Who is Liver King’s Wife and How Old is She Now?

Liver King’s wife is Bozena Johnson, who is also referred to as Barbara Jonson or Liver Queen. Liver King’s wife was born on December 4, 1972, and is currently 51 years old.

Barbara has been married to the Liver King, whose real name is Brian Michael Johnson for more than 20 years. The pair got married in 2005, only a few months after they met and they have now built their fortune together. She is a former dentist and businesswoman who lives a prima lifestyle with her husband and kids.

 Summary of Liver King’s Wife Biography 

  • Full name: Bozena Barbara Johnson
  • Nickname: Liver Queen
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: December 04, 1972
  • Liver King’s Wife Age: 51 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: Polish American
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Barbara Jonson’s Husband:
  • Barbara Jonson’s Children: Stryker and Rad
  • Barbara Jongson’s Height in Inches: 5 Feet 5 inches
  • Barbara Johnson’s Height in Centimetres: 167 cm
  • Barbara Johnson’s Net worth: $12 million (together with her husband)
  • Famous for: being the Wife of Liver King
  • Liver King’s Wife’s Instagram: @theliverqueen

Who is Liver King’s Wife?

Liver King’s wife is Barbara Johnson, who was born Bozena Johnson in 1972 in Hajnowka, Poland. Of Polish-American nationality and Polish ethnicity, she holds her Polish heritage very close to her heart.

She was born to a father who fled Poland to Germany before finally making it to the United States. It was here that he brought up his daughter and other members of his family as first-generation Polish Americans.

There is hardly any information as regards the names of her parents as well as siblings, and how she was brought up. She got her college education from Stony Brook University.

How Old Is Liver King’s Wife?

Liver King’s Wife is currently 51 years old as she was born on December 4, 1972. As stated, she was born and raised in the United States, although she has Polish roots.

The age of Barbara Johnson has been a serious subject of contention as many had always thought she was still in her thirties until it was clarified on the family’s website that she was already in her golden age.

In celebrating her 50th birthday on December 4, 2022, the Liver Queen revealed that she was feeling extremely blessed for all she had learned over the five decades. She has managed to remain fit and young through her very active lifestyle.

Why is Liver King’s Wife Called Liver Queen?

The main reason why Barbara Johnson is referred to as Liver Queen or Queen Liver is because her husband is considered to be the Liver King. According to the family’s website, every lion has his own lioness and for Liver King, it is Liver Queen.

Another reason is she has been a part of his life and journey for many years. More so, Barbara has also followed the same path as her husband which is why she has earned the name of Liver Queen.

Bozena Johnson Became Liver King’s Wife Only 5 Months of Meeting Him

The love story between Barbara and Brian is a very interesting one. The pair met for the first time on the hill of Utah in Park City to be precise. Liver King was the first person to spot Barbara and he knew immediately that she was going to be the one for him. According to him, he was riding up a chairlift when he saw Liver Queen in her ponytails and helmet some 50 yards away.

Convinced that she was his soulmate, he went after her and they got talking. Even though he had very little idea of the hill, he still invited her to show her around the hills. That became their first date and two months later, they were engaged.

The couple would go on to date for only two months before deciding that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and so they got engaged. 5 months after the engagement, they got married in a simple event in Nevis, West Indies.

Close to two decades later, the pair are still very much together and happy. The family described the role of Barbara as that of a nurturer, caretaker, and compassion maker for the entire family which is also referred to as the Liver King tribe.

She is A Mother of 2 Kids

The marriage between Brian Michael Johnson and Barbara Johnson has been a rather great one over the years and it is blessed with the two boys; Stryker and Rad.

Stryker is the older of the two. He was born a year after his parents married on September 11, 2006, which means he is 17 years old. The second kid of the couple was born in December 2007 which means he is now 16 years old.

The couple has four dogs which they also consider to be full members of the family and are also considered by the family to be among their kids. The Dobermans are Axe, Mace, Dobber, and Tundra.

Because of the lifestyle they have imbibed, their children are self-taught by their mothers. She teaches them following the LQ-approved curriculum.

Both boys are very famous amongst followers of their father and on social media. The older of Barbara’s sons has close to twenty thousand followers on Instagram where he goes by the name of Stryker the Barbarian. Rad has a following that is even bigger. He has a following that is much higher. Known as Savage Liver Boy Rad, he has over thirty-two thousand followers on Instagram.

Liver King’s Wife and Their Kids Imbibe the Same Lifestyle as Her Husband

The Liver King has a lifestyle that is alien to most people today. From not having shirts to feeding on raw meat, especially liver, and other animal organs, Brian prefers living the life of a caveman even though he owns a ranch and lives in a mansion in Texas. Interestingly, his wife and kids have also imbibed the same lifestyle which they show on videos and social media.

The tenets of ancestral living are some of the things that the family lives by, including sleep, eating whole unprocessed animals, healthy level of movement, and shielding themselves from things like plastic, perfumes, and WIFI. Connecting to the earth, taking a cold shower, enjoying the sun, learning to fight, and bonding are things that the family bow lives by.

Barbara, her husband, and her kids have drawn so much criticism because of their lifestyle. There are those who believe that they are faking everything including eating raw meat, and they are of the opinion that Brian did not build his body through workout but rather through steroids.

The part about the steroid use turned out to be true after he came clean in 2022. He posted a YouTube video stating that he used to sue steroids which was the biggest regret of his life. Before then, a leaked email claimed that he was using performance-enhancing drugs worth $11,000 monthly.

This led to a $25 million class-action suit against him for allegedly misleading his followers and selling his supplements to them. Another thing the suit covered was the fact that he was promoting raw meat which was dangerous and life threatening.

Barbara Johnson Used to Be A Dentist

More than being Liver King’s wife, Barbara has had a career of her own. She is a trained dentist who is an expert in every discipline of dentistry. But then, it is not clear the number of years she spent practicing.

Liver King’s wife is also a businesswoman. She is behind Krowa Beauty, which is an animal-based beauty company. Liver Queen produces animal-based products for body, facial, and skin care. Together with her husband, the pair have built an empire that brings an annual revenue of more than $100 million.

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