Truth About Leydis Serrano, Jorge Soler’s Wife

Leydis Serrano is a Cuban-American celebrity wife best known as the spouse of Jorge Soler, the former Atlanta Braves and current Miami Marlins outfielder.

There is ample information about the Major League Baseball star on the internet, and it is normal for questions to be asked about every aspect of his life, including his relationship with his wife. Take a look at the salient truths about Leydis Serrano.

Summary of Leydis Serrano’s Bio

  • Full Name: Leydis Serrano Soler
  • Gender: Female
  • Place of Birth: Cuba
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic
  • Nationality: Cuban-American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Leydis Serrano’s Husband: Jorge Soler
  • Leydis Serrano’s Children: 2 – Jorley Soler (son) and Leysa Soler (daughter)
  • Famous for: Being the celebrity wife of MLB star Jorge Soler

What is Leydis Serrano’s Nationality?

Leydis Serrano is a Cuban-American citizen born in Cuba, presumably during the early 1990s. The exact details of her birth, such as the day, month, or exact year in which she was born, are currently unknown to the public. However, looking at the celebrity wife shows that she is in her late 20s.

Leydis Serrano

Not much is known about Leydis Serrano’s birth family, including her parents’ identities, or any other living relatives, including siblings. Jorge Soler’s wife most likely spent the majority of her childhood in her home country, but it’s difficult to be sure of that since she prefers mostly to live her life away from the scrutiny of the public and the media.

What is Leydis Serrano’s Ethnicity?

Leydis Serrano belongs to the Hispanic ethnic community and has all the classic features of the women in her community, including dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Leydis Serrano’s formal education background is yet another aspect of her life that the general public and the media know nothing about.

Given that it is possible that she spent the majority of her early years on earth in Cuba, it would not be too far-fetched to assume that she had her basic formal education there, even though there are no official public records to confirm this theory. It is also possible that Leydis Serrano might have attended college, but there is no verifiable way to prove that she did either.

Leydis Serrano Became Jorge Soler’s Wife in the Early 2000s

Even though Leydis Serrano’s husband is a well-known figure, the public and the media have somehow missed out on specific details of their relationship. No one knows how Leydis and her husband met, even more so when they officially began dating.

Certain close sources can only reveal that Leydis and her husband dated for a very long time before they eventually settled into the routine of marriage. The exact details of the wedding ceremony itself are not public knowledge.

The only information available online is limited to the fact that the couple, who are both from Cuba, celebrated their wedding nuptials in their home country during the early 2000s. Working based on the accuracy of that date means that Leydis Serrano and her husband, Jorge Soler are just a few years away from celebrating their 25th anniversary as a married couple.

The Couple Has Two Kids

Judging by the timeline of their very secret wedding in the early 2000s, it becomes apparent that Leydis Serrano and her husband either chose to take their time before having babies or they had infertility issues. Whichever way the case, the couple had their first child in November 2014. They named their newborn son Jorley Soler.

They had to wait for over five years before welcoming their second child, a daughter who they named Leysa Soler. Leydis doesn’t have a  very active social media life, leaving the responsibility of exposing the children to the social media world up to her husband. He has done a pretty good job of it, too, as his Instagram page is littered with images and activities of the kids.

So far, Leydis Serrano’s marriage has been pleasantly devoid of the kind of scandal or controversy that is usually prevalent in a sizable number of celebrity marriages in the United States today.

Unlike Her Husband, Not So Much Is Known About Leydis Serrano’s Career

Not much is known about the professional abilities and career of Leydis Serrano, as she prefers life away from the spotlight. That decision has inevitably led to assumptions that she is a homemaker who takes care of the homefront while her husband is away. On the other hand, Leydis Serrano’s husband is a well-known American baseball superstar named World Series MVP as recently as 2021.

Born Jorge Carlos Soler Castillo on February 25, 1992, in Havana, Cuba, Jorge Soler made his MLB debut for the Chicago Cubs on August 27, 2014. He bats right and throws right. Before his MLB debut, Jorge played for the Cuban National Baseball team in 2010 before defecting to Haiti in 2011 in search of an MLB career.

There were suggestions that the Chicago Cubs snatched Jorge Soler up before he became a free agent, but those claims were vehemently denied by the team’s General Manager. In any case, Jorge signed a nine-year deal worth $30 million in total with the Chicago Cubs but ended up playing for just 2 years, from 2014 to 2016, before he was traded to the Kansas City Royals for Wade Davis.

His MLB career with the Royals spanned 4 years from 2017 to 2021 and was disrupted by a string of injuries and inconsistencies on the plate at the beginning but ended on a brighter note as he became the first Cuban-born player to have the most home runs in a single season in 2019. He was traded to the Atlanta Braves for Kasey Kalich on July 30, 2021.

His singular year with the Braves ended with a championship win and an MVP player award before signing a three-year contract with the Miami Marlins on March 22, 2022. Throughout his nearly decade-long MLB career, Jorge Soler has had some impressive career highlights and a string of collective and individual awards.

In 2014, he hit a home run in his first major league at-bat before following that up with a World Series win with the Chicago Cubs in 2016, his final year with the team. In 2019, he was recognized as the AL home run leader before experiencing what can be regarded as his best professional MLB year yet.

2021 came with even greater glories for Jorge Soler as he was named World Series MVP after his triumph with the Atlanta Braves. His MVP win also made him the third mid-season signing after Donn Clendenon in 1969 and Steve Pierce in 2018 to claim the laurel. He also became the second Cuban-born player to be handed the world series MVP trophy.

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