Who is Amy Dettbarn? Inside The Life of Paige Bueckers’ Mom

Amy Dettbarn is a dentist and the mother of Paige Bueckers, the American college basketball player who has received remarkable recognition in her young career.

Paige Bueckers currently plays basketball for the University of Connecticut (UConn) Huskies of the Big East Conference. Before college, she was an outstanding player in high school. Amy Dettbarn’s daughter was ranked in the first position by ESPN during her high school days and carried the high performance to college in 2019.

She was recognized as USA Basketball Female Athlete of the Year. All the fame and success drew the public’s attention to Amy Dettbarn as the mother of the popular basketball star.

Summary of Amy Dettbarn’s Biography

  • Full name: Amy Jo Dettbarn Fuller
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: December 9, 1976
  • Amy Dettbarn’s Age: 45 years old
  • Ethnicity: White American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Amy Dettbarn’s Husband: Bob Bueckers (div), Brian Fuller (div)
  • Amy Dettbarn’s Children: Paige Beueckers, Ryan Fuller, Lauren Fuller
  • Amy Dettbarn’s Parents: Steven and Joann Dettbarn
  • Famous for: as the mother of basketball star Paige Bueckers

Paige Bueckers’s Mom Amy Dettbarn is a White American Woman

Amy Dettbarn was born on December 9, 1976, in Minnesota, in the United States. Her parents are Steven and Joann Dettbarn. Amy had a normal childhood in a supportive home with her parents and siblings and was able to acquire the basic education she needed to thrive in life.

After her high school education, she obtained a college degree at the University of St. Thomas. She got a Bachelor of Science degree from the university and also participated in track and field events in the school. Dettbarn also ran with the Cross Country teams in college before graduating in 1999.

With her athletic history, it is evident that Dettbarn also influenced her daughter’s career choice, although Bueckers’ father played the biggest role in shaping her athletic career. Dettbarn furthered her education by getting a second degree in Dentistry from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. She later got her Master’s in Periodontics from the same college.

What Does Amy Dettbarn Do For a Living and Where is She Now?

Looking at her college degrees, it’s obvious that Dettbarn is a career-driven woman who has made the most of the opportunity. One of the places she worked was Fuller Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, where she served as an office manager from 2008 to 2018.

After ten years at Fuller, Dettbarn moved her career to TSI in Billings, Montana, where she worked as a sales representative. She is still active in her dentistry career and now works as an equipment specialist at Patterson Dental. Apparently, that athletic spirit Amy grew up with didn’t materialize into a career.

Amy Dettbarn Divorced Paige Buecker’s Father When Paige Was 3 Years Old

It is unknown exactly when they met or dated. Still, Amy and Dettbarn were married for a while and settled down to family life in Edina, Minnesota, where they welcomed their only child Paige Bueckers on October 20, 2001. The family remained together until divorce broke them apart when Paige was three years old.

Amy Dettbarn
Amy and Paige – image source

Following the divorce, Amy moved on with their love lives. While Bob remained with their daughter Paige in Minnesota, Amy married Brian Scott Fuller and moved to Billings, Montana. Her second marriage, which began on July 11, 2009, produced two children – Ryan and Lauren.

Bob Bueckers also married an African-American woman with whom he shares a son named Drew. The blended family keeps in touch and has not courted any controversy.

Why Did Amy Dettbarn Divorce Her First Husband?

While they looked perfect together and even welcomed a daughter to complete their union, the marriage between Amy Dettbarn and Bob Bueckers could not stand the test of time. However, the reason for their divorce was not shared publicly.

At the time of the divorce, the couple’s daughter Paige Bueckers was barely out of diapers and was not famous. Thus, there was no public attention to the family, and the media couldn’t care less. To date, the former couple has not deemed it fit to share the reason for the split.

Who Is Amy Dettbarn Married to Now?

Amy Dettbarn might be single at the moment. After her first marriage crashed, Amy married Brian Fuller and had two kids with him. However, the second marriage didn’t work for her either, as she is said to have divorced Fuller, who married a woman named Bridgett.

On her part, Amy is presumed to be single at this time or just keeping a lid on details about her private life. She has not been seen on the dating scene for a while and has not married anyone else, at least to the best of public knowledge.

What Is Amy Dettbarn’s Relationship with Paige Bueckers Like?

Page Bueckers was mostly raised by her father after her parents’ divorce when she was just three years old. However, her relationship with her mother seems good if the pictures they share online are anything to go by.

Amy Dettbarn has been involved in the upbringing of her daughter Paige Bueckers even after her first marriage ended. She has been photographed with her talented basketball player daughter at different stages of her life. Paige has been spotted with her half-siblings from her mother’s second marriage.

She seems to have a good relationship with Ryan and Lauren; the same applies to her father’s son, Drew, from his second marriage. Besides, there has never been any rumor about a rift between the mother and child. However, the person that takes credit for raising Paige Bueckers into the basketball star that she is today should be her father.

Following the divorce, Amy moved on, leaving Paige with her dad. This arrangement may not be a result of a problem between them but because Bob was the one responsible for training Paige in her athletic endeavors. He served as her coach from her budding years until she reached seventh grade. At this time, he got her to train with professionals in the field.

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