Who is Jackson Mahomes and What is His Net Worth?

Jackson Mahomes is the younger brother of pro-NFL star quarterback Patrick Lavon Mahomes II. Jackson Mahomes’ big brother currently represents the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jackson Mahomes is a celebrity TikTok and Instagram star, online influencer, content creator, and entrepreneur with a net worth of $10 million. He made a fortune out of showcasing his rather affluent lifestyle on social media.

Who Is Jackson Mahomes?

As mentioned earlier, Jackson Mahomes has grown his brand to become one of the most influential figures on the social media app TikTok. The steady flow of quality and funny content he creates and posts has led to a consistent following over the past few years, and this has, in turn, led to a boost in his financial fortunes.

Jackson Mahomes was born on May 15, 2000, in Tyler, Texas, the United States, under the birth sign of Taurus. The TikTok influencer is the middle child of three children born to former professional football player Patrick Mahomes Sr. and ex-wife Randi Martin. The identity of Jackson’s older brother has been previously mentioned, but it is worth noting that he also has a younger sibling, a sister named Mia Bliss Mahomes.

Mahomes had the privilege of being raised in a financially well-off Christian family. His ethnic heritage is white caucasian, and he holds an American nationality. For his education, Jackson got a high school formal education at Whitehouse High School.

Jackson Mahomes Began His Social Media Career In 2018

Coming from a family that more or less views sports as the ultimate profession, and given that his dad and older brother had already become quite successful due to that fact, it was almost inevitable that Jackson would toe the same career line.

As a matter of fact, he also had early aspirations and interest in playing professional basketball as a student at Whitehouse High School, where his skills and ability were never in doubt and amply showcased.

As things stand, it would appear that Jackson has chosen an entirely different path from those taken by his father and older brother. It is a path that is currently well-traveled in the present world of internet and social media services. The young influencer began his journey of social media influence in 2018.

It was the first time he had ever made a content post on social media. His preferred platform was originally TikTok, although he has since expanded his horizon to include other platforms such as Instagram.

Although he had been making regular posts on TikTok with content such as basketball dribbling drills, Mahomes became quite famous with TikTok posts that covered the 2020 Super Bowl event, which his brother’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs won.

Since then, there has been significant traffic across his social media platforms, including one TikTok upload that garnered 7 million views. The post’s content involved Jackson making a video at a mall only to be interrupted by a toddler whose mother found the entire thing funny and adorable.

On TikTok alone, the young Jackson has gathered more than 1 million followers and more than a combined total of 30 million views across his numerous video posts. That figure is more than that of his Instagram handle, which has more than 260k followers.

On Twitter, the celebrity influencer has an even lesser following of just over 35k. The clear discrepancies in the figures of followers he has on the three different social media platforms reveal the undeniable truth that his biggest sphere of influence is on TikTok.

How Much Is Jackson Mahomes’ Net Worth?

There have been different speculations as to the exact net worth of Jackson Mahomes. The most outrageous of these speculations place his net worth at a whopping $10 million. A figure that seems quite unlikely given that Jackson only became this famous about a couple of years ago. The only possible explanation for this sum would be that his brother, Patrick, who is set to earn somewhere in the region of $500 million over the next decade, gives him some financial aid.

Another speculated figure that seems implausible and closer to the truth in equal measure is that Jackson Mahomes is reportedly worth around $4 million – $5 million. There are also reports that place the figure at a slightly lower $2 million, and there are still some publications that claim that Jackson’s net worth stands at an even lower figure of around $900k. Suffice to say that at the moment, Jackson Mahomes’ net worth is yet to be accurately determined.

Jackson Mahomes Is Also An Entrepreneur

The social media influencer has also devised different sources of income. His popularity on social media brings him the opportunity and unique privilege to pose for brands such as State Farm in a commercial with his older brother, Patrick.

In addition to the stream of revenue brought in through ad commercials, Jackson also recently launched his clothing merchandise after teaming up with FUNJOY. Some of his branded clothes have the inscriptions such as Unathletic and Jackson From Tik Tok on them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Jackson Mahomes

Is Jackson Mahomes Disowned?

There is no evidence that suggests that Jackson Mahomes is disowned. However, his crude antics and behavior on social media have led to a lot of fans advocating for his pro football star brother to disown his family.

The social media star’s bad behavior at a Kansas city local bar intensified those requests. Still, his brother, Patrick, who acknowledges his brother’s bad behavior, seems not to be in any hurry to give in to those demands.

Why Do People Hate Jackson Mahomes?

In a nutshell, people, particularly those in the world of football, hate Jackson Mahomes for his obnoxious and cringe-worthy antics at the Super Bowl since 2020, oftentimes stealing the limelight from his more deserving brother. The hatred also extends to his annoying and offensive Tik Tok videos that showcase even more of his obnoxiousness.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ loss to the Cincinnati Bengals at the AFC Championship ensured fans would not have to put up with even more ill-mannered behavior from the Tik Tok star. Take That Jackson Mahomes!!!

Is Jackson Mahomes A Cheerleader?

In a sense, he is, if not for anyone else, for his brother Patrick Mahomes II who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. Since moving to Kansas City for school, Jackson has attended almost every Kansas City Chiefs game partly to cheer his big brother on and make more Tik Tok videos.

However, it could be argued that the Tik Tok star attends those games to boost his online profile, which has since shot through the roof for the right and the wrong reasons.

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