Meet Verena King-Boxleitner – Bruce Boxleitner’s Wife

Verena King-Boxleitner is an American entrepreneur, media publicist, and the founder of Verena King Public Relations and King Social. However, she is also known as the third wife of Bruce Boxleitner, a writer and movie actor.

Verena met Bruce in 2013, and the couple dated for three years before deciding to take their relationship to the next level in 2016. The couple’s union has endured for six years and still counting, and despite their huge age gap, they appear to be quite happy.

Summary of Verena King-Boxleitner’s Biography

  • Full Name: Verena King-Boxleitner
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Verena King-Boxleitner’s Husband: Bruce Boxleitner
  • Verena King-Boxleitner’s Parents: James King
  • Siblings: Deahnna King and Dorelie King Guinn
  • Famous For: Being the wife of Bruce Boxleitner
  • Verena King-Boxleitner’s Instagram: @verena_king
  • Twitter: @verenakin

How Old is Verena King-Boxleitner?

The actual age for Verena King-Boxleitner is unknown, as the publicist’s date of birth has never been disclosed. However, it is common knowledge that she was born in the US and spent her growing up years in the San Fernando Valley part of California. An American by nationality, Verena King-Boxleitner’s ethnicity is listed as White.

Verena is the daughter of James King, and from what is perceivable, she shares a close bond with her father. On the 1st of February 2016, the CA native shared a touching post about her late dad. According to Verena, she lost her favorite person 18 years from that day, and he will forever live in her heart.

The publicist attached a picture of her beloved dad, ending her message with an “I love you, Dad.” On the other hand, her mum is unknown, but she shared childhood memories with two sisters, Deahnna King and Dorelie King Guinn.

The King household is a Christian family that brought their children up to follow the faith. Verena King-Boxleitner accomplished her early education in her place of birth, CA but relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1995, where she joined the University of Nevada to major in media studies.

When Did Verena King-Boxleitner Meet her Spouse, Bruce Boxleitner?

Verena King-Boxleitner first crossed paths with actor Bruce Boxleitner in January 2013. We were not intimated about the circumstances surrounding their meeting or where it occurred, but the couple soon developed an interest in each other and commenced dating almost immediately.

The Saturn Award nominee dated Verena for three years before deciding to pop the big question in February 2016. Needless to say, Bruce got an answer in the affirmative, and the stage was set for their nuptials.

Verena King-Boxleitner Became Bruce Boxleitner’s Wife 3 Years After They Met

The officially engaged couple stayed for an additional six months before taking the proverbial walk down the aisle on the 5th of October, 2016. Their wedding was a private affair hosted in Oahu, Hawaii, with just family and close friends in attendance.

Verena King-Boxleitner has never exchanged wedding vows with anybody in her life, but the case is different for her movie actor husband, Bruce, who has tasted matrimony several times. For ten years, from 1977 to 1987, the movie superstar was the husband of actress Kathryn Holcomb.

However, their union hit the rocks like most celebrity marriages. Bruce wasted no time in moving on with another American actress called Melissa Gilbert. They dated for a while before tying the knot in 1995. The Bruce/ Melissa union went on to last for 16 years and came to an end on the 1st of March 2011.

It took Bruce five years before he dared to test the turbulent waters of marriage for the third time, and from what we are seeing, the American movie star seems to have gotten it right with Verena King-Boxleitner as their union has lasted six years and counting.

Bruce and Verena Have A Wide Age Difference

Even though Verena King-Boxleitner has never mentioned her age to the public hearing, it is obvious that she is yet to attain her fifties. With that said, her husband Bruce is already a septuagenarian; this means an age gap of more than 20 years.

However, the couple’s generational age gap did not stop them from falling in love and building a happy marriage. Verena even appears to take delight in her husband’s advanced age.

Does Verena King-Boxleitner Have Children?

There is no record of any children for Verena King-Boxleitner and her spouse, Bruce, but that is not to say that actor does not have kids from his previous relationships. Bruce’s union with actress Kathryn birthed two children – all boys. Their first son is called Lee Boxleitner, and he was born in 1980.

Lee soon became a brother to Sam Boxleitner, who announced his entrance in 1985. Bruce’s second marriage to actress Melissa Gilbert was equally fruitful as the couple welcomed a son named Michael Boxleitner, who joined the family in 1995.

Verena Would Have Built A Successful Career As a Dancer

Right from her formative years, Verena King-Boxleitner has always displayed a healthy dose of interest in dancing; thus, she started studying ballet and modern dancing from the tender age of six. The then dancer was good at what she did, and it was beginning to look like she had found her forte in dancing.

However, Verena suffered a severe back injury at the age of 19, which led to the end of her dancing career. The back injury became a turning point for the emerging businesswoman and publicist as she quickly diverted her attention to another professional career.

Verena was still studying at the University when she gained employment at KSNE-FM, working in her capacity as a sales assistant. After five years at KSNE-FM, Verena was promoted to the company’s Director of Marketing and Promotions. She worked at the radio station for seven long years before moving on.

Verena King-Boxleitner as a Businesswoman

As Verena King-Boxleitner was serving at KSNE-FM, the blossoming businesswoman was equally garnering experience to prepare for her future career. Armed with enough know-how and confidence, she joined the wheeling-dealing world of business by launching the company King Social, LLC.

She is also the brain behind Verena Public King Relation. Verena’s firm works with small communications businesses as well as corporate communications. At this stage in her life, the publicist was already a connoisseur in media and public relations, and it didn’t take long to start getting A-list celebs and high-profile personalities on her clientele base.

However, she started from her locality before moving on to break new frontiers—she banks on strategic campaign building in promoting the businesses of her clients. Online marketing is one of her biggest promotion tools, and she also leverages other methods in promoting small and big businesses, a good example is social media.

Verena explores digital marketing to the fullest, leveraging its basic philosophy in projecting her client’s businesses and brands. She has worked for big names such as Dita Von Teese and Peter Max.

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