Meet Kaari Jaidyn Morant, Ja Morant’s Daughter With KK Dixon

Kaari Jaidyn Morant is the daughter of Ja Morant and KK Dixon. She was born on August 7, 2019 with African-American ethnicity. Ja Morant’s daughter is not just popular because her parents are famous, her father being an NBA star and her mother, a social media personality; but she is also a social media sensation in her own right, with many fans and followers.

The 4-year-old beauty has over 92k followers on Instagram and seems to be following in her mother’s footsteps. Learn interesting facts about Jaidyn below.

Summary of Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s Biography

  • Full name: Kaari Jaidyn Morant
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: August 7th, 2019
  • Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s Age: 4 years old
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign:  Leo
  • Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s Parents: Ja Morant andKK Dixon
  • Famous for: being Ja Morant’s daughter
  • Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s Instagram: kaarimorant

Who is Ja Morant’s Daughter, Kaari Jaidyn Morant?

Kaari Jaidyn Morant is the daughter of NBA star Ja Morant and social media personality, KK Dixon. She was born on August 7th, 2019, and is currently 4 years old. She was born two months earlier than scheduled, making her a pre-term baby.

Aside from this information about being born earlier than expected, other details about where she was born, birth weight, etc., are unknown. She is currently under three years old and has not enrolled in any school yet.

Meet Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s Parents, Ja Morant and KK Dixon

Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s parents are NBA star Ja Morant and social media personality KK Dixon. Ja Morant officially became an NBA player in 2019 after being drafted by Grizzles, a Tennesse Memphis-based NBA franchise, as the 2nd overall pick.

Before then, he played for his high school team at Crestwood High school in Sumter, South Carolina. He also played college basketball at Murray State between 2017 to 2019. On the other hand, Kaari’s mom, KK Dixon, was born in 2000 to DeShannon and Christal Dixon.

The Arkansas native is one of her parents’ three children. She has a brother named Tyrik Dixon, who is also a basketball player for the Missouri State Bears, and a younger sister named Braylee Dixon. The mother of one is a student of Fisk University, New York. She is said to also play basketball and volleyball in college. KK is also an Instagram sensation with over 22k followers.

How Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s Parents Met

There are no details about how the former couple met. However, according to a report, Ja and KK Dixon reportedly began dating in 2018. People learned about their relationship after Dixon shared a picture of her and Ja on Instagram in late 2018; this was before Ja became an NBA star.

However, there is no information about how long they had been together before that first picture came online. In August 2019, one year after they made their relationship, the duo welcomed their daughter Kaari Jaidyn Morant.

Why Did Ja Morant And KK Dixon Separate?

The couple broke up in 2019, just a couple of weeks after welcoming their daughter. No one knows the reason behind their breakup, and the public only got to know about it after they both unfollowed each other on Instagram. They have both since moved on with their lives.

Ja Morant has been rumored to be dating people like influencer Abigail Russo and model Johanna Leia simply because he liked their posts on social media. He has denied dating either of the ladies. Dixon, on the other hand, appears to be single at the moment.

She has not disclosed anything about her love life online. Most of what she shares is about her and her daughter spending time with friends and family.

How Did Kaari Jaidyn Morant Become Famous?

Well, it happened that when Ja Morant dropped 52 points in March 2022, helping the Grizzlies pull in a 118-105 win over the Spurs, Kaari Jaidyn Morant was there to watch her father play and it was her first time.

The Grizzlies mascot was looking after her during the game, and after the match, Kaari joined dad for the post-game interview and stole the show. During the interview, Ja pointed at Kaari as his motivation and added that it was only fitting to make history on a night she was there to watch him play.

After the game, the proud father retweeted a photo of his daughter being looked after by the Grizzlies mascot during the game, and the whole internet went lit with it.

During a match against the Timberwolves the previous month, Ja Morant sustained an injury that had him stay out all through the rest of the third quarter. However, he was strong enough to return to play the entire fourth quarter.

Kaari Jaidyn watched the game at home and was captured, being genuinely concerned that her dad had injured himself badly. In a video that would later be shared online by Ja, she was seen asking her mom whether her dad was ok.

This video must have prepared the ground for her eventual social media fame, which came after she joined her dad for his post-game interview. Kaari has her own Instagram account, with over 92k followers. Her account is run by her parents. Her page is filled with fun pictures and videos of her Funtime with her mom, dad, cousins, and friends.

How Involved Is Ja Morant In His Daughter’s Life

Ja Morant And KK Dixon may no longer be together, but they are so involved in their daughter’s life and so focused on being there for her. Although Kaari stays with her mother, the Memphis star remains close to his daughter. He has been spotted with her at numerous basketball games and shared many cute snaps with her.

In November 2021, Ja shared an adorable video and photos of him and his daughter with the caption: “If I could gift-wrap the globe, I’d give you the world,” the video was such a delight to watch.

Both parents appear to be co-parenting her just fine. They run her Instagram page. For now, little Karri is trailing in her mother’s footsteps as a social media personality; whether she will later become an athlete or a basketballer like her dad, only time will tell.

Key Facts About Ja Morant’s Daughter, Kaari Jaidyn Morant

  1. When was Kaari Jaidyn Morant born? Kaari Jaidyn Morant was born on August 7, 2019.
  2. What is Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s age? Kaari Jaidyn Morant is currently 54 years old.
  3. Who are Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s parents? Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s parents are Ja Morant and K.K. Dixon.
  4. What is Ja Morant known for? Ja Morant is a professional basketball player in the U.S. who currently plays for the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA.
  5. What is K.K. Dixon known for? K.K. Dixon has a big fan base on Instagram.
  6. What is Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s ethnicity? Kaari Jaidyn Morant is of African-American descent.
  7. When was Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s birth announced? Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s birth was announced on Instagram by her mother, K.K. Dixon, on September 17, 2019, one month after the due date.
  8. Who else is in Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s family? Kaari Jaidyn Morant has a younger sister named BrayLee Dixon, her parents, Ja Morant and K.K. Dixon, and her maternal grandparents, DeShannon and Christal Dixon. Her brother, Tyrik Dixon, plays basketball for the Missouri State Bears.
  9. What is Ja Morant’s relationship with his family? Ja Morant is known for his close relationship with his family, including his parents, Tee and Jamie Morant, and his daughter, Kaari Jadyn Morant.
  10. Who has custody of Kaari Jaidyn Morant? Ja Morant and K.K. Dixon share joint custody of their child, although Kaari Jadyn Morant lives fully with her mother.
  11. What is Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s current height? Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s current height is not in the public domain.
  12. What is Kaari Jaidyn Morant’s family background? Kaari Jaidyn Morant has a Christian family background.
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