Is Eminem Gay Trans or Bi? Understanding His Sexuality

Eminem is neither gay, trans, nor bisexual, as it has since been established that the famous and often controversial American celebrity is straight. Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, has been in many relationships in the past and was previously married to Kim Mathers, with whom he has a daughter.

Despite his past relationships and marriages, and the fact that his earliest lyrics were considered to be homophobic, Eminem has been rumored to be gay in the past. The rumor got even more serious when the rapper supposedly confessed to being gay in one of his interviews. However, there is more about his sexuality.

Is Eminem Actually Gay or Straight?

No, Eminem is not gay; he is straight. The rapper has been linked to many women in the past and has been married to Kim Scott twice in the past, but the marriage ended after less than three years cumulatively.

Eminem began dating Kim even before he gained fame in the 1990s. By 1995, the pair welcomed a daughter together, Hailie Jade. Four years later, Eminem and Kimberly got married for the first time in 1999 but by 2001, the marriage had come to an end. Five years and what seemed to be a litany of unending controversies later, the former couple got married a second time in 2006, but in that same year, they parted ways.

Apart from his marriage to Kim, Eminem has also been linked to many other famous women, which also gives credence to the fact that he is straight. In the same manner, he has never been linked to any man in the sense of relationships.

The Origin of Eminem’s Gay Rumors

The rumor surrounding Eminem being gay started many years ago, but it gained momentum when he was questioned about his lyrics, which were homophobic. The rapper replied that his lyrics were not homophobic because he was also gay.

Appearing on Dave Skylark’s talk show Skylark Tonight, the rapper was asked to clarify what he meant by the statement, and he stated that he was homosexual. Many people across social media took it to heart, believing that the rapper had finally come out of the closet to make it clear that he was gay.

However, the 2014 interview was nothing but a comedy show in which the rapper was only acting as Shady. For those who have followed his acting skills since his 1995 film, 8 Mile, the rapper is also clearly a great actor to have made people believe he was gay.

Another reason why the rumor that Eminem could be gay has continued to circulate is because of his marriage and relationship status. Although the rapper has been married in the past, there are insinuations that he did not get married again because he might be drawn more to men than women.

 More so, his love life has remained somewhat confusing because of the many brief relationships he has had with women. This has also encouraged some to think he might be gay.

Did Eminem Come Out as Gay?

Yes, Eminem has once come out as gay, but that was only in a comedy and not in real life. This was in the aforementioned show, Skylark Tonight. During the show, Eminem sat with James Franco’s character, Dave Skylark, and stated that he could not understand why people were still yet to figure out that he was gay.

He also added that for a very long time, he was playing peek-a-boo and that he had left a gay bread-crumb trail. However, it was later revealed that it was difficult for Eminem to take the scene with a straight face. The scene was taken multiple times before he finally got to say it.

This means that even though he came out, it was only as part of a comedy and not in real life.

Is Eminem Trans?

No, Eminem is not trans. Of the many rumors that have swirled around the sexuality of the rapper, there has not been much talk about his gender. It is clear by all available facts that the rapper, who goes by many aliases, including Slim Shady, M&MMC, and Double M, was born male on October 17, 1972.

The 51 years old music producer, songwriter, and rapper has not transitioned at any point in his life and has never stated anything about wanting to change his gender.

On the other hand, his adopted child, Stevie, who was born by the rapper’s former wife, Kim, and her ex-boyfriend after her divorce from Eminem, has come out as genderfluid. The child, who was born Lainie on April 16, 2002, has since come out as gender fluid and now goes by the name of Stevie Laine Mathers. Stevie also goes by the pronouns they, he, and she.

There is no indication that the gender transition of Stevie has affected the relationship the celebrity kid has with Eminem, even though Marshall has never made any statement about it.

Is Eminem Homophobic? 

Eminem has been accused of being homophobic as a result of his songs in which he used some slurs that the LGBTQ community considers to be offensive. However, he has continued to insist that he has nothing against people who are not straight.

In his songs, he has used words such as faggots and the phrase “gay-looking,” among many others, which have been considered to be somewhat offensive. In his defense, he made it known that he has never equated the words to mean homosexuals in the literal sense. He uses some of the words to mean things such as punk or a**hole.

Eminem’s years of music have made it clear to his fans and listeners that he can assume various personas that are different from who he is in real life. The rapper, who is close to known homosexuals such as Elton John, stressed his different characters in his songs to make it clear that he is not homophobic.

What Is Eminem’s Gay Song?

Eminem has not released a gay song, but he was featured in Joyner Lucas’s piece, If I Told You, which is considered to be a gay song. In the track, Joyner asked the question, What if I told you that I was gay?

In his verse, Eminem also asked, “What if I’m a hypocrite who’s afraid to just face the truth? Wait What if I told you I’m gay too?” This became one of the strongest verses of Eminem, where his lines do not seem homophobic.

Although not well-known, it was only released in 2019, a year after Eminem featured Joyner in Lucky You. 

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