Linda Reese: The Untold Story of Judge Mathis’ Wife

Linda Reese Mathis is the wife of Judge Mathis, the popular TV court judge and former district court judge in Detroit. Linda and Judge Mathis have been married since June 1, 1985, and their union continues to wax strong.

They devote a lot of time and attention to the four kids that they have. They also regularly attend red carpet-ceremonies and industry events together. The couple have also collaborated creatively and launched their family reality TV show Mathis Family Matters in 2022.

Who is Judge Mathis Wife?

Judge Mathis’ wife is Linda Reese, a former public school teacher, educator, public speaker, and reality TV star. Linda and Judge Mathis are college sweethearts and have been married since 1985. The couple has a great union from all indications.

They regularly attend red carpet-events and industry ceremonies together. They also support each other in their various endeavors. They are a shining example of black love and are friends with some notable celebrities, including Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mom, and Magic Johnson, the legendary basketball player.

Judge Mathis Wife’s Age

Judge Mathis’ wife, Linda Reese, is presently 60 years old as of 2024. Linda Reese was born on the 11th of May 1963, which means that she is about three years younger than her husband, who was born on April 5, 1960. Nevertheless, she and her husband share African-American roots. They also both hail from the city of Detroit.

Linda Reese grew up with two siblings in Detroit and was raised by her parents, Joe and Sylva Reese. She completed her high education in normal time, attending Oak Park High School. She later enrolled at Eastern Michigan University, where her major was education. She also completed her studies and received her degree. However, beyond the academic feat, it was at college that Linda met the man who would become her life partner.

How Long Have Judge Mathis and Linda Reese Been Married?

Judge Mathis and Linda Reese have been married for 38 years now, but the couple have actually been together for much longer. Judge Mathis, whose real name is Greg Mathis, first met Linda in his first year of college at Eastern Michigan University. They became fast friends and started dating.

At first, Linda’s family frowned at the romance as Mathis’ reputation as a former jailbird and troublemaker preceded him, but the young lady didn’t pay them heed. Mathis, on his own part, put in his best efforts to show Linda’s family that he was a man of honorable intentions, and he later won them over. When his beloved mom passed away in college, essentially leaving him without any parents, Linda’s family supported him and took him in as one of their own.

Given such a flourishing romance, it was a no-brainer that Judge Mathis and Linda Reese would end up together, and they did. Shortly after their graduation, they tied the knot in a ceremony held in church on the 1st of June 1985. Their loved ones were there to celebrate with them and wished them well.

It has been 38 years down the line, and Judge Mathis and Linda Reese have built a marriage that is worthy of emulation. Sure, they have had their ups and downs like any other couple out there, but they have managed to cling to each other and get through the trying times together. Judge Mathis and his wife have also supported each other to reach new heights in their respective careers, also making the necessary sacrifices in the process.

The couple have a great relationship to date, and Judge Mathis never forgets to celebrate Linda on special days such as her birthdays. In 2023, he threw her an amazing party to celebrate her 60th birthday, and it was a joyous occasion attended by many people.

Does Judge Mathis Have Children With His Wife?

Judge Mathis has four children with his wife Linda Reese, and they are Jade (a daughter born in May 1985), Camara (a daughter born in October 1987), Greg Jr. (a son born in January 1989), and Amir (a son born in July 1990). It is safe to say that the judge has largely influenced the children.

His eldest child, daughter Jade, is a lawyer who spent several years working as a prosecutor in Washington D.C., while Camara is also a lawyer and spent several years in D.C. as well. Judge Mathis’ third child and first son, Greg Jr., is a political policy advisor who spent several years living in Washington, D.C., during which he worked with multiple senators. Judge Mathis’ last child is a son named Amir. Amir is a Los Angeles-based TV and film producer, and his parents are super proud of him.

Judge Mathis’ daughter Camara is married to a man named Ryan and has two children, Nora and Zara. Greg Jr. is gay and has a partner named Elliot. His father has supported him since he came out as a young adult.

The Mathis children, who were living out of Los Angeles, moved back to the city around 2020 and are now based there. They are all participating in the family reality TV show Mathis Family Matters, which started airing on E! in 2022. Linda has revealed that it wasn’t an easy decision to open their family life to the public. They, however, loved the fact that they would contribute to bringing more positive representations of black families to the American TV screens.

What Does Judge Mathis’ Wife Do?

Judge Mathis’ wife is a former Detroit public school teacher, educator, advocate, public speaker, and reality TV star. Linda Reese spent years teaching in the Detroit public school system. She later left that career, but she remains an educator and has founded the Children Advanced Learning Center. She is also an advocate on how to improve education for children.

Although she has some challenges with speaking in public, Linda Reese is also a budding public speaker. Finally, she has become a TV personality like her famous husband thanks to the reality TV show about her family.

What is Linda Reese’s Net Worth?

Linda Reese’s net worth is $1 million as of 2024, which she earned from her various career pursuits over the years. While her time as a public school teacher might not have paid much, she has made up for it with what she earns from public speaking engagements. There is also the fact that she is now a reality TV star.

While reality TV personalities may not earn all that much, it is possible for one to make about $25,000 per episode, which is no small change. Meanwhile, her famous husband, Judge Mathis, has a net worth of $25 million and earns tens of millions of dollars each year for his TV show.

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