Liver King Net Worth and How He Earned His Millions

Liver King’s current net worth varies from $1 million to $1.5 million, and $5 million. There are some sources that claim that the raw meat-eating bodybuilder’s fortune is over $12 million but the most astounding is the latest estimation which pegged his fortune at an astounding $100 million. Whatever the true amount, the fitness freak makes his money through bodybuilding, his supplement business, social media, and more.

Liver King, real name – Brian Johnson, has revealed that the bulk of his bank balance comes from selling different kinds of ancestral supplements which he advertises through his social media handles.

How Much is Liver King’s Net Worth?

There are different accounts of Liver King’s net worth. There are sources claiming that he has a fortune of $1 million while some believe him to be as rich as $1.5 million. There are several others that pegged his bottom line at $5 million. We must also mention a fourth estimation of the man’s fortune which said he has $12 million.

The source that claims Liver King has $1.5 million outlines his net worth growth from 2018 to 2023 as follows

  • 2018 – $150k
  • 2019 – $200k
  • 2020 – $ 350k
  • 2021 – $550k
  • 2022 – $750k
  • 2023 – $1.5 million

If this analysis is anything to go by, it is glaring that the American bodybuilder is now making more than his 2019 total net worth in one year as sources listed his present annual remuneration to be $250,000. We must not also forget to factor in a recent over-the-top net worth estimation, claiming that Johnson is now worth a whopping $100 million but this is subject to verification.

How Did Liver King Make His Money?

Liver King made his money from multiple sources – bodybuilding, selling of supplements, social media, investments, endorsements, and so on. The fitness freak started making money very early in life.

Liver King Began Body Building in his High School Days

During his days in high school, Liver King had to contend with extreme bullying from his classmates. The treatment he received led the then-teenager to hit the gym at the middle school level. His mum’s boyfriend who had a weightlifting bench encouraged Brian to commence his own working out sessions and he bought the idea.

Initially, Brian Johnson was doing it for fun until the attention he started receiving from friends and peers made him fall in love with the whole workout stuff. Johnson’s life-changing moment came when his classmate dubbed him Mark Wahlberg. He decided to continue working out and this formed the foundation for his flourishing workout career today

After he made it to Texas Tech University to study chemistry, Liver King dropped out during orientation to get employment at a pharmaceutical company, though he later went back to obtain his degree.

He Initially Set Up a Dentist Clinic with his Wife 

From working in the Pharmaceutical industry, the fitness expert made some cool bucks that enabled him to engage in expensive sports such as snowboarding. In fact, it was while he was shredding slopes that he met the woman who would become his wife, Liver Queen Barbara Johnson in 2004.

Barbara is a dentist and together, they established a boutique dentist clinic, Dentiq which Liver King later expanded to other dental services including orthodontics. Dentiq was however sold off in 2010.

He Then Started a Lucrative Supplement Business 

Before he met and married Liver Queen Barbara, Liver King was leading a totally different lifestyle but things changed within a short while. They soon sold off their successful dentist practice and proceeded to transition to selling nutritional supplements, most of which supported the bodybuilder’s ancestral lifestyle.

The story behind the establishment of their supplement business is an interesting one. During their formative years, the couple’s two sons otherwise known as the Savage Liver Boys used to suffer from allergies and different illnesses that made them visit hospitals on a regular basis.

It was around this period that Johnson stumbled on the cookbook, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon which challenged politically correct nutrition, including diet detox treats. After going through the publication, the fitness expert decided to implement its content and that was how the Johnson family started to live by what they now call the nine ancestral tenants. This later took mainstream diet trends, turning them up to 11.

This nutrition trend has managed to succeed in encouraging people to go back to what has been described as “the all-natural whole foods of the past generations”. The Liver King’s nine ancestral tenets include

• Tenet #1: Eat
• Tenet #2: Sleep
• Tenet #3: Move
• Tenet #4: Connect
• Tenet #5: Shield
• Tenet #6: Cold
• Tenet #7: Sun
• Tenet #8: Fight
• Tenet #9: Bond

The Liver King advertised the Efficacies of his Ancestral Tenets on Social Media

It was not enough to just embrace the diet of our ancestors, the bodybuilder had to put the idea across to fans and the general public via his social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and his Liver King’website.

Most of his posts on social media are targeted at promoting an ancestral lifestyle in a bid to maintain good mental and physical health. He gained wider popularity after he began sharing images and videos of his day-to-day meals which majorly contain raw liver, bone marrow, raw flesh, a protein shake, chicken, a pound of meat with egg yolk, and turkey hearts. Above all, he preached that adherents should also be sure to get adequate sleep every day and the human body needs to be pushed to its limit through workouts.

On the quantity of these foods to consume, Liver King revealed that he eats about one pound of raw liver on a daily basis. The diet which he says is not for the faint-hearted may even extend to contain things like fresh fish eggs and raw animal testicles. According to Johnson, they are effective in boosting a man’s testosterone level.

In his own words, the social media star said people who live like their ancestors would build a hormonal makeup that would double or even triple that of an individual spoiled by modern foods. Most of his followers bought into this idea and needless to say, it translated into millions of views and more fans for the Liver King.

He Launched Four Enterprises Based on his Raw Diet Lifestyle 

Capitalizing on his newly found lifestyle, the Liver King went on to launch three companies. Heart & Soil Supplements is among his companies and it specializes in selling desiccated or dried animal organ supplements; this he claims is the planet’s most “nutrient-rich supplements”.

He is best known for the Ancestral Supplements firm that sells nutritional aides which he refers to as “the planet’s best, most nutrient-dense foods in a simple and consumable way”.

His third supplement firm, The Fittest Protein Shakes specializes in selling workout supplement powder. According to Johnson, these are targeted at increasing muscle mass as well as creating unstoppable momentum.

There is also the Medicine Man plant company which is one of his lesser-known firms. The company is described as a mushroom-based supplement and it is known to be jointly owned with Vorderbruggen. Medicine Man recorded a million dollars during its debut year of operation.

Seeing how effectively the supplements were working on Liver King’s body mass, Fans and the general public followed suit and soon, business was booming. Many who wondered whether he was taking some enhancing drugs to achieve his ripped build inquired to know and he wasted no time in denying it.

Fans continued to admire and crave his chiseled physique until recently when a YouTube bodybuilder took it upon himself to expose Brian’s receipts for steroid purchases. According to the information from the receipts, Johnson bought about $12,000 worth of steroids, and seeing that he had no hiding place, the bodybuilder owned up and rendered a deserved apology to his fans for misleading them.

How Much does Liver King he Make in the Sale of Supplements?

Estimates have revealed that Liver King’s ancestral supplements garner between $1 million to $10 million in annual revenue. A while ago, sources pegged the average profit margin of his supplement business at 38% meaning that it may be making a profit between $380,000 and $3 million.

With him being the founder and major stakeholder, the value of his stakes in the firm may be in the neighborhood of $1 million. This is calculated on laid-out conservative ownership and revenue holding estimates. Another source claimed that Ancestral Supplements can make $10 million yearly while The Fittest and Heart & Soil together can jointly rake in $36 million annually. This may not be far from the truth since only one bottle of capsules with the grass-fed beef liver can go for $30 to $65. When you consider this analysis, Liver King’s most recent net worth estimation of $100 million will begin to ring true.

His website can boast more than 175,000 unique monthly visitors who land on the page, a projected average order of $80 (this is the cost of two supplements), and a 2 percent conversion rate (the conservative estimate), the annual revenue may be around $3 million to $4 million. Orders from sites like Amazon may likely bring in an extra $24 million in annual income.

In light of all these calculations, one could begin to understand why the Liver King said he makes a lion’s share of his money from the supplement business and social media has little impact on his bottom line. The fitness freak also claims to have 12 other projects that are yet to go public.

The Liver King also Sells Workout Videos

Another source of income for the fitness freak is his body-building venture. After he used his ripped physique to gain acceptance in school, Johnson continued with his workout routines which he later commercialized via his socials.

He believes that only supplements are not enough to maintain body mass. He, therefore, lifts insane amounts of weight to the delight of his social media followers. His areas of concentration are the lower and upper body activities for his metabolic fitness; this includes things like legless rope climbs, Tabata pushups, and Olympic lifts.

Added to this, Johnson can walk several kilometers under the sun wearing heavy chains. Also, he is known to perform what is known as “sprint variations on the ski erg, rower, or cycle”. This mixture was once targeted at promoting a successful hunt in ancient times.

Most of Liver King’s workout videos are created with his wife, Liver Queen Barbara Johnson, and their two sons Rad and Stryker. This greatly appeals to fans who are lovers of family life and results in more followers and views for the bodybuilder. He never specified exactly how much he rakes in from bodybuilding but it is thanks to his bulgy physiques and incredibly masculine body that he became a mainstream celeb.

He also has a Huge Lucrative Presence on Social Media 

All of Liver King’s ventures in bodybuilding, his supplement business, and the like wouldn’t have been as successful as they are without the help he gets from social media. The raw liver eater sells his merchandise on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and even podcasts.

TikTok was his First Port of Call

The raw liver eater’s first appearance on social media occurred in August 2021 as he landed on TikTok @liverking promoting his cherished ancestral lifestyle. It is not a strange sight to encounter Johnson on TikTok consuming raw animal organs and then gulping down the entire animal from horns to hooves and nose to tail.


♬ original sound – Liver King

Needless to say, rare videos like these are sure to drive huge traffic and today, the Chief Executive Officer of Ancestral Lifestyle has Tiktok followers in excess of 4.1 million. His likes alone come to 81.4 million.

Liver King’s Instagram Handle is Inching Towards Two Million

On Instagram, Liver King also shares pictures and videos of his work. So far, his handle @liverking can boast 545 posts and has attracted over 1.8 million followers and still counting.

He became part of Twitter in 2022

Brian can be located on the Twitter platform under the handle, @whatupprimals. Since he joined Twitter in October 2022, the businessman has tweeted 73 times with over 4, 476 followers.

He Makes a lot of Money from YouTube

Brian Johnson launched his YouTube channel on October 12, 2021, and achieved 45,176,066 views within just one year. The activities of his over 254K subscribers translate to a lot of cash and he still hosts podcasts with other popular YouTubers. Though he has not said exactly how much his YouTube channel @theliverking rakes in, it is possible that Liver King makes tens of thousands of dollars from his YouTube channel each month.

Liver King has some Impressive Real Estate Investments

The raw meat eater has other investments apart from his supplement ventures. After raking in all the money from his health and fitness-related endeavors, the bodybuilder invests in other sectors such as real estate.

Though he has acquired other landed properties, his abode in Austin Texas is among the most significant. A 300 square feet Spanish-style mansion, the abode is said to be worth around $7 million by Zillow homes.

The dwelling boasts two houses, a steam shower, a pond, a sauna, a pool, and a garage, besides, there is also ample space for hens and cows.

He has also Scored Lucrative Sponsorship Deals

Sponsorship deals form another money spinner for the CEO of Ancestral Supplements. The raw meat eater is in successful partnerships with brands that pay huge amounts to promote their businesses via his channels. He achieves this by running ads for these companies; these adverts in turn boosts view and traffic on his own videos which also translates to money for the Liver King.

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