Who is Beth Skipp? Meet Michael Richards’ Wife of Over 12 Years

Beth Skipp is an American movie and television actress who gained popularity after she became the wife of Michael Richards, actor, writer, TV producer, and comedian. Beth was already part of the entertainment industry when she met Richard in 2002. The couple started dating and got engaged in 2007. Six years later, in 2013, they became man and wife.

Richards and Skipp were already parents before they got married, as the celebrity duo had their first and only child, Antonio Baz Richards, in 2010. Antonio, who is almost a teenager, shares a great bond with his parents. The trio has been severally spotted out and about in different parts of the City of Angels.

Summary of Beth Skipp’s Biography

  • Full Name: Beth Skipp
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Beth Skipp’s Husband: Michael Richards
  • Beth Skipp’s Children: Antonio Baz Richards (son), Sophia Richards (step-daughter)
  • Beth Skipp’s Net Worth: $2 million
  • Famous For: Being an actress

When was Beth Skipp Born?

The exact date of birth for Beth Skipp has never earned a mention in the public space. However, we have seen a lot of unverified reports suggesting that she is a child of the 70s. Regarding her birthplace, Beth was born in the movie capital of the United States, Los Angeles, California, which is an indication of his American nationality. Though ethnicity-wise, she is said to come from mixed roots.

To date, Skipp has not deemed it necessary to reveal the identities of her family members. Thus, nothing can be said about her dad and mum. Besides, it is not stated whether she is an only child or shared her growing up years with siblings.

Skipp’s early academic background is another grey area in her life. Still, when the time came for the LA native to proceed with further educational qualifications, she joined Colombia University, though her course of study has remained unknown to date.

When Did Beth Skipp Become Michael Richards’ Wife?

Beth Skipp
Skipp and Richards image source

Going by the records, Beth Skipp and her spouse, Michael Richards, exchanged wedding vows sometime in 2013. However, they met 11 years earlier in 2002. The details of the couple’s dating period have never been disclosed. Still, according to available reports, they were already going steady for five years before Michael popped the big question in June 2007.

Needless to say, he received a “yes” response, and the couple went ahead to plan their wedding for 2013. Though the type of wedding they had has never been disclosed, it is common knowledge that Richards was already well-established in his career in the entertainment industry when they got married.

Important to note that while it was the first time for Beth, she is actually Michael’s second wife, as the entertainer was formerly married to Catherine Lyons; they share one grown-up daughter, Sophia Richards (b.1975). That notwithstanding, Beth Skipp and Michael Richards’ union has proved to be an enduring one. The couple has already recorded one decade of marital bliss, and they look set to take it as far into the future as possible.

Beth Skipp’s Husband, Michael Richards, is a Multi-talented Entertainer

Born on the 24th of June 1949, Michael Anthony Richards is the son of an electrical engineer of English and Scottish descent, William Richards, and an Italian medical records librarian, Phyllis Richards (née Nardozzi).

Michael is listed as an American actor, TV producer, writer, and comedian best known for the role he played on the set of the sitcom Seinfeld; his Cosmo Kramer role was what announced him to a wider audience and has set the pace for the massive success he recorded in the entertainment industry.

Michael, who is an alum of the California Institute of the Arts, served in the United States Army for a year in 1970. In fact, it was during his time in the Army that he developed an interest in acting and later left the force in pursuit of his dreams. Michael is also a football fan.

Richards completely shunned social media in the past but decided to join Instagram in honor of his late friend and co-star, Jerry Stiller.

Does Beth Skpp Have Children with Michael Richards?

Yes, the Los Angeles-born actress shares one child with her husband. In fact, the duo became parents three years before saying, “I do”. Their son Antonio Baz Richards who is also the only child of the union, arrived sometime in 2010, and by the time they were ready to tie the knot, Antonia was already three.

Though Beth and Richard have been making a conscious effort to keep their son away from the prying eyes of the media and the general public, the boy who is inching towards his teenage years has been seen out and about with his parents on a few occasions.

Antonio was three in December 2013 when the youngster was first sited at the LA International Airport with his parents. The Richards family has also been spotted walking their dogs in the City of Angels.

What Does Michael Richards’ Wife Do for a Living?

It is common knowledge that Beth Skipp is an actress, and she launched her acting career in 1997 on the set of the short movie known as Alternate Realities playing Crystal.

In 1999, Skip scored her second onscreen role in a single episode of the television series, Everybody Loves Raymond as Pam. Her next acting credit became a reality two years later in 2001, depicting the character of Jessica on the set of the short movie, The Tag. Before the year ran out, Beth joined the cast of the series ER in a single episode. She was the Joyce we saw in one episode of Men, Women & Dogs also in 2001.

Bet Skipp acted in the role of Lulu in an episode of the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2002, though the scene was later deleted. Another of her single episode appearances was seen in the series Monk as Amanda Babbage in 2003.

In 2005, she appeared in a cameo in Prime. 2007 was when the actress came in a self-role on the set of Lobby Lobster, and her latest role is playing Amber in the 2022 movie, Ten Tricks. In total, Beth has recorded a total of 10 onscreen roles.

Apart from her movie and TV roles, the American actress has been featured in multiple commercials. At the last count, the number of ads she appeared in came to a hundred. The Actress recorded a handful of notable productions, which include the likes of

  • Prime as Salesperson in 2005
  • ER TV Series 2001
  • Ten Tricks as Amber 2022
  • Monk TV Series as Amanda Babbage 2003
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