Is Miranda Lambert Pregnant and How Many Kids Does She Have?

There have been rumors that Miranda Lambert may be pregnant after close sources revealed that she is set to start expanding her family with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin. However, the American singer has not confirmed the report. She has no kids for now, although her husband has a child from a previous relationship. 

The 40 years old country singer and songwriter is in her second marriage after her marriage to Blake Shelton ended after only 4 years. However, she is still yet to have a child from the marriage or even previous relationships. However, close sources have claimed that fans may not have to wait too long before the singer will start having kids. While Miranda has not provided any official update on the claims, here is all we know thus far.

Is Miranda Lambert Pregnant?

At the moment, there is no confirmation on whether Miranda Lambert is pregnant or not. Neither Miranda nor her husband has revealed anything about the rumored pregnancy, and there is still no strong source that has provided any information about it.

The “Kerosene” hitmaker has almost always attracted pregnancy rumors since her marriage to Brendan McLoughlin. However, it was until the start of 2023 that the claim got even more serious. Considering the fact that the claims have persisted for more than a couple of years and there is no confirmation from the singer and her husband, it is unlikely that she is pregnant.

Does Miranda Lambert Have Kids?

For now, Miranda Lambert does not have any kids of her own, although she is playing the role of a stepmom to the children of her husband, Brendan McLoughlin. Only a few months before their whirlwind romance translated into a marriage, Brendan welcomed a son, Landon McLoughlin with his ex-lover, Kaihla Rettinger.

Although his parents are no longer together, Landon has both his mother and father in his life, which also makes it possible for Miranda to be involved in the life of the kid. There were some revelations that the singer enjoys spending time and singing to the little kid who also loves singing with her.

While she has not had much to say about the experience of being a mother to her stepson, Lambert once made it known that she was loving the phase and she was having a balanced life that included raising her many dogs. She added that she loved the journey and that her stepson was amazing.

Miranda Lambert’s First Marriage Ended With No Child

As earlier stated, Miranda’s marriage to Brendan, who is a former police officer, was not her first. She was once married to 47-year-old Blake Shelton for four years before they divorced in 2011. The marriage ended without a child or even a stepchild as Blake did not have a child from his first marriage to Kaynete Williams which lasted 3 years.

Blake once revealed, following his marriage to Gwen Stefani and playing the role of a father in the lives of her three sons, that he missed out on having kids. However, did not reveal if he tried having kids with Miranda, and what might have happened along the line.

Does Miranda Lambert Want Kids?

In the same way that Miranda Lambert has maintained a strong silence over the pregnancy rumors, she has not revealed anything about wanting to have kids. However, unnamed sources close to her and her husband have revealed that they want to start having children.

Before the recent revelation, there have also been claims in 2020 when Miranda and Brendan were said to be eager to start a family together, more than a year after they walked down the aisle.

The next report about the lovely couple came in 2022 when another source claimed that Miranda was trying to get pregnant because her husband had always wanted them to start having kids together.

Whatever the case, there is no strong indication that she is expecting any child at the moment with her husband since there is nothing to suggest that she may actually be pregnant at the moment apart from the many rumors that have continued to swell for a long time now.

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