How Old is Lorrie Morgan?

Lorrie Morgan is 63 years old. The American singer and songwriter who was born 27th of June 1959, began singing at the age of 13 and has gone on to become an iconic figure in the country music genre. In a career spanning four decades, Morgan has dropped multiple platinum albums and numerous hit songs and has also sold numerous records and won many awards.

Lorrie Morgan has also led an eventful personal life; she has been married six times, undergone bankruptcy proceedings, and through it all, she has continued to put her best foot forward with music as her therapy as well as a lighthearted approach to life.

Lorrie Morgans’ Bio

  • AGE: 63 years old
  • BIRTHDAY: 27th of June 1959
  • BIRTHPLACE: Nashville, Tennessee, United States
  • BIRTH SIGN: Cancer
  • ETHNICITY: Caucasian
  • FATHER: George Morgan
  • MOTHER: Anastasia Trainor
  • SIBLINGS: Candy Morgan, Marty Morgan, and Bethany Chamberlain

Lorrie Morgan is the daughter of George Morgan, the late country singer

Born on the 27th of June 1959, Lorrie Morgan is 63 years old. She is a native of Nashville, Tennessee. Her nationality is American while her ethnicity is Caucasian. Morgan hails from a family of six. Her mother’s name is Anastasia while her father’s name is George Morgan, and she has four siblings.

Morgan’s father was a well-known country singer in his lifetime. He dropped multiple albums in the 60s and 70s. Some of his most popular songs include Candy Kisses, Room Full Of Roses, Almost, I Love Everything About You, and Lilacs and Fire. George Morgan was an inductee of the Country Music Hall of Fame as well as the Grand Ole Opry. He passed away on the 7th of July 1975 aged 51 years old.

Lorrie Morgan
Lorrie Morgan with her brother, Marty Morgan Image Source

George Morgan’s DaughterBegan her Music Career at the age of 13

Lorrie Morgan spent her formative years in Nashville and grew up around great music thanks to the influence of her father. This made her fall in love with music at an early age and she began singing at any opportunity she got. She later gave her first public performance at the age of 13. This was at the Grand Ole Opry, a weekly country music concert stage in Nashville, Tennessee.

Her father was performing there and he brought her out to perform Paper Roses, an Anita Bryant song. She gave a good rendition of the song and got a standing ovation from attendees at the concert.

She Released Her First Song at the Age of 20

Following that first public performance, Lorrie Morgan continued honing her singing skills in private. She later focused seriously on music after the death of her father in 1975. She was 16 years old and took over the reins of her father’s band. She and her late father’s band members performed at several local clubs for about two years before they disbanded. She then joined famed guitarist, Roy Wiggins, and toured with him for some time.

The early days of Lorrie Morgan’s music career weren’t easy but she persevered. She took any opportunity she could get and by the later 70s, she went to work as a songwriter for a music publishing company known as Acuff-Rose Music. While penning lyrics for other artists, Morgan’s singing talents shone through and she was given the opportunity to record her own song as well.

Lorrie Morgan released her first songs, Two People in Love and Tell Me I’m Only Dreaming, at the age of 20 in 1979. Both songs performed decently with the listening public and even made it to the lower echelons of the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart.

Lorrie Morgan Dropped her First Album at the Age of 30

The decent success of her first two singles spurred Lorrie Morgan to continue pursuing her music career and she worked hard all through her early 20s (this was in the 80s). She performed at many local clubs and also opened for singers more famous than her. She also made appearances on some TV shows as well provided backup vocals for some other country singers.

All this hard work eventually paid off when she landed a recording deal with RCA Records Nashville in 1988. She was 29 years old at the time and she worked hard with her label to make her debut studio album a reality. Lorrie Morgan released her first studio album at the age of 30 in 1989. The album was titled Leave The Light On and featured several hit songs such as “Dear Me”, “Out of Your Shoes”; and “He Talks to Me” (both of which reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart) and Five Minutes” ( which topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart).

The album was a critical and commercial success and was certified platinum in 1993. Since her debut album, Lorrie Morgan has gone on to release over a dozen more. They include 1991’s Something in Red and 1992’s Watch Me. These are her second and third albums and they have also been certified platinum. This makes her the first female country artist to have three albums in a row certified platinum.

She Won Her First Award at the Age of 31

Lorrie Morgan has sold several million records over the course of her career. She has also been nominated for numerous awards including three Grammy nominations. They are the best country collaboration with vocals (1990 and 1996), and the best female country vocal performance (1993). Other notable nominations come at the CMA Awards and the ACM Awards.

Lorrie Morgan won her first award in 1990 at the Country Music Association Awards. She was 31 years old at the time and received the award for vocal event of the year. This was for her cover of the track, Till a Tear Becomes a Rose. The cover was a joint collaborative effort with Keith Whitley, her late husband, and singer.

Lorrie Morgan also received the award for best album of the year at the 1994 edition of the CMAs. This was for the 1993 album Common Thread: The Songs of the Eagles. This is a tribute album to the rock band, Eagles. It features covers of various Eagles songs, performed by country music acts such as Lorrie Morgan.

Lorrie Morgan Got Married for the First Time at the Age of 20

Lorrie Morgan has been married a total of six times and her first marriage was in 1979. She was aged 20 years and married a fellow musician named Ron Gaddis. The marriage lasted for roughly two years before a divorce. It produced her first child, a daughter named Morgan. Laurie Morgan got married for a second time at the age of 27 to the singer, Keith Whitley, in 1986. They remained together until his demise in 1989. The union produced her second child, a son named Jesse.

Morgan’s third marriage was to a man named Brad Thompson in 1991. She was 32 years old at the time and they divorced in 1993. Lorrie Morgan’s fourth marriage was in 1996 to a fellow country singer named Jon Randall. She was 37 years old at the time and the union ended in divorce in 1999. In 2001, 42-year-old Lorrie Morgan got married to her fifth husband, musician – Sammy Kershaw. The union lasted for six years before they divorced in 2007.

Lorrie Morgan is currently married to her sixth husband, Randy White, He is a businessman and a fellow Tennessean. They got married in 2010 when she was 51 years old then.

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