Who Is Brianna Ruffalo? Full Biography of the American Meteorologist

Brianna Nicole Ruffalo is a young, beautiful, and very talented American Journalist, living and working in Los Angeles as a weather and traffic anchor. She has gained ground in journalism, attracting quite a lot of people who are fond of her works. She currently works in ABC7, which is one of the biggest media houses in the US. Over time, she has gained the admiration of people due to her beauty, intelligence, consistency, and competence. People are, therefore, yearning to know more about her background and her story. This article will give answers to some questions about Brianna Nicole Ruffalo.

Profile Summary - Brianna Ruffalo

  • NAME: Brianna Nicole Ruffalo
  • DATE OF BIRTH: 10th May 1991
  • AGE: 29
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus
  • OCCUPATION: Journalist (weather and traffic anchor)
  • HEIGHT: 5ft 6inches
  • HAIR: Black 
  • ETHNICITY: Italian-Greek
  • BOYFRIEND: Will Carr

What We Know About Brianna Ruffalo’s Background

She was born on May 10, 1992, in Los Angeles, California, USA, and raised alongside her older brother in the Santa Clarita Valley of Socal, USA. Her family is of Italian-Greek descent, therefore she is mixed. She is currently 29 years old and has been living in Los Angeles for years now.

Although Briana Ruffalo is quite a popular personality, she has not revealed much about her family, especially her parents but we have some details. Her parents’ names are not known, and not much about their lives is known either. Her father is a homicide detective, and he works in Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Due to this, Brianna often refers to herself as an ‘LAPD child’ in some interviews and posts. Her brother, Edward Ruffalo is a firefighter, and he works at Pasadena Fire Department.

Nothing is known about her mother at all. But, there was a time that Brianna asked a colleague for a shout-out in her mother’s name during mother’s day. Despite not sharing much information about her family, she is pretty close to them as she often shares pictures of them on her social media pages.

She Graduated With a Degree in Broadcast Journalism

Brianna Ruffalo attended California State University, Northridge. Realizing her passion for journalism on time, she pursued her passion as she studied Broadcast Journalism. She is currently working on her second degree through the Mississippi State University to be a professional meteorologist. She enrolled in the Broadcast and Meteorology program at the university.

Her choice of courses is directly aligned to her career path, so it greatly contributed to her excellence in the field. It opened doors for her as a professional, and she is even currently furthering her scope in the field. 

Brianna Ruffalo’s Career Trajectory

Over time, Brianna Ruffalo has built quite a reputable and envious career for herself. Before her current job, she had worked in other media houses, of which her first was at KTLA. At KTLA, she worked as a Fill-in Editor and a Special Projects Producer. She also worked as the executive producer of the project, American Veteran: A Special Tribute. The project was nominated for an Emmy Award, and this was when her fame began to spread. After working there, she moved on to KABC-TV to work as a meteorologist, and she covered research, money, and health stories.

She attended performances for Tribune Broadcasting. Her first Tribune documentary was in 2016, where she covered issues in Missouri. Afterward, she moved to ABC30 in Fresno, which is ABC7’s sister media house. Brianna Ruffalo worked there as a reporter and a weather newscaster. She worked morning and midday slots at the time, and she made so much significance in the company. As a big media house, her face gradually became the highlight of the shows, and her fame began to circulate within and outside the field.

Two years later, she moved to ABC7 and has been working there ever since. She worked her way to the top and has subsequently become a top weather reporting journalist. She divided times and managed weather presenting and reporting simultaneously. Before long, she became an idol and was admired by the public.

Brianna Ruffalo
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The Highlight of Her Career Came in 2016

She has made several achievements in the course of her work as a media personality, but the major highlight was in 2016. While she was working and co-producing for Tribune Broadcasting, she covered a lot of investigative, money, and health stories. One of such stories catapulted her to the limelight. Brianna Ruffalo co-produced Tribune Broadcasting’s first documentary. She spent some time in Missouri and covered a range of issues that plagued veterans of the United States Military. While there, she worked with one of only five United States soldiers to survive the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as a quadruple amputee.

That particular coverage was the highlight of her career because it was very sensitive and analytical. After the project, Brianna became very popular in the field due to the determination and effort she put into it. That was the turning point of her career, as it began to pave way for her and caused rapid growth in her career.

Brianna Ruffalo is One of the Highest-Paid Journalists at ABC7

It has been established that Brianna is one of the highest-paid journalists at ABC7 with a salary of about $49,744. Currently, her net worth is estimated to be around $1million, with journalism as her major stream of income.

Not only has she acquired wealth during her time as a journalist, but Brianna Ruffalo has also amassed a lot of fame and followers. Presently, she has thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter. Due to her consistency and amazing work in the media space, she is admired by many and also seen as a role model to those who want to delve into journalism.

Ruffalo is Currently Dating A Fellow Journalist

Will Carr
Will Carr, Brianna Ruffalo’s boyfriend image source

Although Brianna has kept her life private as much as possible, it has still been discovered that she is currently dating Will Carr. He is also a journalist who is presently working at the same media house she works. Before working there, he used to be a national correspondent at Fox News since 2013. At FOX, he covered the campaign trail in 2016, investigated accountability at the Department of Veteran Affairs, and documented cartel violence in Mexico alongside covering other terrorist attacks.

Sometime in 2019, rumors emerged that Brianna was dating Will, and it was later confirmed when they shared pictures of each other on their Instagram pages. They have been dating ever since, but there is no information about the couple being engaged or getting married anytime soon. The two have shared pictures on Instagram.

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