Who Is Beatrice Pia White and Is She Still Terrence Romeo’s Wife?

Beatrice Pia White (born in 1985) is a businesswoman from Cebu, Philippines. Although she is married to a popular Filipino basketball player Terrence Romeo, Beatrice came to the limelight after she got arrested alongside an accomplice for crimes relating to technical carnapping and using fake identities to scam people.

Beatrice Pia White and Terrence Romeo are no longer together as Terrence wanted out of the marriage after Beatrice was convicted and forced to pay back all debts. This article will give you more closure on the life of Beatrice Pia White and what transpired in her marriage with Terrence Romeo.

Summary of Beatrice Pia White’s Biography

  • Full Name: Beatrice Pia White
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 1985
  • Beatrice Pia White’s Age: 37 years old
  • Ethnicity: Cebu
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Divorced

Beatrice Pia White Hails From Cebu, Phillippines

Beatrice Pia White is by all accounts an exceptionally confidential individual as there is barely any information on her in the media. For this reason, we can’t tell much about her; however, from the info gathered, the ex-celebrity wife is a Cebu by ethnicity and a Filipino by nationality.

Her date of birth is unknown, but from information on the media, she is 37 years old presently, putting her birth year at 1985. With regards to her family background, there is no information on who are parents are, such as their names, ethnicity, occupation, and religion.

It is also unknown if Beatrice Pia White is an only child of her parents or if she has siblings with who she grew up as she has not been generous with information about her childhood days. As for her educational background, there is also no detail on the schools she attended and also no mention of any degree or certificates obtained in the course of her getting educated.

She Is Reported To Be A Businesswoman

Being married to a celebrity often overshadows your career accomplishments, but in the case of Beatrice Pia White, there is no information on her career except for the fact that she is a businesswoman and the type of business she engages in is also not known as she has not disclosed such personal information of hers to the public.

Beatrice Pia White And Terrence Romeo Got Married In A Private Ceremony 

Beatrice Pia White

Beatrice Pia White and her ex-husband, Terrence Romeo, were once happily married and living peacefully as husband and wife. Beatrice was eight years older than her then-hubby, but that never posed a problem in their marriage. Other than their age difference, there isn’t a lot of insight regarding their relationship, such as how they met each other, how long they dated, and other facts.

The pair got married in April 2017 in a very private ceremony with only three of the groom’s trusted friends in attendance, and none of his teammates at the time was invited to the wedding. Although according to sources, the couple had been married for a few years before officially announcing it in April 2017.

At first, Terrence wanted to keep their relationship a secret, with people knowing nothing about Beatrice except her name. Still, it turns out that the activities Beatrice Pia engaged in brought her out to the limelight as she was on many gossip blogs.

Beatrice Pia And Terrence Romeo Parted Ways For Personal Reasons

The pair have both gone their separate ways, with her ex-husband Terrence Romeo going ahead to start a relationship with a new lady named Vice Granda. Apparently, Beatrice Pia had lots of debts she had to pay, not forgetting the fact that she had already tarnished her image.

This was a lot for Terrence Romeo to handle, so he called it quits with his wife after four years of marriage. Many were saddened about their divorce as they had expected the PBA basketball player to stand by his wife in her trying times, but instead, the Filipino basketball star left the marriage and moved on with his life.

Beatrice Pia White Was Arrested For Fraudulent Activities

After several complaints were filed against her by people who she had rented their cars and failed to return them, Beatrice Pia was arrested by Highway Patrol Group. She was charged with fraud for using false names and technical carnapping leasing vehicles belonging to other individuals without returning them to the owners.

Beatrice Pia White

Beatrice and her accomplice, Efcel Reyes, got arrested after the police had conducted an undercover investigation and discovered she had asked a resident for P80,000 in exchange for her vehicle. The PBA athlete’s ex-wife and her accomplice are currently in police custody, facing the same charges.

Her Ex-husband, Terrence Romeo, Plays in the Phillippine Basketball Association (PBA) 

Beatrice Pia’s ex-husband, Terrence Romeo, aka Terrence Vitanzos Romeo, is a well-known Philippine-based basketball player who is a shooting guard for the Philippine Basketball Association. He has had an active career since 2013. In 2010, Terrence Romeo experienced a boost in his fame and career after he won the Rookie of the Year grant.

He was later recruited into the 2013 drafts and joined the Barako Bulls. On December 16, 2018, the basketball player was traded to San Miguel Beerman of the Phillippine Basketball Association (PBA) in exchange for Brian Heruela and David Semerad after he had a dispute with his former coach.

Still, in 2018, Beatrice Pia’s ex-husband was taken into police custody for questioning for a short period as his group was allegedly involved in a fight at a bar in Quezon City.

Beatrice Pia White’s Net Worth Is Not Available

Beatrice Pia White’ does not have an estimated net worth available as that is still under evaluation. However, her ex-husband’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million. He makes his living from his career as a shooting guard in the Philippine Basketball Association.

Beatrice Pia White is Not Available On Any Social Media Platform

The ex-wife of the PBA basketball player is a very private person who loves to keep her personal life away from the interference of the media and public. To this effect, she is not available on any social media platform such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

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