The Truth About Julie Gonzalo’s Scar

Julie Gonzalo has a scar on the bridge of her nose. According to several sources including the actress and film producer herself, she got the scar from an accident she was involved in during her childhood years.

Born Julieta “Julie” Susana Gonzalo on September 9, 1981, in Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina, the talented actress has portrayed various characters over the years but despite the changes she has undergone throughout her career, one aspect of her anatomy has remained unchanged, the scar on the bridge of her nose. This article explores the mystery behind that distinctive scar.

Julie Gonzalo’s Facial Scar is a Result of a Childhood Accident

Several sources including those close to the Argentine-American actress have indicated that Julie Gonzalo got the scar which is located on the left side of the bridge of her nose via an injury she sustained from an accident that happened in her childhood.

However, despite the veracity of the accounts of the situation that caused the scar on Julie’s nose, it must be stated that there are glaring gaps in that story such as the exact type of accident that must have caused the scar in the actress’ face.

Having established the fact that Julie Gonzalo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the context of this article requires us to also review the fact that she spent the first eight years of her life in General San Martin Partido in her home country of Argentina.

It has been confirmed that her family moved to Miami Beach in the United States shortly after her 8th birthday, and she has lived the majority of her life in the North American country.

Circling back to the events of her childhood, it is quite challenging to decipher whether Julie Gonzalo got her facial scar during the early years of her life in her birth country or if she acquired it during the first few years of her life in the United States.

She Has Opted Not To Go The Plastic Surgery Route

Given how visibly prominent the scar is on the actress’ face, the majority of her fans, and other independent observers would have understood, perhaps even advocated, and shown their support for her if she had chosen to fix the scar with plastic surgery.

Regardless, Julie Gonzalo has shown that she is confident in the way she looks without the help of plastic surgery. It remains to be seen whether the I’m With Lucy actress has dealt with any psychological or self-esteem issues that may have come up as a result of the scar on her face.

Whatever may be the case, it’s obvious that she handled those challenges without having to resort to plastic surgery. The mother of one may also have been aware of the possibility that trying to fix her scar with plastic surgery may diminish her looks in a way that would have left her feeling sorry for herself.

There is also the possibility that Julie Gonzalo may have opted against plastic surgery because of the benefits she has received as a result of the scar. It’s no longer a secret that the scar adds a distinctive character to the actress’ facial profile, a profile that has helped her land juicy acting roles ahead of some of her colleagues with flawless facial profiles.

Julie Gonzalo Rarely Reacts To Questions About Her Facial Scar

Julie Gonzalo’s childhood accident may have happened as a result of the clumsiness associated with children but even as an adult, the Freaky Friday actress has been involved in her fair share of clumsy accidents. Thankfully, none of those have left a long-term reminder like the scar on the bridge of her nose.

The actress rarely reacts to questions about her facial scar but she has talked about other accidents she has clumsily gotten herself into. One such accident occurred on the set of the rebirthed TV series Dallas.

In the series, the gorgeous actress portrays the role of Rebecca Sutter, a character who is in a relationship with Christopher Ewing, portrayed by actor Jesse Metcalfe. While shooting a raunchy scene between the two characters, Julie reportedly stumbled and hit her nose on the cheekbone of her co-star, injuring them both in the process.

While detailing the sequence of events, she revealed she had felt embarrassed but thankfully didn’t bleed and only left with a bumped-up nose and a bruised ego.

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