21 Creepy and Scary Numbers You Should Never Call For Any Reason

There are many Creepy and Scary Numbers in different parts of the world that people believe must not be called no matter what happens. The idea behind not calling such numbers is the belief that such numbers are haunted or able to bring some kind of evil to whoever calls them. 

The interesting thing is that the numbers not to call are not only limited to one region or country; they include places such as the United States, Bulgaria, Japan, and many others. While many people believe that it’s just a myth that calling some numbers could have serious consequences, there are others who insist they have tried calling some and were met with ill luck. Whatever the case, here are some of the forbidden numbers to call.

Creepy and Scary Numbers Forbidden To Call

1. 666 666 6666: Spooky Number in America

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This is one of the most feared numbers not only in the United States but in many other places and among people who are religious because the anti-Christ is linked to the 666. One of the main reasons why this number is avoided even by prank callers is because it is believed to be a demonic number together with 1-666-666-66666.

According to some of those who have allegedly tried calling the number in the past, strange things happened to them. There are those who claimed they received strange messages that were creepy, and some claimed the call did not show up on their bills.

2. 999 9999: Phone Number of Death In Thailand

The legend behind the number 999-9999 in Thailand became the inspiration behind the film of the same name: 999-9999. The legend has it that if you have a wish and you want it to come true, there is one thing that you can do: wake up after midnight, make a wish, and then call the number 999-9999.

Your wish will be granted, but the only twist to it is that you will most likely not escape a tragic death by accident soon afterward. There are also claims that the movie captured things that happened to people who dialed the number.

3. 126 743 65025: Screams and Tears

Another number to avoid, according to a forum on the internet, is 126 743 65025. The claim is that those who called the number were greeted by screams of a woman and crying babies. There are not too many people who called to share their experience with calling the number, but the few who called claimed that they had fearful experiences.

4. 1-000-000 0000: Call From the Death

This number is slightly different from other Creepy and Scary Numbers because rather than you calling, there are claims that it is the number that calls. Some of those who have picked up calls from the number claimed it is from the dead.

The haunted number is said to be dead people trying to reach their relatives. Just as you must do all within your means not to pick up when the number calls, so also you should not dial it. At least, that is according to those who have tried.

5. 801 820 0263: American Number That Tells a Lot of Things

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Different people have claimed to have had different experiences after calling this number. However, one that is very creepy is the one that is alleged by some people that after calling the number, there is a little pause. Next, they hear a male voice counting from 1 to 7, and afterward, the person will call their names and tell them where they are and what they might be doing.

Another side of the story is by those who claim to have called and gotten the initial silence and then some noise that is ethereal and beautiful.

6. 20202020 – UK Creepy Number

The legend of this number goes back to a book that was published in the 1970s. The book contains several ghost stories, one of which was about some kids who dialed 20202020, a number that must not be dialed. The result was that a woman picked up, and she was heard screaming, “Help Me! Help Me!! Suzie’s dying”. Other times, one may hear the woman screaming, “Help Me! Help Me!! Suzie’s dying”.

7. 090 4444 4444: Cursed Number In Japan

In the same way that 666 is despised in some parts of the world, the number that is despised in Japan is the number 4. It is traditionally seen as the devil’s number, which is one of the things that makes the number 090 4444 4444 a dangerous one to call. It is referred to as Sadako’s number.

Legend has it that if you call the number, all you will hear from the other end is some odd noise. You would think that is all, but it has unlocked something tragic around you. A week after the call is made, it is claimed that you will receive dreadful news, which is likely to be of the death of someone close to you.

8. 913-535-6280 – Pennywise Phone Number in America

This number has its history from the mini TV series, which was based on Stephen King’s Horror novel, It. The number in the film belongs to the Derry Police Department, which people use to report cases of missing children. Somehow, the movie has managed to turn into a legend, and now the number, 913-535-6280, is a scary one to call.

According to those who have tried calling, the person who will pick is Pennywise the Dancing Clown. You will hear him slaughter police in the station, and that will leave you with a haunting experience. There is another claim that before Pennywise, you will first get a prompt saying, “You’ve reached the Derry Police Department. If you’re calling with information on the missing children of Derry, please leave a message.” It will continue to tell you to be rest assured that all is being done to know what happened to the children of the town. It is after this that Pennywise will interrupt.

9. 408 634 2806: Red Room Number United States

The red room number has a very interesting story around it, which many will also find rather scary. The number is believed to belong to some kidnappers in the United States. The claim is that just as you must not dial this number, if you see a call from it, you must not pick up.

According to the legend behind this number, the kidnappers who control it will locate you and take your life while streaming it when you either pick up their call or dial their number.

10. 407-734-0254: Wrinkles The Clown Number In The United States

Another creepy and scary number that you may do well to avoid calling is 407-734-0254, which is linked to a clown in Florida known as Wrinkles. According to Legend, calling the number will connect you directly to the clown. The scary thing is that Wrinkles will appear next to you, and he will intimidate both you and your friends.


11. 08023111999 or 08022225999: Nigerian Numbers of Death

In 2004, communities in Nigeria were engulfed in a serious panic after text messages started going around that people must not pick up the two numbers, 08023111999 and 08022225999 when they call. The claim was that those who picked up calls from the numbers lost their lives.

The government of the African nation and the telecom company that issued the numbers at the time, Vmobile, came out to debunk the messages as hoaxes, but that was not enough to calm the fears of many. Beyond just putting it among numbers not to pick, they also made it among the Creepy and Scary Numbers not to call.

12. 909-390-0003: Echo Number America

This number is yet another that many have found to be creepy and often scary. The simple reason behind this is the fact that when you dial this number, whatever you say will be echoed back at you. What makes this number scary? Some people get the feeling of being in a large empty space, which is why they get the feel of everything being reechoed back to them.

However, others indicate that there is not so much that is scary about the number because it was designed for people to use and check their sound quality.

13. 701-347-1936: Number of Death, United States

According to urban legend, if there is a number you might want to call, this one must not be on your list. The claim is that when you call this number, you may die within the next 24 hours. Those who have actually tried calling claim that it might not be as scary as people say. According to them, when you put a call through to the number, what you will hear is a voice saying, “Votre toast, je peux vous le render.”

14. 1 (201) 404 2404: Creepy Sounds, United States

Unlike several others on the list, this has a clear history to it. The number is linked to the Horror film Carrier. Promoters of the movie set the number up as a part of their marketing stunt. But somehow, the number has continued to be active even after the film, and when you put a call through, what you are likely to hear is a creepy sound or the screams of people.

15. 1 (216) 333 1810: A Girl Pleading, United States

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Yet another of the Creepy and Scary Numbers you will be better off not trying to call at any point is this number. Before the number stopped connecting, when a call is put through to the number, what you will get is the voice of a girl pleading with her mother not to kill her.

The claim is that the girl is locked in a room, and then, from the background, one would hear gunshots. The call is very horrifying and haunting.

16. 646-868-1844: Text Message After The call, United States

When the American number, 646-868-1844, is what you decide to dial, you will hear some sounds that you may not be able to make any sense of. It is not during the call itself that the creepy thing happens; it is shortly afterward. You will receive a text message with some words that may not make any sense to you, and no one seems to have any explanation for the words. Nonetheless, it is still creepy.

17. 828-756-0109: Binary Number, United States

828-756-0109 is one of the most mysterious and creepy numbers you will ever get to dial. Referred to as the binary number, you will hear someone in a panicked voice. The voice will give out some numbers in zeros and ones. When the numbers are converted to the English language, they will give you the word “death.”

18. 978-435-0163: The Sobbing Man, United States

When you put a call through to this number, what you will hear is the sound of a man sobbing. More mysterious is the feeling you get with the call. It will be as though the man is in a large place because of his echoing sob, and you will also hear the noise of something dripping.

Another thing you will hear during the call is the sound of something that is large but probably not human, close to the man. Calling this number will leave you terrified and with many questions in your head.

19. Devil’s Phone Calls: East India

Among the numbers not to pick up and also not to call was a set of numbers in East India that caused serious panic some years ago. Said to have anything from 11 to 14 digit numbers instead of the regular 10, calls from the numbers were nicknamed devil’s calls. This is because of the claim that calls from the set of numbers could cause serious illness or even death. Because of the fear of receiving calls from the number, people began switching off their phones.

Although there were claims that people actually fell ill and died after receiving the calls, the government carried out an investigation and realized that there was no truth to the claim. However, people still claimed the numbers were calling but refused to pick up or call back. Someone, however, said that he was warned after picking up the call, but when he called back, he was told the number was not in existence.

20. The Red Number: Pakistan

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The story of the Red Number in Pakistan is one that became so serious that the Pakistani government had to set up a committee to carry out an investigation because of the panic it generated.

Now, the story claims that in 2007, people received emails and text messages about the red number, which has a high-frequency range. The claim is that when you get a call from this number, or you decide to call the contact, the powerful range will damage your brain nerves, which will lead to sudden death. People were advised not to even look at the numbers, and even after the investigations of the government showed nothing amis, people continued having their doubts.

21. 0888 888 888: Suspended Number In Bulgaria

The 0888 888 888 phone number is one that has a scary history in Bulgaria. It belonged to Vladimir Grashnov, the CEO of the issuing company Mobitel. There was the rumor that he was killed by a business rival through radioactive poisoning, which caused him cancer.

After Vladimir, the next person to use the number was a mafia boss, Konstantin Dimitrov. He suffered a similar fate when he was assassinated in 2003. Konstantin Dishliev liked the number, and he became the third user. Sadly, he was also killed by unknown persons. That was the last time the number was used, and because of the tragic story behind it, the best you can do is to avoid calling it.

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