The Untold Truth of Destin Christopher Tucker – Chris Tucker’s Son

Destin Christopher Tucker (born September 14, 1998; Aged: 24 years old) is the son of Chris Tucker, the famous actor, and comedian, and his ex-wife, Azja Pryor, a health coach.

Destin seems to be following his dad’s footsteps into the movie world. The youngster has already made his debut as part of the cast of Love in Moreno Valley in a supporting role as a student. He is presently working with the company, Light of Kings productions, Atlanta. The up-and-coming movie star keeps his personal life under wraps but there are hints that he is already dating.

Summary of Destin Christopher Tucker’s Biography 

  • Full Name: Destin Christopher Tucker
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 14 September 1998
  • Destin Christopher Tucker’s Age: 24 years old
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Destin Christopher Tucker’s Parents: Chris Tucker and Azja Pryor.
  • Siblings: Iman Joelle
  • Destin Christopher Tucker’s Height in Inches: 6 feet
  • Destin Christopher Tucker’s Height in Centimetres: 183 cm
  • Famous For: Being the son of Chris Tucker
  • Destin Christopher Tucker’s Instagram: @dtvck

Destin Christopher Tucker is the Son of Chris Tucker and his Ex-Wife – Azja Pryor

Destin Christopher Tucker is 24 years old as his date of birth reads September 14, 1998. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Obviously, a citizen of the United States, Destin’s ethnic background is majorly African-American.

Destin is the only child of the union between Chris Tucker and Azja Pryor his ex-wife. Chris is an American actor, and comedian best known for the Rush Hour movies where he essayed the role of Detective James Carter. Azja used to work as a casting director but is now a health coach. Destin’s mum is employed at CBWS – Center for Baby Wearing Studies and trains her clients in fitness.

The Couple Divorced When Destin was Five and Pryor was Given Primary Custody

Chris Tucker and his ex-wife, Azja got married in 1997 and barely one year after they tied the wedding knot, the couple welcomed their first and only child in 1998. They raised their son together for the ensuing five years before their union came to an end in a 2003 divorce. Following his parents’ divorce in 2003, Destin grew up under the watch of his mother in California.

Destin’s mum is now the wife of an American fitness enthusiast and life coach Cherif Ndiaye. Her marriage to Cherif birthed one child, Iman Joelle in 2017 and she serves as a step-mum to her husband’s two kids, Aleyana and Ajamal from his past relationships. Destin obviously dots on his half-sister, Iman, and has been severally spotted on IG with her.

Destin Nonetheless Enjoys a Great Relationship with his Dad

Destin Christopher Tucker was barely five when his parent’s union hit the rocks in 2003 and he had to go and live with his mum. This made them develop a close bond as the years passed by.

However, despite being with his mum most of the time, Destin still remained a big part of his dad’s life. Whenever Chris Tucker gets to stay with Destin, the makes sure to maximize the opportunity as much as possible.

When Chris Tucker showed up in Hollywood for the premiere of the film, Once Upon a Time, he turned the occasion into a father-son night out with Destin Christopher Tucker in tow.

When he went to France for the Cannes Film Festival for the debut of Quentin Tarantino’s latest film, Chris had his son with him. The Rush Hour star actor had Destin glued to his side till the end of the ceremony and the father-son duo went to the Chopard Party in Cannes together.


Chris Tucker also attended the Captain Planet Foundation’s Benefit Gala hosted in Atlanta during the Christmas season and Destin tagged along as his plus-one.

After he had Destin in 1998, Chris Tucker revealed how becoming a father changed his life. According to the celebrity actor, your new status of becoming a father dawns on you after a while and that is when you will understand that someone is depending on you. He said the feeling is completely different from what he was used to but it changed him in a good way by opening him up in a different way.

Destin Christopher Tucker is a College Graduate

Destin attended one of California’s prestigious institutions of learning called Oaks Christian School where he played basketball ball graduating at the age of 19.

He left Southern California in 2017 for Atlanta where he enrolled at Morehouse College to study film production and cinematography for four years. Moving to Atlanta afforded Destin an opportunity to spend quality time with his father who resides there.

Destin Christopher Tucker completed his degree in 2021 and proudly shared the graduation pictures on social media. He took one of his graduation pictures in front of Martin Luther King’s statue. The upcoming movie star later retraced his steps to Los Angeles where he commenced work in the entertainment industry.

He is a Producer and a Filmmaker 

Destin Tucker is not a comedian like his dad but he has also gone into the entertainment industry showing that he is obviously a chip off the old block in several ways. A couple of years before he completed his college education, Destin Christopher Tucker recorded his acting debut on the set of the comedy-drama movie entitled, Love in Moreno Valley where he was featured in a supporting role as a student in 2019.

Presently, Destin is working hard to create a niche for himself in the entertainment industry; he is with Light of Kings productions, Atlanta working in behind the scene roles as producer cum filmmaker.

Though he is doing a great job, the youngster majorly gained popularity as Chris Tucker and Azja Pryor’s son.

He Does Not Seem to be in any Relationship at the Moment 

Destin is seemingly single at the moment but there are indications that he already has a girlfriend. Recently, Chris Tucker’s son took to his IG handle to share a picture he took with a beautiful lady simply known as Amya. Destin didn’t bother to disclose the type of relationship he has with the beauty but fans have already shipped them together.

Be he in a relationship or not, Destin is living a good life. A pet lover; the budding filmmaker, and producer has a dog that he always snaps pictures with. He also loves outdoor activities. He fills his leisure time playing basketball and attending car racing events occasionally.

A Look at Destin Christopher Tucker’s Height

Destin Christopher Tucker is in the same height department as his 6 feet 1-inch movie superstar dad; he stands at 6 feet which is equivalent to 183 cm. The former college basketball player’s body weight is not known. As a typical Afro-American, Destin comes with black hair which he usually wears in an afro style and eyes that are brown in color.


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