Who is Andrew Dice Clay’s Spouse, Valerie Silverstein?

Valerie Silverstein is a brilliant hairdresser, an excellent cook, and a social media influencer who gained fame for previously being Andrew Clay’s spouse.

The American businesswoman was relatively unknown until she became the wife of Andrew Dice Clay, the Hollywood controversial comedian, and actor who is constantly in the news, albeit, for the wrong reasons. Valerie’s newfound popularity has done wonders in pushing her brand and the hairstylist is not relenting.

Summary of Valerie Silverstein’s Biography

  • Full Name: Valerie Silverstein
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: June 30th, 1982
  • Valerie Silverstein’s Age: 40
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Valerie Silverstein’s Husband (Wife): Andrew Dice Clay
  • Famous For: Being the ex-wife of Andrew Dice Clay
  • Valerie Silverstein’s Instagram: @valskitcherules

Valerie Silverstein is a New Yorker

There seem to be a lot of grey areas in Valerie Silverstein’s early life and family background and despite marrying a comedian of Andrew Dice Clay’s caliber, she still managed to keep her personal information under wraps to date. Thus, there is nothing to say about her growing up years, academic history, and the identities of the members of her birth family.

However, it is common knowledge that the ex-spouse of the controversial comedian was born on June 30th, 1982. Valerie’s place of birth is the United States of America, precisely in New York. This obviously confers American citizenship on her but her ethnicity is said to be White.

Reports also indicate that she was known as Valerie Vasquez before she got married to the comedian cum actor, Andrew Dice Clay whose given name is Andrew Silverstein. Her marriage to Andrew saw her change her last name to Silverstein but fans believe that the name, Vasquez came from her birth family.

What Does Valerie Silverstein Do For a Living?

Valerie Silverstein is a woman with multiple career interests. Before fame came calling, she worked as a hairdresser, Valerie is a businesswoman and an influencer on the internet space.

She is into Makeup And Hairdressing

Valerie obviously made a success of her career in hairdressing even before she crossed paths with her celebrity comedian husband. The hairstylist added makeup to diversify her craft and even after marriage to a famous celeb, she still held on to her career as a professional hairdresser and makeup artist.

She Has a Natural Flair for Cooking

A lot of women have a natural love for cooking and Valerie Silverstein is counted among those who have made a career out of this passion. Her expertise in the kitchen has led the ex-celebrity spouse to launch an IG handle where she shares mouthwatering recipes with fans.

The hairdresser was also part of MykitchenRules – the Fox cooking show where she emerged a winner. She leverages social media in uploading videos on the preparations of all kinds of meals, from the very simple to the exotic cuisine.

She Became Andrew Dice Clay’s Wife in 2010

When and where Valerie Silverstein and her ex-spouse, Andrew Dice Clay first crossed paths have never been mentioned, thus, we cannot say much about their dating days. However, everything about their wedding is all in the open. The couple chose Valentine’s Day in 2010 to cement their union in a beautiful wedding.

The 14th of February 2010 saw the romantic duo in Las Vegas exchanging wedding vows which made Valerie Andrew’s wife number three as he was once married to Kathy Swanson (1984-1986) and waitress, Kathleen “Trini” Monica (1992).

When the news of their union broke on the internet space, fans and the general public were quick to point out their age difference of over two decades but the couple seemed unconcerned. Being the type that does not mince words, Andrew described Valerie as “his gift from heaven”. Going further, the controversial comedian let on that their meeting and wedding were orchestrated by God himself who knows they were meant to be together.

The actor cum comedian told the Las Vegas Sun that he has never experienced this kind of feeling before.

The Couple’s Marriage Ran Smoothly For Four Years

Valerie Silverstein
Valerie Silverstein and her ex-husband, Andrew image source

While their union lasted, the famous comedian was overly protective of his much younger wife, creating a semblance of a couple living in marital bliss. There was a time when rumors hit the airwaves that Valerie Silverstein earned a living as a porn star but Andrew succeeded in nipping the negative publicity in the bud.

The Blue Jasmine star was quick to refute the speculations, claiming that his wife has never worked as a porn star, but she loves to behave like someone who is familiar with the trade and it is all for his benefit. With that said, the world was shocked in 2014 when the news of their impending divorce started making waves in March.

Everything About Their Divorced Was Finalized in 2014

On the 18th of March 2014, Andrew filed for divorce from his wife at the LA Superior Court but unlike the typical Hollywood divorce, theirs wasn’t at all messy. Speaking on the reasons they chose to end their union after spending only four years as a couple, Andrew revealed the word “marriage’ to be the culprit. According to the comedian, it was putting a lot of pressure on their relationship. The Hollywood star was in an interview session with People when he let this slip.

Their divorce finally became a reality in April 2014 and going by the former couple’s divorce agreement, they didn’t have much to fight over as neither of them possess assets worth over $40,000.

Though he never sired any child with Valerie, Andrew is a father of two (Max and Dylan) from his marriage to Kathleen Monica.

The Circumstances that Led to Their Divorce are a Bit Confusing

The news of Valerie Silverstein’s divorce from Andrew Silverstein sparked a lot of questions from fans who needed to know the cause of their split. The curiosity about their separation and current situation lingered until Andrew surfaced on the set of Conan in 2017 to promote My Kitchen Rules (a show he had been doing with Valerie)

While on the show, Andrew was quick to cut the show host short when he addressed their situation. According to the actor, they were married but not the way people think. Explaining that they actually got divorced, Andrew Dice Clay said they never broke apart – though divorced, they were still together. They have become happier and more in love since they removed the burden of marriage from their relationship.

On the circumstances that led to their separation and divorce, the comedian recalled the fateful day that they took the conscious decision to split. He was outside with Valerie Silverstein on a beautiful day in LA when he caught what he described as a stroke of genius.

“I’ve got a great idea,” Andrew told Valerie “Why don’t we go and get a divorce? And then go get dinner” His spouse who understood him wasted no time in complying and they later went celebrating at an upscale restaurant in West Hollywood.

With that said, it is obvious that the duo had excellent chemistry that has continued to work for them.

Who Is Valerie Silverstein Dating Now?

Post–divorce, Valerie hasn’t been sighted in the company of any other man and has continued making use of her legal name on social media: this is a strong indication that the two may still have something going on. What’s more, Valerie and Andrew have been appearing at events and occasions. In her posts on the internet space, she keeps referring to her boyfriend (name withheld), leading fans to believe that the two exes are happy with their current situation.

Where Is Valerie Silverstein Now?

Valerie Silverstein is still in her hairdressing business, she is still functioning as a makeup artist and the former wife of Andrew Dice Clay is still very active on social media pages, sharing original recipes, and new skills with her audience. In fact, her brief marriage with the Brooklyn-born comedian has succeeded in announcing her to a wider audience and she is reaping the results.

Valerie Silverstein is Visible on Several Social Media Platforms

Valerie Silverstein seems to have a good understanding of the strong influence of social media and she has been harnessing this potential for several years now. The hairdresser made sure to bring all her entrepreneurial endeavors to the internet space, creating individual accounts for her hairdressing, makeup, and cooking skills.

Most of the pictures she shares are considered to be quite irresistible, attracting fans in their numbers. On the picture-sharing platform, Instagram, she can be located @valskitcherules. She is on Twitter and other major social networking sites.

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