Lauren Boebert Net Worth and Career Earnings

Lauren Boebert’s net worth is estimated at $400,000. She made her wealth from her career as a businesswoman, politician, and gun rights activist. One of the main things that contributed to Boebert’s fortune was a restaurant she owned until 2022 when it closed down.

In the past, there were reports claiming that 36 year-old Lauren Boebert was worth over $41 million, while others put it at a higher $45 million. The claim forced some reputable platforms, including USA Today and Reuters, to fact-check and clear the air. Here is a close look at what she has and how she made her wealth thus far.

Lauren Boebert’s Net Worth is Estimated At $400,000

At the moment, Boebert’s net worth is put at around $400,000, which, as indicated, the American politician has made from various sources.

Before now, there was an erroneous report by some online publication that claimed she had as much as $45 million, which she allegedly made from various investments. There is also the claim that among the 4 account numbers linked to her social security number are two, which show a balance of $1.9 million, and another with a balance of $7.5 million.

Another report claims that she has a fortune of $41 million, and she also has 5 real estate properties, a luxury yacht, and 4 cars. More so, it claimed that she has $15 million in stocks and a cash reserve of $16 million.

Amidst all the claims, there is still no verifiable source to give credence to all the reports. However, with all the numbers available to the public, which include her different business investments and her carer earnings, her fortune does not go above $400,000.

She currently lives in a home in Washington, DC, where she is allegedly paying at least $3,518 monthly in rent. The property is reportedly owned by a top official who is a member of a Koch-backed organization.

Looking at her financial disclosure as a member of Congress, she indicated that she had many assets. While five were shown to be valued at less than a thousand dollars or less each, she has 7 more that have a value of between $1,0001 to $15,000.

Lauren Boebert’s Salary and Career Earnings

The salary of Lauren Boebert as a congresswoman for Colorado’s 3rd congressional district is put at $174,000 annually, which is the same thing that all others in the congress. What this means is that she makes a total of $14,500 each month and over $3,600 each week as a congresswoman.

She only took office in January 2021, which means that thus far, the republican representative has made far less than a million from her career earnings as a politician and congresswoman. If she is able to complete her four years, she will be able to make less than a million dollars from her salary.

All The Ways Lauren Boebert’s Net Worth Is Made 

Born into a family that was not well-to-do and had to depend on welfare at some point, Lauren has come a long way in making her significant fortune. The often controversial 36 years-old American politician has several ways through which she has come to make her fortune, including the following:

Her Business Is One Of The Main Things That Has Made Her Rich

Lauren joined forces with her estranged husband, Jayson Boebert, whom she married to from 2007 to 2023, to start a restaurant in 2013. The restaurant, located in Rifle, west of Glenwood Springs, Colorado, was called Shooters Grill. The restaurant, which encouraged people to carry firearms, became a major contributor to her fortune for a while before it closed in 2022 when its lease was not renewed.

Apart from the successes the outfit registered and how it has also contributed to her fortune, it has also recorded some losses in the past. It reportedly lost $143,000 and $226,000 in 2019 and 2020, respectively.

Shooters Grill was not the only business she had that contributed to her numbers with her former husband. The former couple also had another restaurant, Smokehouse 1776, which had since shut down. Their net restaurant was Putters. Lauren started it with her former husband in 2015 but sold it only a year later.

While it is no secret that her restaurants were significant in improving her net worth, there is no record of the exact amount she made from the different restaurants.

Lauren Boebert’s Position as a Congres Woman Has Added Significantly to Her Wealth

The political career of Lauren Opal Boebert is another means through which she is able to add something significant to her fortune. As indicated, she is able to make as much as $174,000 annually from her work as a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Colorado’s 3rd district.

What is important to note is that this came as a recent contributor to Laren Boebert’s net worth, as she only assumed office in January 2021. Before then, she had not held any previous political office.

She was Once an Assistant Manager At McDonald’s

One of the earliest known works that Lauren Boebert took was with McDonald’s, where she worked as an assistant manager. Although this has not contributed anything significant to her number, it is one of the first things that put her on the path to success.

She made it known that her first paycheck became what empowered her on the path to self-reliance, and it was what later helped her to start her own restaurant with her husband.

For someone who once dropped out of high school after she became pregnant at a very young age before she found her way back to school, Lauren would later leave McDonald’s and join her former husband in the oil and gas business.

While Jason Boebert initially worked in the oil and gas fields, Lauren joined after she was hired to file for a natural gas drilling company. She would later get to become a pipeliner. Again, while this is another significant thing in her growth and finances, the exact numbers she made from this were also never made known. Nonetheless, it is known that it was important to her prior to owning her restaurants.

Lauren Boebert Has Also Lost Some Money Along The Way

Lauren has been fortunate to be raking in good numbers through the years, but there are also times when she was not so fortunate, as she has lost some money along the line. One of such happened in the past when, as stated, she recorded losses for her restaurant amounting to over $369,000 in two years.

Another thing worth noting is that after a marriage of more than 15 years, the U.S. congresswoman has parted ways with her husband, with whom she had 4 kids. Details surrounding their divorce are not yet clear, but it will not be surprising if it impacts her net worth as well as that of her former husband.

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