Truth About Jay Weiss, Kathleen Turner’s Ex-husband

Jay Weiss is the former husband of Kathleen Turner, an American movie and TV actress. Jay Weiss and Kathleen Turner got married in 1984, and after 23 years of married life, they decided to call it quits and ended their union. Jay Weiss is an entrepreneur in the real estate sector and a former New York-based musician. 

Fans have been full of questions regarding the reasons for the end of their union, and in a recent interview, Kathleen revealed herself to be the culprit who never made out time to spend with her husband and only daughter.

Summary of Jay Weiss’ Biography 

  • Full Name: Jay Weiss
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Jewish
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Judaism
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Jay Weiss’ ‘s Husband (Wife): Kathleen Turner
  • Jay Weiss’ ‘s Children: 2
  • Famous For: Being the husband of Kathleen Turner

Jay Weiss is of Jewish Ethnicity

Jay Weiss has never been a mainstream celebrity, making it hard to access information about him. His association with one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses notwithstanding, Jay’s bio-data is yet to be updated on Wikipedia. The only tidbit about the real estate expert is that he is Jewish by ethnicity. Being born a Jew, his religious faith is Judaism.

The media can only take a wild guess at the entrepreneur’s age – after comparing him to his celebrity wife Kathleen, who is over 66 years of age, they concluded that Jay might also be in his 60s. Thus, it may not be far from the truth to assume that he is likely to be a few years younger or older than his ex-spouse.

He is an Entrepreneur

Away from the fame he enjoyed as the husband of a celebrity, Jay is involved in a mundane career. Kathleen’s ex-husband is known to be a property developer. Weiss has been in the real estate sector for decades and is still thriving in the business.

Jay Weiss Became Kathleen Turner’s Husband in 1984

Jay Weiss
Jay and Turner (image source)

Perhaps because Kathleen Turner has not attained the level of fame she enjoys today, her wedding with Jay Weiss, which took place in 1984, was not well-publicized. Consequently, the details of that particular affair have never made it to the public space. Both date and venue for their wedding have continued to elude the press, and you hardly can tell the type of nuptials they favored.

Being a Jew by birth, Jay had his wife convert to his Judaism religion after they exchanged the forever commitment. With that said, the couple managed to hold it together for 23 years while the award-winning actress made a name for herself in the movie world in productions like Body Heat, Crimes of Passion, The Man with Two Brains, Crimes of Passion, and Romancing the Stone.

Their union started experiencing cracks before 2007, and before long, they set divorce proceedings into motion. Jay and Kathleen’s divorce was finally realized in 2007, but the exact date has never been mentioned.

Reasons For Their Divorce

Since her divorce from Jay Weiss, Kathleen Turner has expressed heartfelt regret for the end of their union. According to the mother of one, she has sometimes wished she was more normal. Turner wished she had made those movie producers give her long weekends or provide her with extra tickets so she could have Jay and their daughter come over to spend quality family time.

Describing her over two-decade-long marriage, the Hollywood superstar said her ex-spouse was the one who made all the efforts and support, which left her feeling guilty, and that was among the reasons they decided to call it quits. Jay Weiss’s ex-wife said she began to feel very oppressed, and even though she sometimes thought that Jay gained something from staying with her, their union still hit the rocks.

The breakdown of their marriage happened while the Hollywood actress was part of the cast of Virginia Woolf, doing eight shows per week and only getting home to meet a sleeping husband or one that had lost interest completely. There was no companionship, she revealed.

She sometimes lingers at their doorstep, contemplating whether to go in or not, and that was precisely when it dawned on her that the time had come to opt out. Turner said their parting was quite amicable, and when quizzed if she would likely remarry, the Crimes of Passion star revealed that she sometimes craves a man to take care of her needs.

Turner went on to say she is tired and has been taking care of others her whole life. “I guess the end of my marriage was so hurtful, but it didn’t happen because Jay was a bad man,” Turner said. Even though her ex proved himself to be good, Turner said she wouldn’t want to expose herself to that kind of vulnerability again.

The Couple’s Relationship Post Divorce

Even though they went their separate ways over a decade and a half ago, Jay Weiss’s ex-wife, Turner, still sees him as her best friend. According to reports, The Virgin Suicides actress and the real estate businessman are still on good terms. Going by what Turner said, she still harbors strong feelings for Jay Weiss even though their relationship is no longer the romantic type.

Kathleen said that love doesn’t go away if you love someone. Describing Weiss as the man that swept her off her feet, the Hollywood actress narrated how they would still meet weekly to have lunch, visit their only daughter during her days in college, and even holiday together.

Is There Any Hope Of Remarriage For Kathleen Turner’s Ex-husband?

After their divorce was finalized, Jay Weiss’s ex-wife, Kathleen, revealed that she has no plans of ever getting into another marriage and has remained single to date. However, the story seems to be different for the businessman. Though he appears to have sunk into obscurity following the end of their marriage, Turner revealed some interesting facts about Jay’s post-divorce life.

The movie and television star was in an interview session when she let on that her ex-spouse was already into another relationship and had gone ahead to start a new family. Kathleen also said Jay already has a daughter, and she resembles their daughter at that age.

Jay Weiss is a Father Of Two

Jay Weiss
Kathleen and her daughter, Ann (image source)

On the 14th of October, 1987, Jay Weiss became a first-time father when his ex-wife Kathleen Turner had their daughter and the only child of their union. The girl who goes by the name Rachel Ann Weiss is in her mid-thirties.

The only known fact about Rachel is that she was brought up according to the Jewish religion, but her career path is not known. If what Kathleen said in a recent interview is anything to go by, Jay is already a second-time father, but the details are sadly lacking.

Key Takeaways About Kathleen Turner’s Ex-husband, Jay Weiss

  1. Who is Jay Weiss? Jay Weiss is Kathleen Turner’s ex-husband and an American real estate entrepreneur and former musician who used to be the lead guitarist for a rock band called The Suits.
  2. What is Jay Weiss known for? Jay Weiss is famous for being the former husband of Prizzi’s Honor actress, Kathleen Turner. They were married for over two decades, from 1984 until their divorce in 2007.
  3. Did Jay Weiss and Kathleen Turner have children together? Yes, they had one daughter, Rachel Ann Weiss, who is a musician.
  4. Are Jay Weiss and Kathleen Turner still friends after their divorce? Yes, their divorce was amicable, and they remained friends. They occasionally attend their daughter’s shows together.
  5. How old is Jay Weiss? Jay Weiss’s exact date of birth is unknown, but he is estimated to be in his late 60s as of 2023.
  6. What is Jay Weiss’s ethnicity? Jay Weiss is Jewish.
  7. What is Jay Weiss’s net worth? Various sources estimate Jay Weiss’s net worth at $1 million, but the exact worth of his properties is unknown.
  8. Who did Kathleen Turner and Jay Weiss end their marriage? They ended their marriage due to differing interests in life. In a previous interview, Kathleen Turner said their marriage ended when their daughter Rachel was grown up and leaving the house. She was the one keeping them together, and they had to separate due to their differing interests in life.
  9. Is Kathleen Turner still on good terms with Jay Weiss? Yes, Kathleen Turner is still on good terms with Jay Weiss and considers him her best friend.
  10. Who is Michael Douglas, and what is his relationship with Kathleen Turner?
    Michael Douglas is an American actor and producer. He has appeared in several films with Kathleen Turner, including ‘Romancing the Stone,’ ‘War of the Roses,’ and ‘The Jewel of the Nile.’ Turner has been friends with Douglas for 40 years, and she revealed that she thought there was hope for something romantic between them at one point.
  11. What Is Kathleen Turner’s religious belief? Kathleen Turner has previously revealed that she does not believe in organized religion. She followed the Jewish tradition and celebrated all the holidays during her marriage to Jay Weiss, but she never converted.
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