Who are Austin Butler’s Parents? Meet Lori Butler And David Butler

Austin Butler’s parents are David and Lori Anne Butler (née Howell). Austin is very close to both parents, especially his mum, who has since passed away.

While Lori passed on several years ago, David is still very much alive and is working in the real estate business. The father of two never remarried after his wife’s demise and has been his children’s only parent to date.

Who is Austin Butler’s Father?

The actor’s dad is a wheeler-dealer, according to some online sources. David earns his keep in the real estate sector but the details of his business are not known.

Nothing much has been said about David but the celebrity dad is an American by nationality and his ethnic background is listed as White. After his wife’s passing, the proud father of two remained the only parent figure in the lives of his kids.

Austin Butler’s Mother Died in 2014

Austin Butler’s mum Lori kicked the bucket sometime in 2014 after losing the battle to cancer; her death occurred when the actor cum singer was 23. However, during her lifetime, the mother of two earned a living as an aesthetician. Just like her spouse David, Lori is an American of White ethnicity.

Since her demise, Austin has talked a lot about the woman who gave him life. In December 2022, while hosting Saturday Night Live, the former Nickelodeon actor gave a vivid description of his love for his mother. According to Austin, Lori was his hero and best friend in addition to being his mum.

Going on, the former teen heartthrob revealed that his favorite memories include watching SNL with Lori and they were sure to watch it every week. Austin Butler also said he used to do about anything just to make his mum laugh even though he was shy around her.

He imagined how proud Lori would be today if she knows that her shy son who couldn’t order his own food at a restaurant now stands to perform on stage.

Are Austin Butler’s Parents Still Together?

Austin Butler’s parents were together until his mom’s demise in 2014. After the demise of Lori Butler, fans really expected David to get a stepmom for his children with time, however, he chose to remain a widower to date and has been the only parent figure in his children’s lives.

The details of the couple’s wedding are not available on the internet space but considering the ages of their children at Lori’s demise, one would not be too far from the truth to conclude that they enjoyed an enduring relationship.

When Did they have Austin Butler?

Austin Butler
The Butler family image source

David and Lori welcomed their only son Austin on the 17th of August 1991, and his birth occurred in Anaheim, California, where he spent his formative years.

Apart from Austin, the couple is parents to a daughter who goes by the name Ashley Butler. Growing up in CA, the two Butler siblings enjoyed a lot of care and support from their parents.

Ashley and Austin were put through the homeschooling process by their parents. The teen star got a lot of encouragement from his family during his early days in the entertainment industry and according to Austin, he owes it all to them.

Today, he is listed as an actor, model, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who is perfect at playing the piano and the guitar.

The former teen actor shares a great bond with Ashley, in fact, she goes everywhere with him. Ashley was present while he hosted Saturday Night Live and according to reports, Austin is taking her to walk the 2023 Golden Globes red carpet as his date. Talking to Entertainment Tonight prior to the awards, the former teen star said, “She is my one and only sister, so it’ll be nice to be with her.”

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