Tom Vitale Biography: Everything About Valerie Bertinelli’s Husband of Over 10 Years

Tom Vitale, originally born Thomas P. Vitale, is a financial adviser and planner, as well as entrepreneur cum television producer who was born and raised in the United States. Vitale is widely known to be the husband of television personality, actress, and Food Network star, Valerie Bertinelli. He is an excellent financial adviser, planner, and investment expert who handles the portfolio and financial needs of those in the top echelons of the American entertainment industry.

Tom Vitale is a graduate of the notable Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, United States. With a career reaching well over 40 years, the astute financial whiz, entrepreneur, TV producer, and media sensation has established a massive business empire with many other lucrative investments by the side. He is the Executive Vice President of Programming and Original Movies for Syfy and Chiller and is also the co-founder of the e-commerce company, Veebow. Vitale also served as the President of Fieri in Manhattan and the Executive Vice President of the same company at the National level.

Vitale is also a television executive, as well as a media sensation. Like most success stories, the multifaceted executive has had a remarkable run with awe-inspiring stories and incredible life experiences on his journey to success. Tom Vitale inspires his numerous followers and fans as they relate to his struggles and try to learn from him and attain a similar level of success in their various lives. The prestigious and highly successful entrepreneur cum TV producer is a loving and caring father of four.

Quick Profile Summary of Tom Vitale

  • Birth name: Thomas Vitale
  • Age: 58 years old
  • Date of birth: August 15, 1963
  • Place of birth: California, U.S.A
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Education: Williams College, Massachusetts
  • Sibling: David Vitale
  • Spouse: Valerie Bertinelli
  • Kids: Four
  • Occupation: Financial planner, entrepreneur, TV executive and sensation
  • Net worth: $5 million

Tom Vitale’s Leadership Abilities Were Evident From College

Tom Vitale

Thomas Vitale was born in the state of California, United States, on the 15th of August, 1963. Not much is known about Tom’s early life as there is more or less no information available to the public on his early life and family background. Although we can confirm that his mother’s name is Helen, there is little else to go on as regards the name of his father, except for his surname – Vitale. However, Tom is not the only child of his parents as he is reported to have a younger brother named David Vitale.

When Tom was through with high school, he applied and was consequently accepted into the renowned Williams College located in Williamstown, Massachusetts, for his tertiary education and higher studies. As a student of Williams College, Tom Vitale was appointed as one of the members of the board of the Williams Club. He occupied a position on the board for the better part of ten years and is still reported to participate as much as possible in the activities and events of the club, to this very day.

His Career Progression Will Make You Green With Envy

One might ask, what exactly is Tom Vitale’s source of livelihood? Well, we can say that Tom Vitale is, arguably one of the most successful and influential figures in the American entertainment industry. The entrepreneur has no doubt, carved a name for himself, etching it solidly in the financial world. The financial whiz, expert financial adviser cum financial planner, and investor has also become quite famous as a television producer, an entrepreneur, as well as a television executive in the United States of America.

Tom Vitale

Remarkably, his career journey can be traced back to the 1980s, precisely 1987 when he got a job at a mass media company known as Viacom shortly after he graduated from Williams College. Tom was in charge of marketing strategies in the firm and was also responsible for analyzing research done at the firm. Soon after, Tom attained another integral role at the prestigious NBC.

As a result of Tom Vitale’s astuteness, sound work ethics, remarkable leadership skills, and overall output and performance, he quickly rose through NBC’s ranks within a relatively short period of time, handling sensitive and important positions on his ascent to the top. He worked for the company’s universal cable channel Syfy and Chiller for quite some time. Tom was in charge of organizing the programs aired on the channels. He also handled network scheduling, development, deal-making, strategic planning, as well as the acquisition of movies and drama series for the network.

He has also served as the President and Vice President of Fieri Manhattan and Fieri National, respectively. In 2011, he founded an e-commerce company by the name of Veebow. Unfortunately, it shut down after operating for around seven years.

He Has Also Appeared In A Number Of Films And TV Series

Asides from Tom’s many roles as a TV executive, he is also credited with six acting roles. He is known to have been on the following TV series and shows.

  • 20/20 (2009)
  • E! True Hollywood Story (2009)
  • Hot in Cleveland (2012)
  • The Apprentice (2013)
  • Who Do You Think You Are? (2014)
  • Valerie’s Home Cooking (from 2015 – 2020)

Tom Vitale and Valerie Bertinelli Have Been Married For Over A Decade

Tom Vitale has been married to Valerie Bertinelli for over 10 years. The couple was officially joined together on January 1, 2011. The couple has inspired loads of people all over the world as the seeming success of the union has had a cross-cultural impact, encouraging people with similar stories.

Tom Vitale

Before being coupled up and their eventual marriage, the pair had dated for the better part of six years, spending time together, supporting one another, and getting to know each other. Interestingly, Tom Vitale and Valerie Bertinelli were both divorcees as they had been married previously.

His Marriage To Valerie Bertinelli Is His Second Time Trying

Vitale was divorced by his first wife, Sharon after about two decades of marriage. His trouble with temper might have contributed in no small measure to the eventual crash of the union. The National Enquirer disclosed that he was arrested in 2001 for allegedly attacking his then-wife, Sharon, and further attacked officers of the law when he resisted arrest at the scene.

He was also charged with another assault count for reportedly throwing a punch at his son and was consequently mandated to report for anger management classes which lasted 12 weeks. At the time of their divorce, Vitale and Sharon had had four children between them.

Like Tom, Valerie Bertinelli Is Also A Divorcee

Valerie Bertinelli on the other hand was married to Eddie Van Halen. The marriage spanned well over 2 decades before hitting the rocks in 2001. It is widely reported that Valerie separated from singer and songwriter, Eddie Van Halen, due to the latter’s substance abuse and lifestyle choices.

Tom Vitale

Valerie has also confirmed that Eddie’s lifestyle rubbed off on her to the point that on their wedding day, they both had a small vial of cocaine stashed on them as they said their “I do’s.” While there was cheating from both Valerie and Eddy, the former revealed that she was the first to walk out on their marriage about 4 years in.

Irrespective of what the divorced couple has been through, both Valerie and Eddie Van Halen remained good friends until his eventual demise in 2020. The divorced couple had a son together, Wolfgang Van Halen, who they co-parented together. Remarkably, Eddie Van Halen was among the 100 guests who were present at Valerie and Tom Vitale’s wedding in 2011, at their lavish home in Malibu.

Tom and Valerie are doing really well and so far, the union has been free of scandals of any sort. Whether it’s on their red-carpet appearances or their YouTube photo albums, the pair are obviously soaring and enjoying the best of married life.

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