Darrin S. Crowder Is Steven Crowder’s Father – Meet Him

Darrin S. Crowder (born 2nd April 1960; Age: 62 years old) is an American producer and the father of Steven Crowder, a Canadian-American media host, conservative political commentator, jokester, and traditionalist political analyst, best known for his podcast, Louder with Crowder, on both YouTube and radio.

Papa Crowder, or Pop Crowder as Darrin is called, was born Darrin Stewart Crowder. He is not credited as a mainstream celeb as he only ever recorded one acting role in 2008 Atom TV (a television series). However, he has constantly appeared on his son’s podcast, where they discussed family issues extensively. The older Crowder is also credited as a producer, and part of his portfolio includes the production of his son’s political podcast. Darrin has also produced movies in the past.

Summary of Darrin S. Crowder’s Biography

  • Full Name: Darrin S. Crowder
  • Nickname: Papa Crowder or Pop Crowder
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 2nd April 1960
  • Age: 62 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: Canadian-American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Darrin S. Crowder’s Wife: Francine Crowder
  • Darrin S. Crowder’s Children: Steven Crowder and Jordan Crowder
  • Famous For: being the father of Steven Crowder

How Old Is Papa Crowder?

According to his IMDB page, Darrin S. Crowder is 62 years old. He was 2nd April 1960, in  Sacramento, California, in the US, which makes him an American by nationality, and his ethnicity is listed as White.

According to his son, Steven, his father had a cancer scare and a bicep re-attachment surgery in 2021, and despite being in his 60s, he is seriously recuperating.

Papa Crowder is not a celebrity in his rights but rode into fame on the wings of his son’s popularity. Perhaps, that is the reason his birth family background is unknown – no one knows his father, mother, and siblings. In the same way, his academic journey has never been documented by any known source.

What Does Darrin Crowder do For a Living?

As mentioned earlier, Darrin S. Crowder is no mainstream celeb, the father of two, who is best recognized as Pops Crowder or Papa Crowder by the fans of her son’s podcast, Louder With Crowder, is a producer and occasional actor.

As a producer, Darrin takes the credit for producing his son’s political podcast, Louder With Crowder. The productions that served as his big break include Atom TV and Bend & Break. Though he is already into his early sixties, Darrin still looks sturdy and may record more gigs in the future.

As an actor, Papa Crowder appeared in the 2008 television series called Atom TV and has recorded several appearances as himself on Steven’s podcast. In recent times, the older Crowder was seen with Steven on his podcast as father and son put heads together to scrutinize the Crowder family’s history.

Steven Crowder’s Father Makes A Good Team With His Son

Fans who have heard that the senior Crowder is the one who produces his son’s political podcast have asked how well the duo work together, and in answer to the speculations, many sources have reported that Darrin S. Crowder and Steven Crowder make a great team. While the son is taking care of things in front of the camera, the father goes behind the scene to ensure that the production process runs on oiled wheels.

He Also Enjoys a Great Relationship With His Son, Steven

We were not intimated of the details of how Darrin S. Crowder and his son, Steven Crowder, fared during the conservative political commentator’s growing-up years. However, father and son presently appear to be the best of friends.

Steven is always looking for an opportunity to showcase the great relationship he shares with his dad. One such opportunity presented itself during the International Father’s Day celebration on 20th June 2020, when Steven took to his social media to pay tribute to the man who gave him life.

In the Twitter post, which has been described as a bizarre tribute to Darrin S. Crowder, Steven shared his appreciation towards Darrin. According to the Louder With Crowder host, many fans view Darren as “Papa Crowder” or “creepy Joe Biden,” but he is dad to him.

“In these insane times,” he said, and in a bid to instill some significance into this Hallmark holiday, Steven said he believes it is of utmost importance to always remember that all change begins with dads, and more importantly, fathers in the home.”

Darrin S. Crowder’s son then went on to upload a very odd photograph of his old man. In the picture, the older Crowder was spotted with a cone-shaped collar festooned around his neck. This unique accessory elicited quick responses from fans who couldn’t resist reacting to the post.

It was thanks to this particular Twitter post that Darrin trended on Twitter, announcing him to a wider audience. There was another Twitter post where Steven referred to his father as the best dad ever. “love you, pops,” he concluded.

Who Is Darrin S. Crowder’s Wife?

Darrin S. Crowder and his son, Steven, are well known because of their regular onscreen appearances. However, the same cannot be said for Steven’s mother, who is rarely seen in public. Her conspicuous absence has raised curiosity about the identity of the woman who gave birth to the Louder with Crowder host.

With that said, it soon came to the fore that the mother of the media host goes by the name Francine Crowder and is the lifelong spouse of Darrin S. Crowder. Searches on what Francine does for a living reveal that the mother of two is a known costume designer.

In her career as a designer, Steven’s mother has made remarkable contributions to costume firms. The outfit architect, like her husband, also has something to do with movie production. When and how Francine and Darrin S. Crowder met and fell in love have never surfaced on the internet space, nor have their wedding details. We were only told that she has two children with the producer – Steven Crowder, and his sister, Jordan Crowder.

Are Darrin S. Crowder and Francine Still Married?

There have not been any reports of Darrin S. Crowder and his spouse Francine Crowder being separated or divorced. With that said, it has been concluded that the couple’s union is still going strong and considering the ages of their children, they have spent decades as husband and wife.

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