Mary Louise Piccard is Steve Bannon’s Ex-Wife – Get To Know Her

Mary Louise Piccard is the second wife of Steve Bannon, the media executive, businessman, and politician. Mary is also a former American investment banker turned actress in her own right.

Mary and Bannon exchanged wedding vows in 1995 and went on to have a turbulent union that barely lasted three years. The couple’s marriage was fraught with one controversy after another and denigrated into domestic violence at a point. The duo later decided to go their separate way in 1998, though they share twin daughters who are now grown up and charting their individual causes in life.

Summary of Mary Louise Piccard’s Biography

  • Full Name: Mary Louise Piccard
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Mary Louise Piccard’s Ex-Husband: Steve Bannon
  • Mary Louise Piccard’s Children: Grace Piccard and Emily Piccard (twins)
  • Famous For: Being the ex-wife of media executive Steve Bannon
  • Grace Piccard and Emily Piccard’s Instagram: steve_bannon

What is Mary Louise Piccard’s Nationality?

Mary Louise Piccard was born in California, United States, which is an indication of her American nationality, however, her ethnicity has never been disclosed. Piccard has always been the taciturn type and thus never talked about her birth details in the public arena; her reticence led to a dearth of info about her date of birth and age.

In the same way that she kept her birth details hidden, Piccard also refused to let on her parents’ and siblings’ names. Also, nothing has been said about her growing-up years

Talking about her academic qualifications, several sources have listed her as a college graduate since she worked in investment banking for a while. This conclusion is drawn from the fact that the banking sector rarely employs non-graduates, but there is no inkling of the academic institution she attended.

Piccard’s Career

Although Mary Louise Piccard only came to the limelight as a result of her marriage to Steve Bannon, the CA native also thrived in her own career. She is reported to have worked in investment banking, though her activities during this period have remained under the shade – the financial institution she worked with is not known, and neither did the records capture how long she lasted in banking.

At a point in her career life, Piccard went to court the limelight by joining the entertainment industry. This was when she scored some acting roles in productions like The Spiderwick Chronicles, Red, Red 2, and R.IP.D. She also recorded an appearance in the Mike Snyder-directed action drama movie titled Caged in Paradiso, which hit the movie stands in 1989.

Piccard worked in the print media, contributing quality content to Esquire magazine on different topics. The year 2015 was when the CA native’s memoir, Dear Mr. You hit the book stand.

Despite her stint in show Biz, Piccard still prefers to shy away from the prying eyes of the media and the general public; she is said to avoid the celebrity lifestyle like the plague.

Mary Louise Piccard Became Steve Bannon’s Wife in 1995

Going by the tidbits we could sieve from available records, Mary Louise Piccard and Steve Bannon became man and wife sometime in April 1995, but the exact month and day has never been mentioned.

Apart from the couple’s wedding date, nothing else is recorded about the ceremony. Details like the venue of their nuptials, the type of ceremony, and the guest list have remained under the shade to date. We were only told that Piccard was on the verge of giving birth when they exchanged wedding vows, and the then-new bride eventually gave birth three days later.

What Does Louise Piccard’s Husband Do for a Living?

Steve Bannon is listed as an Investment banker, media executive, movie producer, businessman, and politician. Born on the 27th of November 1953, Bannon started his career life in the US Navy, where he proceeded to spend seven years from the latter part of the 1970s to the early part of the 1980s.

The Harvard Business School alum was a staff of Goldman Sachs; there, he functioned as an investment banker for a couple of years before leaving the financial sector.

Between 1991 and 2016, Mary Louise Piccard’s ex-husband was part of Hollywood as an executive producer. During this period, he produced movies like The Indian Runner, Generation Zero, Titus, The Undefeated, Battle For America, Sweetwater, Occupy unmasked, and several others.

The Norfolk, Virginia native gained success in 2012 in the area of entertainment finance after he created a succession of politically charged documentaries.

Before long, Bannon widened his horizon by shifting his interest to politics. He was handsomely rewarded in August 2016 when Donald Trump’s presidential campaign named him as its Chief Executive Officer. He later became the 45th U.S. president’s senior counselor and served as Breitbart News’s executive chairman.

However, Steve was forced to relinquish his position as chairman of Breitbart following the release of some excerpts from a book entitled Fire and Fury, centered on the Trump White House. These excerpts exposed Steve as someone disparaging the president’s family; needless to say, this contributed to killing his political ambitions.

Does Mary Louise Piccard Have Children?

Mary Louise Piccard is a mother of two. Her marriage to Steve produced two daughters, Grace Piccard and Emily Piccard, who were born twins. The Bannon twins arrived three days after their parent’s wedding in April 1995 and are currently 29-year-old.

Emily and Grace have been living a sheltered life since they were born. Their parents preferred to keep them off the limelight; thus, it is difficult to get facts about their growing up years, academic details, professional careers, and love life.

Grace and Emily are not the only kids of Steve Bannon, the American businessman and movie producer was already a first-time father to Maureen Bannon when he married Mary. While their union lasted, Piccard acted as stepmother to Maureen, who is an alum of the United States Military Academy, where she was active in playing volleyball. Steve’s first daughter was a lieutenant in the 101st Airborne Division and a West Point grad.

What Happened Between Mary Louise and Steve Bannon?

After they tied the connubial knot in April 1995, Mary Louise Piccard and Steve Bannon’s union only lasted three years before it hit the rocks.

Whatever caused the couple’s separation has never been mentioned to the public; thus, no one has been able to name the culprit. However, many have speculated that Steve may be at fault; this conclusion is drawn from the fact that the father of three has been married and divorced three times.

The records specified that Mary filed for divorce; the couple finalized things in 1998 and went on to live their individual lives.

Mary Louise Piccard and Steve Bannon’s Marriage was Plagued by a Plethora of Controversies

The three years that Mary Louise Piccard and Steve Bannon spent in marriage were far from peaceful. The couple ran a home that was beleaguered with one controversy after another

They were Constantly Engaged in Heated Arguments that Became Physical

Following their divorce in 1998, Piccard refused to let sleeping dogs lie by calling out Steve for all the atrocities he committed against her during their time together as man and wife. She wasted no time slamming the media executive with a lawsuit accusing him of domestic violence.

The couple’s divorce document revealed many things that went on in their marriage. They were once engaged in an argument where Steve roughly grabbed Mary by the arm and throat. Politico reported that Mary requested that Steve find other accommodation, but he ridiculed her with a harsh laugh, claiming he would never move out.

The duo were by the car when this happened, and Mary spat at him. Steve reacted by pulling her over the door and into the car by grabbing her neck and arm. Mary Louise Piccard, who wouldn’t have any part of it, started fighting back. Steve only let go after she struck his face. Even after he released her, Steve still chased Mary into the house.

Mary announced her intention to call 911, grabbing the portable phone on her way to the living room where her girls were and punching in the numbers. On getting to their twins, Steve jumped over Mary and their children to grab the phone and throw it across the floor. He left the house immediately afterward.

When the police arrived, they attested that the phone had been shattered into pieces. They also examined Mary’s arms and neck after she complained of soreness. Police reports said the right side of the lady’s neck and left wrist bore red marks as a testament to the rough handling she had just passed through at the hands of her husband. These were captured on camera to be used as evidence in court.

Mary later narrated how their relationship has been fraught with arguments from inception, and they even started going to counseling in a bid to find a solution all to no avail. Mary Louise Piccard was later advised to request an emergency protective order against Steve but declined.

The Couple Argued A lot Over Money

When Mr. Bannon snatched the phone from Mary’s hand on the 31st of December 1995 and smashed it on the ground, he was screaming that she was a ‘crazy f—ing c–t!” He later spent the night on the couch, and in the morning of the 1st of January 1996, she woke up early to feed their daughter when Steve got angry with her for making noise.

Steve was about to leave the house at exactly 8:15 a.m. when Mary Louise Piccard requested their American Express card in order to shop for groceries, but he refused, claiming she didn’t need it and only needed to write a check. Following him out to the car, Mary asked why he was refusing to let her have access to money, and in response, Steve said the money belonged to him. At this point, the mother of two asked for a divorce, requesting that he move out.

There are police reports stating that the couple’s argument over money happened severally, and Piccard was physically attacked during some of these heated exchanges.

Mary Louise Piccard and Steve Bannon Had Differences of Opinion over The Twins

During their divorce proceeding, Mary Louise Piccard opened up about some of the harsh treatment she has been receiving from her husband right from the onset. It was at this point that she revealed how the media executive refused to wed her until they sought a confirmation that the twins in her belle were “normal.”

Even after the arrival of their children, Steve would constantly threaten to take them and disappear; the twins were still infants at this period. When the girls became a bit older, arguments about their choice of school ensued. Mary said her choice of an academic institution for the girls elicited some anti-Semitic comments from Bannon.

According to Mary, Steve totally objected to the twins attending an elite LA-based academy, and his reasons were that he didn’t want his children mingling with Jews. The American media executive later revealed why he hated the Jews. According to him, they raise their children to be ‘whiney brats.’

With all these allegations, the police proceeded to charge Steve with a plethora of offenses, including misdemeanor domestic violence, dissuading a witness, and battery. When arraigned, Bannon made a “not guilty” plea to all the charges, and after Mary failed to appear in court to testify against him, the case was dropped.

Mary later confessed that she received threats from her ex to drop the case or not get a cent to support the twins. All this drama played out when Steve was appointed as Trump’s campaign Chief Executive Officer, and it goes without saying that any negative publicity will be highly problematic for them.

Where is Mary Louise Piccard Now?

As earlier mentioned, Mary Louise Piccard only tested fame because of her union with an American media executive. Thus, the mother of two was happy to disappear from the limelight after her divorce was declared final.

Since then, she has been enjoying her private lifestyle, making it difficult to keep track of her hookups and breakups. However, Piccard’s professional life shed some light on her whereabouts in 2019 when she returned to Broadway to play a starring role in The Sound Inside. This singular performance earned her a Tony Award in the category of Best Actress in a Play.

The Sound Inside was not the last that was heard of Mary Louise Piccard as the stage actress surfaced again in 2022 for a recast of her Li’I Bit role, which she previously depicted in How I Learned to Drive on Broadway in 1977; she started the role off-Broadway. Piccard’s effort in this performance earned her a Tony Award nomination.

While Mary’s personal life post-divorce has been hidden from the public, Steve’s subsequent marriages have been well publicized. Eight years after their divorce, the media boss pitched his tent with Diane Clohesy, who became his wife number three, though they have already gone their separate ways. Recall that Steve was already married and divorced before he met Piccard. His first wife, Cathleen Suzanne Houff, only lasted a few years in their marriage before they called it quits in 1988.


1. Who is Mary Louise Piccard? Answer: Mary Louise Piccard is the first wife of Stephen K. Bannon, an influential figure in American media and politics. She was married to Bannon from 1995 to 1997 and is the mother of twin girls, Grace and Emily Picard.

2. What were the circumstances of Mary Louise Piccard’s divorce from Steve Bannon? Answer: Mary Louise Piccard and Steve Bannon divorced in 1997. She accused Bannon of domestic violence, including grabbing her by the throat and arm, and he was charged with misdemeanor battery, domestic abuse, and intimidating a witness. The charges were ultimately dropped when Piccard failed to appear in court to testify against Bannon.

3. Did Mary Louise Piccard make any other allegations against Steve Bannon? Answer: Yes, in addition to the domestic violence allegations, Mary Louise Piccard accused Bannon of being anti-Semitic. She claimed he did not want their daughters to attend a particular school due to the number of Jewish students there. However, Bannon’s spokesperson denied the allegation.

4. What is known about Mary Louise Piccard’s career and personal life after her divorce? Answer: After her divorce, Mary Louise Piccard appears to have kept a low profile. She returned to Broadway, starring in “The Sound Inside” in 2019, winning a Tony Award, and reprising her role in “How I Learned to Drive on Broadway” in 2022, which earned her another Tony nomination.

5. What is Mary Louise Piccard’s age and net worth? Answer: Mary Louise Piccard’s exact date of birth is not publicly known, but she is estimated to be in her 60s. Her net worth has not been officially disclosed.

6. What was Steve Bannon’s response to Mary Louise Piccard’s allegations? Answer: Steve Bannon pleaded not guilty to the domestic violence charges and the charges were dropped when Piccard did not testify. Regarding the anti-Semitic allegation, Bannon’s spokesperson denied the claim, stating that he had never expressed such views and that he sent the girls to the school in question.

7. What can be said about Mary Louise Piccard’s relationship with her children? Answer: Mary Louise Piccard is the mother of twin girls, Grace and Emily Picard, from her marriage to Steve Bannon. Specific details about her relationship with her children are not provided in the information, but Bannon’s spokesperson did mention that he has a great relationship with the twins and still supports them, possibly indicating a continued family connection.

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