Meet Rhonda Worthey – Troy Aikman’s Ex-wife

Rhonda Worthey is the ex-wife of Troy Aikman, a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback. Born on the 2nd of May 1970, Rhonda, who is 54 years old, was a publicist for the Cowboys and earns a living in the fashion industry as a businesswoman.

Worthey tied the knot with Aikman in 2000, and the couple went on to live together for almost 11 years before their union came crashing in 2011. They share two children – all girls and got equal custody of their kids after the divorce. Rhonda didn’t bother to get married after her divorce from Troy; she is currently living the life of a single mother and raising her children in Dallas.

Summary of Rhonda Worthey’s Biography

  • Full Name: Rhonda Worthey
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 2nd of May 1970
  • Rhonda Worthey’s Age: 54 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Rhonda Worthey’s Husband (Wife): Troy Aikman
  • Rhonda Worthey’s Children: Two
  • Rhonda Worthey’s Height in Inches: 4 feet 9 inches
  • Rhonda Worthey’s Height in Centimetres: 144 cm
  • Rhonda Worthey’s Weight: 59 kg
  • Body measurements in Inches: 36-33-34
  • Body measurements in Centimetres: 9-83-86
  • Rhonda Worthey’s Net Worth: $10 million
  • Famous For: Being the ex-wife of Troy Aikman
  • Facebook: Rhonda Worthey

Rhonda Worthey Was Born in 1970

Rhonda Worthey is 54; the famed celebrity wife was born on the 2nd of May 1970. The records captured Rhonda’s place of birth as Texas in the United States, which is an indication of her American nationality, however, her ethnic background is said to be White.

Even while she was a celebrity wife of a man of Troy Aikman’s caliber, Rhoda managed to keep the details of her family background under wraps, consequently, nothing is known about her parents, and it is not known whether she has siblings or grew up as an only child.

In the same vein, she has not revealed anything about her academic journey, but according to some online sources, she is a graduate of public relations, but the academic institution she attended is not known. Also, her year of graduation has never been mentioned in the public space.

She and Troy Aikman Began Dating in The Late 90s

Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman first crossed paths back in 1998. According to reports, the duo both worked for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League – while Troy was the golden boy quarterback of Jerry Jones’ all formidable Cowboys team during the 90s, his love interest Rhonda was working on the sideline as the team’s publicist. Their first meeting occurred 11 years after Aikman was picked by the Dallas Cowboys as the first overall pick during the NFL draft of 1989.

The exact circumstances that led to their first meeting were not revealed but reports said they started dating a short while after that. Important to note that Troy was still dating his then-girlfriend, Lorraine, and had to break up with her before going for Rhonda.

One interesting fact about the couple’s dating period was that they decided to keep romantic dalliance under wraps at the initial stage. Many have speculated that it may well be because they were working for the same team and didn’t want too much publicity.

The romantic duo succeeded in keeping their relationship a big secrete for almost two years before they went ahead to get married. Fans were not told when Troy Aikman popped the big question to Rhonda Worthey, but he obviously received a “yes” answer.

The Couple Got Married in Texas in 2000

Rhonda Worthey
Rhonda and Troy image source

With the way Rhonda and Aikman kept their dating period low-key, fans were obviously surprised when the news of their impending wedding hit the airwaves. By the time the couple finally took the proverbial walk down the aisle on the 8th of April 2000, Aikman had already played football as a professional for over 21 years, and needless to say, the news about his wedding wasted no time in going viral.

The couple hosted their wedding reception at a Plano, Texas-based mansion owned by the Dallas Cowboy quarterback. It was described as a beautiful affair with friends and family members from both the groom’s and bride’s side in attendance.

Following the couple’s nuptials, Rhonda Worthey was a supportive wife attending important events and occasions with her spouse. From what is obvious, the camera equally loved them as Aikman and Rhonda were soon listed among the most photographed couples in the world of football, in their home city Dallas, and possibly in the whole of the United States.

Their popularity came as no surprise to many as Texas Monthly once named the National Football League quarterback as Dallas’ most eligible bachelor. Married life was obviously running on oiled wheels for the duo until trouble came in paradise.


Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman’s Children

Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman appeared to be in a hurry to have children as the couple welcomed their first fruit four months after celebrating their first wedding anniversary. Jordan Ashley Aikman, also called Jordan Aikman, announced her entrance on August 2001.

Jordan was barely a year old in July 2002 before she became a big sister to Alexa Marie Aikman, also called Ally Aikman.

Though Rhonda only shares two children with her ex-husband, Troy Aikman, the former publicist for the Dallas Cowboys, is a mother of three. Before she met and married the NFL quarterback, the Texan was in a relationship with a man (name undisclosed) who fathered her first child, Rachel Martin.

Rachel was born sometime in 1991, seven years before Aikman came into Rhonda’s life. Fans and the media have speculated a lot about the identity of Rachel’s father. Many of them believed that the girl’s surname, Martin, must have come from her biological father, and unraveling the mystery may be as easy as getting the name of Rhonda Worthey’s past lover, who bears Martin as his last name.

Nothing much is known about Rhonda and Troy’s children, but a scrutiny of the former quarterback’s Instagram handle revealed that the girls are now of university age and have already enrolled at Washington & Lee University in the United States.

The Ex-Couple Share a Great Bond With Their Children

Following their divorce, Rhonda and her ex-husband Aikman share 50/50 custody of their daughters, Jordan and Alexa. The girls spend as much time with their mum as they spend with Troy. Both parents have been severally spotted in pictures with the Aikman girls.

According to Troy Aikman, he had wanted to coach Jordan and Alexa in sports but got worried that he may push them too hard. Troy, who has proved himself to be a hands-on dad said he is just contented with being a father.

However, despite the former quarterback’s aversion to forcing sporting activities on his girls, Alexa seems to have risen to the occasion on her own and is now a volleyball player.

The proud papa never misses an opportunity to share his children’s milestones and achievements via his social media handles. He has severally announced the girls’ academic excellence as well as Alexa’s exploits in volleyball.

Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman Divorced in 2011

From the couple’s beautiful wedding ceremony to their time together as husband and wife, Rhonda Worthey and Troy Aikman put out the semblance of a happily ever after kind of relationship. Thus, fans and the general public were greatly shocked when the news of their separation started making the rounds on the internet space.

When the former role model couple announced their split on the 24th of January 2011, fans were of high hopes that a reconciliation was in the offing. However, all hopes were dashed when they went ahead with their divorce proceedings which were finalized on the 12 of April of the same year.

Following the shocking news of their divorce, the media outlets went into a reporting frenzy as people wanted to get the scoop. On their own part, fans were equally curious to find out what went wrong in the couple’s relationship, but from what is perceivable, both parties have remained tight-lipped to date.

The only insight we got was when the former National Football League quarterback came open to describe their decision of splitting as a very difficult one. The former couple later released a joint statement claiming that they would remain committed to raising their daughter since the court granted them equal custody.

Rhonda Worthey Has Yet To Remarry Unlike Her Ex

From all indications, Rhonda Worthey didn’t bother to get married again after she got divorced from Troy Aikman. At the time of their separation and divorce, her daughter Jordan was barely 10 while her younger sister, Alexa, was just hitting nine.

Fans speculated that she must have made the decision to remain single so as to focus on raising her girls without distractions. Besides, even now that they are in their twenties and attending university, the former Dallas Cowboy publicist is still not married.

However, the story is totally different for her ex-husband as Troy Aikman later moved on. The former NFL quarterback found love again in the arms of Catherine ‘Capa’ Mooty, who earns a living in the fashion industry. Cath co-owns the boutique known as Luxeliner alongside Charlotte Jones Anderson. Charlotte is the daughter of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Rhonda Worthey is a Fashion Designer, Publicist, and Businesswoman

Rhonda Worthey is listed as a former publicist, commentator, TV host, reality television star, fashion designer, and businesswoman.

According to reports, it was while Rhonda was working as a publicist, commentator, and TV personality for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League that she first crossed paths with the man who would become her husband.

However, the details of her career with the NFL team are not recorded but is common knowledge that she left the job after marriage to go and concentrate on raising a family.

Considering the level of her husband’s fame as a quarterback with the National Football League, fans of The Real Housewives of Dallas expected Rhonda to join the show when it aired. However, she had multiple delays that prevented her from joining the show, and to date, she didn’t grace the reality TV show set.

She Has An Estimated Net Worth of $10 Million

A recent estimate of Rhonda Worthey’s net worth pegged it at $10 million, and according to reports, she got a lion’s share of her wallet from her divorce from Troy Aikman.

After her divorce was finalized, Rhonda received $2 million cash as a divorce settlement. Both her spousal and child support came to $1.7 million, and she got one of their joint properties worth $1.5 million.

It is possible that Rhoda didn’t live in the property she received as the American celebrity wife purchased another $1.5 million worth of property in Dallas around that time.

Reports from TMZ said the ex-wife of Troy Aikman decided to give up the stake she had in the Aikman Dallas family mansion in November 2010. However, we were never told whether she was compensated or not.

Before that, the couple had put their mansion on the property market for $27 million, making it the costliest house for sale in all of Texas. When they could not find a buyer for that amount, the price went down to $14 million, yet no buyer came. To date, the public was not intimated on what became of the house and the proceeds.

Reports claimed that Rhonda Worthey and her ex-husband were already dividing their assets between themselves before their divorce.

Apart from what she received from their divorce, Rhonda also made a tidy sum from her days with the Dallas Cowboys. Her fashion designing career and business endeavors will also account for a digit or two of her bank balance.

Rhonda Was Arrested For Public Intoxication After The Divorce

Though Rhonda Worthey has managed to keep away from bad press all her life, the former wife of Troy Aikman couldn’t keep the news of her arrest hidden from public scrutiny.

Barely one year after the couple went their separate ways in August 2012, news of Rhonda’s arrest started making the rounds. According to what we sieved from sources, she was arrested by the Dallas authorities and charged in court with public intoxication.

A scrutiny of her court document revealed that the mother of three was picked up close to Plano, Texas, very drunk, and the cops had to tow her vehicle to a pound.

The case landed her in Collin County Jail, however, Rhonda regained her freedom the same day after posting a bond of $269.

Ensuing reports said she consented to plead “no contest” at her arraignment to get a 30 days probation.

After the incident, Rhonda Worthey has consciously tried to shun the spotlight. She only surfaces on her Facebook page from time to time, and her images and videos indicate that the mother of three is having a great time with her daughters.

Where is Rhonda Now?

After she separated from Troy Aikman, the only other time that Rhonda’s name hit the airwaves was when the Dallas authorities charged her with public intoxication. However, she seems to be nowhere to be found since the case was settled.

In recent times, reports revealed that Rhonda resides in the $1.5 million mansion she purchased in Dallas after their divorce and is raising her daughters there.

Nothing much was said about her current career path, but the former Cowboys publicist seems to have no financial worries as she is comfortably buoyed by her stash of wealth

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