Julia Fox Movies List: How Many Movies Has She Appeared in So Far?

So far, Julia Fox has appeared in seven movies and a total of ten productions.

Apart from her movie gigs, the Italian actress has also appeared in one television series and two music videos. She started acting in movies in 2018 on the set of The Great American Mud Wrestle and today, the upcoming movie star has 10 previous roles and one project in post-production. Though she started with cameos, Fox has played both leading and supporting roles in movies.

Julia Fox Started as a Movie Actress

Julia Fox’s acting career kick-started in the movies in 2018 when she joined the cast of the short film entitled The Great American Mud Wrestle, depicting the character of The Bride. The movie which belongs to the directorial portfolio of Hunter Ray Barker featured top actors like Moises Arias, Turner Barbur, and Hunter Ray Barker, among others. IMDB rated it 4.7/10

The Italian actress went ahead to score her next movie role the next year, 2019. This time, she breathed life into the character of Julia De Fiore in the film Uncut Gems. Directed by veterans Benny Safdie and Josh Safdie, the movie revolves around the life of a fast-talking New York City jeweler, Howard Ratner (played by Adam Sandler). Howard was about to be submerged with mounting debts with several angry collectors closing in on him. At such a critical point in his career life, he chose to risk all he has got in a bid to stay afloat and alive. This production was rated 7.4/10 by IMDB.

In 2020, Julia Fox landed the role of Scarle Cam Girl in the film, PVT CHAT. Directed by Ben Hozie, the movie talks about the life of Jack (depicted by Peter Vack) – a New York City-based internet gambler. Jack became fixated on Julia’s character, Scarlet, who is featured as a cam girl from the San Francisco part of the United States. Jack’s obsession grew until it got a boiling point as his long-held fantasy materialized before his eyes; he sighted his love interest on a Chinatown Street on a rainy day. The two lead actors shared the screen with Keith Poulson in this production.

Also in 2020, Julia Fox scored another movie role as Elle in the short movie, Paradise. Written and directed by Deni Cheng, Paradise has the likes of Deni Cheng, Eloisa Santos, and Micheál Neeson in the lead. It tells about a lady who just came out of a rehabilitation center and the challenges she faced navigating through the underbelly of her former world.

Julia Fox was the Receptionist we saw on the set of Fire Finder – a short movie released in 2021. The movie comes under the directorial portfolio of Rick Rocha who also takes the credit for writing it. It has veterans like Rachel Amodeo, Caroline Callaway, Dutch Faro, and many others in the lead.

The producers of No Sudden Move featured Julia Fox in the film as Vanessa Capelli in 2021. Though Ed Solomon takes the writing credit, No Sudden Move was directed by Steven Soderbergh. The storyline reveals a group of bad eggs who found themselves at the same location under very mysterious circumstances. At that point, they decided to put heads together in a bid to unravel the mystery, but everything went sideways.

The Italian actress’ latest movie gig was playing Julia in Puppet. Starring Julia Fox, Miles Garber, and Kay Goldenberg. Puppet was all about a young artist who got involved in a tragic accident. However, she lives for one dreamy last day, paying visits to all her New York City contacts. Julia has one movie in post-production called, The Trainer. Below is a comprehensive list of Julia Fox’s movies.

List of Julia Fox’s Movies

  • The Great American Mud Wrestle as The Bride – 2018
  • Uncut Gems as Julia De Fiore – 2019
  • PVT CHAT as Scarlet Cam Girl – 2020
  • Paradise as Elle – 2020
  • Fire Finder as Receptionist – 2021
  • No Sudden Move as Vanessa Capelli – 2021
  • Puppet as Julia – 2022
  • The Trainer in Post-production

Julia Fox Has Featured In One TV Series

Fox has recorded only one appearance on television; she was seen in Acting for a Cause as Titania. Executive produced and directed by Brando Crawford, the series is about people coming together to perform famous plays for a charitable cause. Actors like Brando Crawford, Auli’i Cravalho, and Justice Smith were in the starring lead.

Julia Fox Recorded Two Gigs in Music Videos

In the course of her acting career, Julia Fox has recorded two appearances in music videos. She was first spotted in Jackboys: Jackboys in 2019 playing the love interest of Travisa.

Her second music video came the next year in 2020 when she showed up as Julia in Goody Grace feat. G-Eazy & Juicy J: Nothing Good. Her music video appearances are listed below:

  • Jackboys: Jackboys as Travis’ Love Interest – 2019
  • Goody Grace feat. G-Eazy & Juicy J: Nothing Good as Julia – 2020

What Movie is Julia Fox Famous for?

Depicting the character of Julia De Fiore on the set of Uncut Gems in 2019 became Julia Fox’s breakout role. However, acting as Vanessa Capelli in No Sudden Move announced her to a wider audience and she is also known for Upper Cut: Highlights of My Hollywood Life and The Trainer.

Though she is yet to bag any awards, Julia Fox has been nominated for quite a few, thanks to her 2019 movie, Uncut Gems. The movie made her a nominee for Chicago Film Critics Association in the category of Most Promising Performer, Georgia Film Critics Association for Breakthrough Award, Gotham Awards for Breakthrough actor, and the Toronto Film Critics Association where she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

Julia Fox is Also a Writer

Apart from her acting gigs in movies, television series, and music videos, Julia Fox is also competent as a writer. She takes the credit for writing one episode of the podcast series known as Day by Day.

In the movie industry, Fox can also come in as a writer and director. Though she wasn’t featured in the cast, the short movie, Fantasy Girls is not only under her directorial portfolio, but she also wrote the story. Released in 2021, the movie was about some Reno Nevada teenage girls who were sex workers.

She has also recorded some modeling gigs with the print media and some top-notch fashion brands.

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