never been thought of. Bunnie gave him her unflinching support and changed the lens he uses in viewing life, Jelly said.

On her own part, Bunnie is always singing her husband’s praises, she recently shared a cute image of the two at a wedding party vibing off each other.

What Did Jelly Roll Do To His Wife?

Jelly Roll spun a big surprise on his wife Bunnie XO when the American music superstar gifted her with a brand new exotic automobile for Mother’s Day. The couple captured the memorable moment on camera and shared it with fans on TikTok.


The sweetest man to ever live 😭 #jellyandbunnie

♬ original sound – Bunnie Xo 🪄


Bunnie, who was totally overwhelmed by the gesture, said it was a huge shock, promising to pimp the car out and also make it so dope.

Does Bunnie XO Have Kids?

Bunnie XO does not share any children with her husband, however, the podcaster is playing the role of a stepmom to his two children from other relationships.

Jelly Roll had his first child, Bailee Ann, from his dalliance with his ex-girlfriend, who is simply known as Felicia. Bailee Ann, who was born in May 2008, had a hard time as a baby with her father recently incarcerated and her mum battling addiction. Felicia was barely 16 when she dated the musician and had her baby; she was willing to hand the girl over to Jelly after he got out of prison, and Ann has been with her father since 2016.

Felicia, who has been estranged from her daughter for many years, made an appearance on the set of Bunnie’s Dumb Blonde podcast to discuss her recovery journey with Bunnie XO and her reunion with Bailee Ann.

Jelly’s second child is a boy named Noah Buddy DeFord; the singer had him in 2016, and since then, there have been so many speculations about the identity of his mother. Many even concluded that Bunnie might be the boy’s mum since she came into the singer’s life around 2015. However, the podcaster has denied being Noah’s mother, and in her own words, she is not going to have any children but will concentrate on raising her stepchildren.

In an Instagram post, Jelly thanked his wife for helping him raise his children, saying it is only a special woman that can raise kids that she did not birth.

Jelly really made the post into a eulogy for Bunnie XO, claiming that the mother-daughter relationship he observes between his wife and daughter is nothing short of magical

What Does Bunnie XO Do for a Living?

Bunnie XO has been described as an “exotic model, presenter/host, and a school dropout who started her career on YouTube.” Bunnie successfully parlayed her success on YouTube into a more successful venture by launching a podcast known as The Dumb Blonde Podcast.

Growing up in the not-so-child-friendly environment in Vegas, Bunnie was rolling with some friends who were becoming dancers by the time they hit 18. However, her then-religious trauma forced a moral compass on her as she went to get a more regular job, but dabbling into waitressing and real estate could barely put food on the table.

Life’s difficulties even pushed Bunnie into becoming a high-end escort. This happened just before she started her YouTube channel

Bunnie First Became Famous Through YouTube

Bunnie launched her YouTube channel on the 6th of January 2018. The channel started existing even before she decided to create her Dumb Blonde Podcast. In the early stage, her YouTube was mainly created to entertain fans with some interesting videos on her day-to-day life, but after creating Dum Blond, Bunnie leveraged it to share her episodes, challenges, fan vlogs, and more.

So far, her channel has accumulated 305K subscribers with a total of 583 videos. At the last count, the number of her videos came to 32,207,864

She Recorded Unprecedented Success as a Podcast Host

Bunnie XO’s YouTube channel wasn’t doing much until she launched her podcast, where she dubbed herself “Degenerate Love Child of Dolly Parton & Dr. Ruth” and “The Trailer Park Barbara Walters.” This, she said, captures the theme of Dumb Blonde.

Though the name of the podcast is Dumb Blond, it airs smart, wide-ranging conversations between Bunnie and her guests. Their topics touch on issues like life lessons, being an influencer, the sex worker industry, and many more.

On her podcast, Bunnie upholds honesty. According to the YouTuber, once she brings people into her podcast, she loves to know their most genuine version. She took to Instagram to speak about unraveling people’s layers, and in her own words, Bunnie said she loves unmade beds and also loves when people start crying and can’t help but say the truth at that moment. She also said she loves the look she sees in people’s eyes upon the realization that they have fallen in love.

Other things she confessed to loving include people’s looks when they wake up in the morning, people’s gasp when their favorite characters in movies die, and honest moments when you just close your eyes and drift in the clouds. She also mentioned people’s breakdowns, their smeared makeup, and daydreams. Bunnie concluded by saying, “Honesty is too beautiful to be put into words,”

Bunnie has hosted her husband in an episode of her podcast

Bunnie XO is on Twitter

Ever before she launched her YouTube channel, Bunnie XO was on Twitter which she created on November 2018. However, the handle wasn’t doing much until she gained popularity on YouTube. Today, her Twitter account @omgitsbunnie
can boast 63.6K Followers with 9,067 Tweets.

She is doing Great on Instagram

Instagram is another area where Bunnie is thriving. Currently, her handle has recorded over 903 followers and still counting

Her Facebook Page is also Thriving

On Facebook, Bunnie is also doing admirably well. The number of followers on her page has exceeded 817 thousand.

She has a Good Business Acumen

In addition to all her career endeavors, Bunnie can still hold her own in the wheeling-dealing world of business. After launching her podcast, the influencer equally founded what she dubbed the Dumb Blonde Productions media company. The firm is becoming more and more successful as time rolls by.

Bunnie is also a Model

The American influencer’s Instagram is a testament to her modeling gigs. She is also listed as a music video model and has appeared in some of Jelly Roll’s live concerts and music videos.

Bunnie XO Net Worth

The latest update on Bunnie XO’s net worth pegged it at $2.5 million. Her fortune was formerly $2 million as of the earlier part of 2022, but she obviously added an extra half a million. The podcaster earns an average of $500k on an annual basis, and her major source of income is social media.

Bunnie XO’s Height and Body Measurements

Podcaster and social media star Bunnie XO is above average, standing at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. She weighs 55 kg to go with her height. Since her emergence into the limelight, the social media influencer has been a style icon to millions of fans who love to emulate her sense of fashion.

Did Bunnie XO Have Plastic Surgery?

Bunnie XO recently came open to admit that she went under the knife in the 2000s for breast implant surgery. The procedure, she said, cost $10k. Added to her breast implants, Bunnie also did other cosmetic procedures, including eyebrow lifts, cheek implants, lip augmentation, and rhinoplasty.

In October 2019, Bunnie launched a YouTube series about removing her $10k-worth breast implant. It would appear that the podcaster did some research into the cons of body enhancement surgery as she was just sharing her fears with fans. Bunnie said her major reason for opting for an explant was that her DD-E cups appear to be too large for her frame, giving her the feeling that they belonged to a different time of her life

Who is Jerry Roll Married To?

Jelly Roll is married to podcaster, YouTuber, and social media star, Bunnie XO.

How long has Jelly Roll been Married to Bunnie XO?

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO have been married for about 8 years, they wedded in 2016.

What is Jelly Roll’s wife’s Age?

Bunnie is aged 44. She was born on January 22, 1980, and is six years older than her husband.

What is Jelly Roll’s wife’s Real Name?

Bunnie XO’s real name is Bunnie DeFord. She is also called Bunnie Spills.

What is Jelly Roll’s Wife’s Net Worth?

Bunnie is currently worth $2.5 million; she made her fortune from social media and several other sources like business.


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