How Old is Jeremy Hutchins?

Jeremy Hutchins (born 19th of April 2003; Age: 20 years old) is an American internet star who gained popularity for his activities on social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.

The Ohio native launched his social media career at a young age. Jeremy was yet to hit his teens when he debuted on TikTok. He later widened his horizon by creating other accounts on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and the likes.

Jeremy Hutchins’ Bio

  • Age: 20 Years Old
  • Birthday: 19th of April 2003
  • Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, United States
  • Birth Sign: Aries
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Father: Steve Hutchins
  • Mother: Elza Hutchins

How Old is Jeremy Hutchins?

Jeremy Hutchins is 20 years old; this age is calculated from his confirmed date of birth which says the 19th of April 2003. Jeremy is an American by nationality born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

Talking about his ethnicity, the young American is partly Caucasian and has some Asian roots. The Caucasian part of Jeremy’s ancestry came from his mother, Elza Hutchins. Nothing much is known about Elza, though some online sources reported that she is a homemaker.

It is all thanks to the youngster’s father, Steve Hutchins, that he has some Asian genes in his bloodline. Steve is listed as a businessman. Jeremy shares a great family bond with his parents, whom he constantly features on social media handles. He has shared some selfies with both Steve and Elza, and we saw him spending time with his dad while he was sick and hospitalized.

Jeremy is the only child of his parents and spent all his formative years in Cleveland, Ohio. The young man was raised in a Christian household and has followed the faith to date.

Jeremy is an animal lover, he is a pet parent to a black cat he refers to as his boo.

Jeremy is Already A University Student

At age 20, Jeremy has already completed high school and enrolled in college. The Ohio native attended both Ohio-based Shasta High School and Badger High School.

He is currently in the early stages of acquiring a university degree, and according to sources, he chose a local private university at his place of birth, but the name of the academic institution is not known.

At What Age Did Jeremy Hutchins Become a Social Media Star?

Jeremy Hutchins was barely 12 when he decided to give expression to his artistic prowess on social media platforms. Before then, the young American has always displayed a healthy dose of interest in different genres of the performing arts like dancing, acting, and more.

TikTok was his First Port of Call

At 12, Jeremy Hutchins launched his TikTok account @jeremyhutchins. He is doing wonderfully well on the short video-sharing platform, with over 10.4 million followers and 332.9 million likes.

His YouTube Channel was also launched at Age 12

Jeremy Hutchins was still 12 on the 6th of June 2015 when his self-titled YouTube channel came alive, and he started uploading videos on the spot. His channel is barely 7 years old and has accumulated 5.3 million subscribers, including 833,046,106 views.

His Instagram Handle is @jeremyhutchins

The Instagram handle @jeremyhutchins belongs to Jeremy Hutchins. The social media sensation is equally making waves on the picture-sharing platform with over 2. 5 million followers with 319 posts.

His Twitter Account is Coming Up

Jeremy is not doing much on his Twitter handle @jeremyyhutchins. However, considering the fact that his Twitter is relatively younger than his YouTube and TikTok, one would not be far from the truth to assume that the handle is likely to pick up in the nearest future.

The page was created in August 2019 and has functioned for barely three years. He has only tweeted 49 times with a total of 8,731 followers.

Jeremy Hutchins is part of AMP Studios

When he is not busy creating and uploading content for his different social media accounts, Jeremy Hutchins puts in quality time at AMP Studio. The studio, which is a popular online platform, identifies and nurtures digital creators. These upcoming internet stars are assisted in developing quality content and will also be tutored on how to amplify their posts to reach millions of internet users across the globe.

Fast facts 

1. When is Jeremy Hutchins’ birthday? The American YouTuber was born on 19 April 2003.

2. What is Jeremy Hutchins’ zodiac sign? The social media star’s zodiac sign is Aries.

3. How Old is Jeremy Hutchins? Jeremy Hutchins is currently 20 years old

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